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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Witch Academy - Intro (Version 1) UPDATED!

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The Witch Academy - Intro (Version 1) UPDATED!

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The first scenario for my campaign, the witch academy. A young boy must go to a magical school. But in the country of this school are many giants. You must find a way to go to school but the giants don't may kill you!

This is my first scenario, so don't be too strict. And sorry for my English, I'm from Belgium.



New in Version 1:

* 2 new methods to go to school.
* Landscape improved!
* Many more triggers, include name changing, to be frozen, secret riddles and more!
* The Ghost Lake light to make the map looking more magical.
* Regenerate system.
* It snows in the map.

Download the newest version! And please change your reviews.
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bbcool8260 yes,yes its good--- but ya know its gust to short--- other wise your smart gl with that


i like the idea

[Edited on 02/22/07 @ 07:21 PM]

File Author
Would anyone make a review?

@bbcool8260: Thank you very much!

[Edited on 02/20/07 @ 11:16 AM]

bbcool8260 Playability: 4
to me this is a good start for you!! not much people like !you! know know climate work-- but its go i gave it a high score beacus its a beta and youl mkae it better

Balance: 3
it was a little bit wierd i did not know where to go.... i new the objectevis but you know....

Creativity: 3
the map mached the terain but it whasent perfict

Map Design: 2
im a man of making good thhing with that i like cliffs, creeks and lots of triggers

Story/Instructions: 2
like i said i dean't know what to do at first make a little bit more since i gust started with a mom talking to me

Additional Comments:over all i rate this 4.5
beacus i know it need work and all the stuff but it all neads work

also can i edit this map i like what you did and the idea --i can make it have a beatter score

[Edited on 05/01/07 @ 02:59 PM]

File Author
Story/Instructions: 2
like i said i dean't know what to do at first make a little bit more since i gust started with a mom talking to me
I thought the objectives were clear. What do you don't understand?

Oh, and does anyone know a name for my 'student' (the Atlantean Villager)?

[Edited on 02/20/07 @ 02:27 PM]

bbcool8260 umm first MAY I EDIT THIS MAP????? and ummmmm........ tranzila? for name
File Author
Sorry bbcool8260, but I would make the scenario alone.
bbcool8260 may i make a map like it??? like ummm lets say in the witch acadimy??
File Author
The ratings on your scenarios aren't very good, so I don't think you can't make maps good. This is not for offend you!
File Author
Would any other member post a review?
Map Design3.0
Sorry considering that is the quality of the updated version this will just have to do.
(I'm not stating in any way that im trying to offend, just a truthfull comment, infact all reviews for first time scenarios should be just strict as the next otherwise how would we learn were to improve? So take these comments as a guide line to improve not offensively)

Playability: 3
Playable, lol...
The scenario, im guessing is ment to be a RPG.
It has the main factors that make it a RPG?...
You can explore anywhere. But the map playability is based to loosely, there is only one goal and no real gameplay. Try analyzing rpg's, how they make little quests on the way to your goal. Such as fourpoints rpg with the little relic collecting. keep it up

Balance: 3
lol, you could've warned me about the giants, thanks to no main instructions i died 30 seconds into the game. You may want change a few things in the game, the boys starting Hp is too low and he is easily killed by the giants which are 5 meters away from him.

Creativity: 5
Creative, the reason why i gave you a 5 is because I believe that this is quite a original map. Never seen one like it yet, young boy tries to go to school but gets into some mess on the way. This map has the potential... Work on it even more, until you think you can't add anymore ideas to it, until your brain is a dried up river bed of ideas. Usually its the key to a good scenario.

Map Design: 3
Not what i would call top notch, wheres their home? Town? City? w/e, try making a town for the boy to start out from, think semi-realistically... a boys mother won't travel out to the open in snow with danger lurking in every corner just to send his boy to school. Try making the academy something other than just a trojan gate, mabey add a little buildings to it just for sake of it.

Story/Instructions: 2
The main problem is here, ok, theres a opening cinematic, we watch a conversation between a mother and her son, he has to go to school.
Ok, so far so good, then suddenly we are on our own. At this point in my mind i was thinking, "Now what?".
Instructions were there but they were too basic, ok, go to school, um where?.
Try to use signal minimap triggers so we know were to head off to, otherwise give instructions on how to get there.

Additional Comments:
This map has potential, keep working on it.

[Edited on 04/08/07 @ 12:01 AM]

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