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MythterThor beats Kronos

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Highlands
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 27:30
Player 1's Name: Mythter
Player 2's Name: RealHazard
I hadn't played for a while so I was rusty. I was playing a Kronos, which made me fearful of the dreaded KRUSH. (to which I still have not been able to repell) I tried to counter this with a quick advance dwarf build, going heavy on food. I even built my temple away from my home base so that he wouldn't de-construct it. I was very rusty and pulled off a moderate advance time instead (5 minutes), which would have been my death if he KRUSHed me... which he did not.

Having reached the Classical Age before him through the Valkry goddess I proceded to build a dock and two longhouses to claim the northern fishing area. He also built a dock there, but because he was lacking any army I destroyed it and claimed the northern waters. I saw that he was building walls across the landbridge, which told me he was probably a noob and that I needn't fear him.

Having claimed the northern fishing I moved my ulfsark attack force down south to claim that area as well while the rest of my troops hacked his walls down and dealt with the few Prometheans which were defending. I sucessfully destroyed his southern docks only to have my army wiped out by a wave of Mermillo. Having cost him some wood and time he returned the favor by destroying MY southern dock while I regrouped my men. I built 4 more longhouses, 2 up north and 2 down south by the unclaimed TC, having an overabundance of wood and not enough food.

I built Throwing Axemen to deal with his Mermillo. He moved up north to my northern docks/base where my troops were regathering and upgraded. He sent a second wave that had many ballista which killed my infantry, so I added raiding cavalry to my troops to counter.

He tried to go offensive, which cost him his army and I took the middle of the map. He foolishly left his ballista unguarded several times which made for quick kills and much favour in the sight of the norse gods. My basic combination of ulfs/TAs/RAs held the middle easily as he sent tiny armies and strings of units to be killed there. My 2 valks healed my army continually whilst my army swelled, economy flourished, and I advanced into the Heroic Age at 17 minutes.

My opponent also reached the Heroic Age slightly thereafter, and I decided to try again for the southern fishing place, but my raid was cut short by a seige party which assaulted my southern Town Center. I sent one group to defend my base and a smaller group to raid his base. Both groups met with incredible sucess as my Town Center remained in tact, and as my opponent lost 12 expensive Attlantean villagers. I believe it was at this point that my opponent either gave up or, as he claimed, his computer crashed so he could not move about the map and was focussed on his dock. I rallied all my troops for a killing blow as he was now severely weakened. I flattened his last walls and poured out upon his fortress and defenders as a mighty flood and with the mighty flaming weapons god power utterly destroyed his defenses and began pillaging his helpless base. He resigned.

I suppose that was a good game. Judging by my opponent's high food stockpile early in the game, I think he was attempting a Fast Herioc strategy, but my assaulting his docks put an end to that. Had he used better tactics in his fighting (protecting his ballistas, grouping up his armies) the game would have been different. I tried to take advantage of Thor's blacksmith abilities, but I am unconvinced that I took full advantage of them. I think I was predictable too with my early raiding. Had he prepared and built a base by his docks I would not have been able to take them. After taking the northern waters I think it would have been better to raid his wood while at the same time building a dock in the south near the map's edge to built warships. Raiding his wood would have made it so he could not build warships and put his troops on defensive while my warships effectively took out his last food supply. He would have had to build farms, which cost wood, which he doesn't have. All in all, I think when I play Norse I am weak against Atty, especially Kronos, but skill won. Skill (or lack there of) was the deciding factor.
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aom expert
whats this with everybody sending recorded games?!

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