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Tiny Advanced

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# of Players: 2v2-3v3
Version: AoM: The Titans
Tiny Advanced Hot pack

Well this pack is with 2 normal sized tiny maps a 2v2 map and 3v3.
If you have playd allready a tiny you propably know that ATYs sux balls in this kind of maps couz they build so slow and are slow at advancing,and more problems are in this maps like gaia trees or thor gold mines that are realy cheap blocking the way...
However this pack should give an end to this couz gaia trees gold mines and sutch of stuff will automaticly disapeer of the map (thanks to the transform trigger) but thats not all if you play now with an ATY god (like kronos)all your cityzens will automaticly transform to (HERO CITYZENS) that means they will build mutch faster,and oracles will automaticly transform to (HERO ORACLES)...
I think now its mutsh more fair for all CIVS couz you can now make a oracle spaw like NORSE make hero hersis spaw or EGY priest spaw.

All units that will transform LIST:

:ox cars will transform to ulfsarks

:greek scout kataskopos will transform to a greek villager

:dwarves will transform to ulfsarks

:ATY cityzens to Hero cityzens

:ATY oracles to Hero oracles

:gaia trees (forest GP) to nothing...

:Thor gold mine to nothing...

:pigs? to nothing...

Well the maps hase also nice music and seige weapons will fire funny stuff lol oh and the 3v3 version should be playd only TVB,i hope you enjoin playng this maps and i hope i made it more fair now GL HF!!!

Give me a coment tell me if you did like the changes and how i could make it more balanset.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
Extremely boring and extremely short.

Balance: 1
If your not norse you are pretty much doomed. It is so small a catapult can fire across the whole map.

Creativity: 2
Making a map that is as small as that, got 2 creativity, but it was a Deathmatch style game - not creative. Project Clear Fountain is small, but it is creative. You did add those features to it, so you deserved a 2.

Map Design: 1
Small, blank map with 4 town centers. Big deal.

Story/Instructions: 3
Not explained at all. Your just expected to know deathmatch rules.

Additional Comments:
You don't get credit for making a map like that. The more triggers the better!
Kill Herman
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Tiny has always been an addicting game. Something you can play with a friend over and over again. These ones are no exeption. A game being short isn't neceserily a bad one, and you shouldn't judge a map by its length, but by how much fun you had.
Balance: 3
Norse have a clear advantage by being able to
AQ hersir from temple and ulfs from tc right from the start. After Norse, Eggy being able to AQ preist from the start. Monuments carefully spaced out eliminate all God powers to openents due to small map. catapults can reach almost entire map. With atty being able to make hero oracles in archaic, greek is the only civ that can not make an archaic military unit. thus making it hard for greek early on.
Creativity: 3
Well you've made about a million tinys lately and I must admit they've gotten old, but I think you did a great job with these ones. The features for atty make the game more balanced, and the automatic deleting of gaia trees and dwarven mine are a HUGE plus. It allows someone to be gaia in tiny.

Map Design: 3
Well you can't do much map design with a tiny because there simply isn't enough room for anything! Not really the map makers fault. You did what you could and blended terains very nicely to give tiny some atmosphere. You also made it flat, in some tinys, it is hilly and harder to place buildings.

Story/Instructions: 3
I don't understand how anyone would need instructions on such a simple game like tiny. I mean seriously.

Additional Comments:
GJ Chief, like two ace u, I would also like to see some maps other than tiny. And also, the rating above should be deleted imediately.

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Map Design2.0
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