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The Wild Horse V1.2 (Updated)

Author File Description
The Modsmith
File Details
Version: Both
The Wild Horse is a new modpack created by Modsmith Studios, adding the Wild Horse to your AoM Experience. The Wild Horse can be hunted.

• Population: 1
• Max/Initial HP: 150
• 18.000 LOS
• Food: 475


• New Animations/Models
• New Textures
• New Icon
• Sounds
• Proto(x)
• No *** on his name
• New History Document
• AoM + AoM:TT

V 1.1:
• Max/Initial HP: 45
• Food: 300
• New Icon

V 1.2:
• Max/Initial HP: 55
• Fixed Horses Converting Others
• Fixed LOS: 10

For screens go here:

By Tasev and Sir Dundo!

Thank You for downloading! We hope you enjoy the Wild Horse!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
From modsmith studios, I see..... this is great! It makes such a change from other wild animals and it looks brilliant! It stats are very balanced, but I think the food it provides after hunting it is a little bit too much. Other than that the sounds, the icon and the animations are great.

Additional Comments:
Please make some building mods!
Rating: 5
Great job. The textures, models, and sounds were very well made. Nice and realistic. The history file was well-written and well-researched. The animations were great and the speed was perfect.

Now for some constructive criticism. First, the horse unit had too much health and was not made up of enough food. It seemed like my villager spent more time trying to kill the horse than gathering from it. Second, I don't know if you guys created the portrait or nicked it off google, but it didn't seem to fit the unit. To be honest, the portrait looks rather scary. Also, I liked how horses converted to the player near them so that you could control them. Though, horses should not be able to gain control of other units. For example, my villager went near one horse, and then I used that horse to go find more wild horses which became mine. Take a look at how the goat unit cannot convert other units.

Definitely a great mod! I always wanted to have wild horses in AoM since playing AoK.

Additional Comments:
For the reasons listed above, I wanted to give this a 4.5 rating, but as no such rating was possible... I bumped it up to a 5. :)
Rating: 5

well I haven seen all your mods so it may not be your best but even if its not your best it still deserves a five , a fantastic mod and you did a great job on the textures .A mod shouldent be judged on past mods anyway ,each should stand on its own.

Additional Comments:

you should do a unicorn , I was working on one but couldent get the texture on the horn to work for me
Rating: 4

I think that this mod is a great idea, but you made some little inperfections:

Number 1:
you made this animal to be more like the goats or the pigs (convertable and faten-able) instead of like a zebra or a deer (unconvertable, exept by a priest), which is more suitable for a WILD horse.

Number 2:
Since it's like a pig or a goat in your mod, it should not take any pop, but it does.

Number 3:
You included a nice texture of the brown horse dead, yet you used the non-dead texture on it in the death animation.

Number 4:
Why did you make a white horse texture when the valkyrie's horse (which is the model you modified) is white and bether (in my opinion) textured than your version of the white horse.

Number 5:
Like pEpsIdUDe_123 sayed, the Icon is looks scary and there was a way bether icon of a horse already in the game: Hermes' Spirited Charge improvement icon.

Number 6:
You did not need to make a new language file because the word "Horse" is already in the normal one, but I do not remember the ID# at the momment so I shal tell you when I do.

Number 7:
The sounds are allready in the game, why did you add them to the zip?

Additional Comments:

Yes some people eat horses, I even know somepeople who do.

The reson why Mini_Game_Master thought that the food it provides after hunted is too much and that pEpsIdUDe_123 thought it did not provide enough food is because you made like a pig, it fatens over time so pEpsIdUDe_123 killed it right away wen converted (80 food)and Mini_Game_Master waited before eating it (300 food).

[Edited on 03/19/07 @ 04:49 PM]

Rating: 5

Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Very good, I'm glad and happy with these horses, oh I'l won't hunt them.

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