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Pandora's Box

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Version: AoM
Here it is Pandora's Box ready to be played.

Play as Arkantos, AJax, and Odysseus and stop Circe from finding Pandora's Box. Travel to the Athenean docks and the Black Isle. Seek help from King Midas and Chiron.

3 Playable Scenerios

-new lightings
-new sounds
-difficulty levels
-secret rewards
-much more

Have fun!


Let me know if there is anything wrong.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
Although slightly unbalanced and a few trigger glitches I found this reasonably enjoyable to play. A couple of glitches that I encountered were that at the end of each scenario it didn't advance to the next part, but ended on a completly white or black screen. Another in the "rescue Ajax and Odeyseyus (I know it's spelt wrong)" scenario were the collosi and Midas camp ment to convert to your side so that you could continue producing collosi?
I did hovever like that when Circe reached the box god powers would strike at you and it got slightly more difficult.

Balance: 2
This was very unbalanced. I found it easy to win, but the difficulty levels are always a good thing to have.

Creativity: 4
The idea of these scenarios was original. You used original mythology an put your own storyline to it very effectively

Map Design: 4
A well designed map, with good terrian blending and use of eyecandy. Nice lighting effects, which added a nice touch, particualy the red mist.

Story/Instructions: 4
Good storyline, all instructions made sense, but in the "free the athens docks" scenario some of the objectives did not trigger, so I had to work them out on my own (which wasn't that hard).

Additional Comments: I didn't say anything about the sound because my speakers are broken and need repairing, so obviously I didn't hear it.

[Edited on 02/22/07 @ 02:11 AM]

Map Design4.0
First, this is a real campaign! Move it! (:-))

Playability: 4
It goes pretty well, technically speaking, but again this is a true campaign, and a working one for a change! So why did you upload it here, at the " Single Player Scenarios " section?

Balance: 4
'kind of too easy ( I even played it on hard... but the way you made it, I don't think it would make any difference anyway since it's all on the map from the beginning. )
Be careful with the use of some " too though guys ", ( not speaking of colossus here... ) since they'll win anyway, just by walking.
Beside, you nicely managed to have the opponents well upgraded which is kind of rare around. I forgot that myself, or didn't know or bother how at the time...

Creativity: 5
Great job on the campaign window! You even managed to make it fit with your campaign storyline. 'kind of unique as well!
Great mythical story. I'm still wondering what this Pandora's box could have done if... Even if we all know.
Couple of very interesting triggered surprises, but only a bit further into the campaign. Anyway, it gets better all along the way... meaning also I'm not crazy about the first 2 playable scenarii really... :-) comparing to what comes next. But I'm not saying it's not good. It just could get easily better. Funny how we can see how ( fast ) you're improving your designer skill as we're getting deeper and deeper into your campaign... 'reminds me of someone... What matters to me is what you finally came up with, not the way you got there, therefore... it's a well deserved 5! As I know you could now make your next step quite amazing. You now have AoM right at the top of your fingers. Start tickling this amazing game, it's gonna pay you back big way! You're on a great track, keep going!
Cinematics are... okay, only not as good as you are! Maybe lower angles, more close-ups, no shag...
Your map is full of spots which could have launched amazing unexpected events. But left empty. And the player starving. I know that feeling. Sometimes I think we should forget about a scenario for a year, and then come back to it to be able to see how good it is... and how it should be really.

Map Design: 4
Great use of the personnal lightings and myst of course. It's not everything, but a big part of it! About a lightings random program? I know it's quite some work, ( I didn't even do it... Shame... ) but? :-)
A bit straight, linear about the " ground construction ", flats and mountains mostly. More variety maybe? Messing, bungling, botching around ( a lot! ) always make it more interesting.
This is actually more about the first two scenarii. You improved a lot into the last one. ( and already within the second one... )

Story/Instructions: 4
Here comes a big question, and I kind of agree with the decision you made. Say everything... or nothing. Almost.
Basically, the player is on his own, which is really fine, but a couple of infos could have him taking some wrong paths, like for instance... better leave those lighthouses alone, even if you're somehow suggesting they should be " taken care of "...
The colossus trick works... only you have to figure out everything by yourself, even the amount. But you don't need those guys anyway.

Additional Comments: 26!
I really hope you'll take those comments of mine as the only proof of the truest and most respectful gratitude and designer's ( and player's ) enjoyment.
You do? Okay, so let me just add a couple of thoughts then.
I would have loved to see Midas, even with a cut scene! Especially after all this trip to meet with him.
The shipwrecks brought... nothing.
I first thought I lost when the Circe 4mn were gone...
About a great ending Circe's ending. We barely see her and she is everything. Not even how she... goes.
Dialogs a bit to quick. As a non-english 1st language... I need twice more time. At least! ;-) 'could you make it even 3? 'kidding.
I waited for the " transportation " for hours... or maybe a good 3 minutes.

Beside? I hade a lot of fun... because of the fun you took drawing this great AoM campaign. It's called transmission, transition, translation.
Even better?
What really pleased me is what I was already able to see: your next stuff.
Excellent job.

( Regarding the installation: Follow carefully the " read me ", 'meaning don't forget to move the 3? " Pandora's Box " folders! where they're supposed to! And not the contents only. )

[Edited on 02/21/07 @ 05:20 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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