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Advanced -rain weather system- tutorial

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Version: AoM: The Titans
---ADVANCED RAIN WEATHER SYSTEM GUIDE--- -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-


I´m not sure if this will help somebody, but I made this guide for any who needs it.


Just copy the scenario file into your MyGames/AgeofMythology/Scenario folder.


This includes a detailled rain weather system, with a well organized trigger system for
your viewing pleasure, with some other small features:

· Very detailed trigger journal: In form of chats... a trigger fires, a QV is
randomized, a QV changes, a trigger is activated by some QV value: anything
that happens is send as a chat for easy comprehension and is saved on the chat history.

· Randomized lightning system: Random timing, random sound and random strenght and
distance (the closer, the stronger).

· Lightning flashes: It´s just -fade to color-.

· Effect teleport system: Use of pftq´s -XS teleport to (or near) unit-, in case of being
an RPG with one main character or something. The rain clouds and the mist follow the
desired unit, so you don´t have to put hundreds of clouds and/or mist.

· Interactive weather control: Fire lightings, stop/start the rain and check the
trigger that fired with the chats.

· Other: A small landscape with some eyecandy and a playable character RPG style.

Note: If you wish to know more about the triggers, you can analize them at the editor. If
you still need something... just ask (at the forums).


· Playing in high resolution quality
· Having Reyk´s new editor and some other trigger patches
(pftq´s Advanced trigger set, especifically).

- Hope I was helpfull.

Wait for more guides, and a good RPG! ;D


1) I edited the trigger conditions and efects´s names, becuase, well, they were all in spanish, my editor´s language. I´ve named them how I thought they should be named, so maybe the name is not the original one, but you´ll understand the idea.

2) There were too many chats sent at the smae time, so I added, well, just a hint, and a rather simple one: "PAUSE the game!" Use it frequently...
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 3.5
WOW! what more can i say, this is very detailed and features everything that can come with making a rain/storm system. The bad thing is, new people might come up here and won't know what have you done with the Quest Vars. The messages were detailed but there were too many too read at one time! Causing Confusion! Also when i'm taking a browse through your triggers, it was in a different language! I could not understand what effects/conditions make the effects, so there maybe no way to tell how you have done it.

Some people don't have reyk's or pftq's triggers, so at least tell them where to get thoose utilities. The marsh swamp was also a great idea instead of the boring achilles on a blank map. i don't see any use for camera cut, but how can it affect the guide.

Another effect you have utilised was the randomised bolt variations, a different one each time, making the effect more in depth of a stormy wheater. Last but not least is the sounds, you have used a great diversity of sounds for each circumstance, plus they all let the player know what is happening so this is a +.

Gotta hand it to ya, its a great guide but too hard with the messages everywhere and the trigger names in a different language.

Additional Comments:
Congrats! can I ask did you use my lightning guide for the lightning effect?

[Edited on 03/08/07 @ 06:20 AM]

Rating: 5
This map is very useful for anything related to weather. To be honest this is the best weather map I saw in my life. The usage of chat to show the triggers works. The effects are marvelous. And the rain start/end works as well. Well it IS in spanish but who cares if in the chat, it shows quest VARs names. Everything from sound to effects is incredible. The way the camera moves with the unit is something I liked. The map is full of eye candy, well I liked the color of the ground( good mixture ).

Additional Comments: I don't know who the heck would give this 3.5! I mean if you can't read spanish then don't rate for reasons that can be fixed. You could have waited or something. Well I gave you a 5 cuz I thought it would be unfair that u get 3.5 which really affects this badly
Rating: 5
Great job! The weathering was very nicely created and realistic. The flashing and corresponding sounds were great and it was cool that you could enable the rain whenever you wanted.

The map design was nice as well.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the good work! Hope to see some more tricks like these, perhaps a wind weather system with wind noises and blowing leaves?
aom expert
Rating: 5

Additional Comments: amazing. a must download.
Rating: 3.5
good job its very detailed just a bit confusing

Additional Comments:
im sure u will get better and better
Rating: 5
well what would i saw great thing i did't worry about the chat things and the rain that followed kastor seemed like it was raining every where

Additional Comments:
Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Fantastic work! Works wonderfully, just triggers are very confusing for an amateur, which is expected considering you used a large amount of QV triggers. A written form of the triggers and their fields would be a major bonus. Describing what effect to use, for example, to help others use it on their maps. I played the game treasure hunt, which uses something very similar to this. But all in all, very good!

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