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angryzor UPDATED to v5!

This is my second trigger pack, aimed mainly at designers of SIMS scenario's, but also at people who just want to add a market to their map.

Now, what does it do?

I guess most people will agree with me that the most boring and time-taking part of making a SIMS scenario is to write the triggers for the market. Not only do you have to make the same (quite big) set of conditions and effects over and over for every buyable item, you also have to make seperate sets for every player!

With this trigger pack, this is a thing of the past.

You just need 1 trigger to set some things up, and then 1 trigger per buyable item, containing only 1 Condition and 1 effect!
The trigger pack will then check for every player
- if it is near the area you selected
- if it has enough resources to buy it
It will perform the necessary tributes and grant the stuff you selected as effect.

So 1 Condition and 1 Effect per buyable item to handle as much players as you want!



- SIMSTools Custom Market -> If you need to add something that for example only 1 player can buy
- SIMSTools Market -> The base condition!
- SIMSTools Market Once per Player -> Variation on the base condition, allowing players to buy an item only once.
- SIMSTools Market Once per Player Set ID -> Additional condition needed when using the "SIMSTools Market Once per Player" because you can add max 7 parameters per condition and i needed 8.
- SIMSTools Market Once -> Variation on the base condition, allowing an item to be bought only once (e.g. for lots). If someone bought it, no-one else can buy it.
- SIMSTools Market Once Set ID -> Additional condition needed when using the "SIMSTools Market Once" because you can add max 7 parameters per condition and i needed 8.

- SIMSTools Setup -> Set the number of players
- SIMSTools Define Player -> Assign avatar units to the players
- SIMSTools Define Player Specific Loc -> Set Area Sets (for player-specific area deploys)
- SIMSTools Character Transform -> All buying units will transform their avatar to another ProtoUnit
- SIMSTools Army Deploy -> All buying units get units by deploying an army.
- SIMSTools Army Deploy P Specific Loc -> All buying units deploy an army on an area specific to the player who buys
- SIMSTools Unit Create -> Actually quite useless, since it DOESN'T WORK in MultiPlayer - All buying units create units
- SIMSTools Grant God Power -> All buying units get GPs
- SIMSTools Kill All God Powers -> All buying units lose their GPs
- SIMSTools Grant Resources -> All buying units get a certain amount of resources
- SIMSTools Modify Protounit -> All buying units modify a protounit
- SIMSTools Set Tech Status -> All buying units set a tech status
- SIMSTools Convert -> Convert a unit to the buying player
- SIMSTools Teleport -> Teleport a unit to a player specific location
- SIMSTools Change name Cost -> Every little bit might help. Same as normal Change Name, but you only have to type the cost of each resource, and it is added behind the name you enter.


If you already installed a previous version, first delete the typezSIMSTools.xml and typezSIMSTools.xmb files in your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\trigger2 directory.

Unzip the typezSIMSTools.xml file into your C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\trigger2 directory
At this time, these triggers are ONLY FOR AOM TT!!! I'll make a vanilla-compatible version in the future.


Instructions are in the readme.


- Added Once Conditions

- Added Once per Player conditions
- Added Convert and Teleport effects

- Added SIMSTools Set Tech Status effect

- Added some examples to the readme file.
- Added the Area Sets and "SIMSTools Define Player Specific Loc" and "SIMSTools Army Deploy P Specific Loc" effects.

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File Author
Now v5

I'm sorry this update took so long, I had little time to work on it...

omg so much triggers in it now... Isn't it getting too complicated?

[Edited on 04/29/07 @ 05:34 PM]

SyncViews Sry if this is a stupid question but is it not possible to have the once triggers get there own id's internally? Like the 1st one used makes it's self "0" then it works it's way up to whatever.

Your trigger pack does everything i need now.
Once ive completed V3 of my sims map with these new once triggers i'll consider uploading it here :)
the rater does this come with a sims map?
nottud These are good triggers - but now that there is getting so many it cn be impossible to tell which ones you need to install!

I notice you used tribute. Tribute is ok but I find it inreliable if you have it on a short timer. Also, defeated players if I remeber correctly can't tribute so if they resign they could buy unlimited items as long as they had enough money to buy at least one of the item! However because of the perpose your using the map for it should be ok.

For the once business, don't you just use vars to disable it once it runs once?

[Edited on 05/07/07 @ 02:55 AM]

the_myth_king this triger set is 2 gerol. thare needs 2 be 1 that makesit so every persons ppl came at a difent spot
Rating: 5
Definately one of the most useful trigger packs ever made, It makes it so much easier you will wonder what you did without them. Useful for nearly ever game type, as most have Shops.

Additional Comments:

It would be better if you could expand it, so that rather than just having one unit, you could maybe choose a unit type or protounit.

It would also be good if there was maybe an indenitcal version, but with diferent XS and QV's, so that a player could have 2 seperate heroes that bougt diferent things.

I have used this many times, and once you get the hang of it, its easy. Could be improved as i have sugggested, but as it is now good enought to get 5.
Rating: 5

Additional Comments:Amazing Trigger Set!!!

Cons: 1)No Player Population

Other Wise Best Trigger Set Ever!!

[Edited on 04/13/08 @ 05:30 PM]

demondares i've got a question, my triggers crash when i got this trigger active. (only define player/setup atm, but it doesn't work when i got 1 unit shop open aswell(ulfsark)) it's a sims and i got with the setup trigger included 35 (excluded 34) i can send you the map if you need to see it (i have also tried the one from nottud (easy shop effect) but the same thing happens)

Edit: found out how nottuds triggers work now, got the shop finished
Edit2:got it fixed, no need for help anymore

[Edited on 06/26/08 @ 05:00 AM]

Rating: 5
Great trigger pack if you find out how to go with it, still might crash sometimes but thats normal all triggers do.

Additional Comments: a specific players condition would be nice. would help so that mayor can't morph his own unit

Rating: 1.5

Its ok if its the only triger ur using but thats hardly ever true. It makes all the other trigers stop working so thats verchuly useless.
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