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Defend your swamp

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Welcome to defend your swamp! You play as a huskarl defending his home from an endless horde of angry bad guys. Enemies spawn from the corners of the map and head into the middle with the goal of smashing your hut, because thats what bad guys do.
However your huskarl has some help! He has the choice dialog boxes! yes every minute, 2 and a 1/2 minutes, 5 minutes and whenever you reach 100 favour you are given the chance to upgrade your house or huskarl!

The only question now is can you survive all 268 waves?

Play the map at different difficultys for a different challange!
easy - fight only archers
moderate - fight archers and infentry
hard - fight all the games foes
titan - fight all the games foes with a house with less starting health.

Update 1:
- Gameplay now affected by difficulty player plays the map at.
- can now choose to play a shorter version of the game
- fixed balance issues with jump from archers to infentry.
- lowered bonus damage upgrade.
- lowered bonus speed upgrade.
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Wolfenheim Very cool, I just played it on easy so far. :)

I'll try the rest soon enough.
aom expert
Playability: 5
love it. i like the fact you have all that choice of stuff.

Balance: 3
pretty good.

Creativity: 3
i've seen alot of arcade games like this like "defend your castle" on the internet but what a great idea to make one for age of mythology.

Map Design: 3
nice job. i like the fact its in a swamp.

Story/Instructions: 4
very discriptive.

Additional Comments: great job!

[Edited on 03/19/07 @ 02:51 PM]

File Author
thanks for the review :D
Aliblabla1942 If this map was one of the 200x200 sized maps I probably wouldn't agree with the choice variety. But it's much smaller so I probably have to.
angel_of_chaos Playability: 5
i am really impressed, i know its simple triggers, but wow. i was loving it.

Balance: 4
i thought the balance was good because you could have extra defenders or godpowers

Creativity: 5
very good idea, this idea would have never come to me, i like the way you turned it to what it is.

Map Design: 4
it isnt really a huge map, so ill rate you on what you did, nice, it really seemed like a smamp, was it intentionaly meant for somthing else, or just thought of it

Story/Instructions: 5
pretty basic story, if someone didnt get it they are either one of the following: stupid, cant read, cant be bothered to understand it, or are just ignorant

Additional Comments:
good work, i'll like to see more like it ;)

[Edited on 03/19/07 @ 05:54 AM]

File Author
thanks for the review and comments.
it was supposed to be a swamp, why would it be anything else :D
I Love Bananas aom expert and angel_of_chaos, your reviews have been deleted because they do not comply with our review guidelines. Visit this page:


Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
(It was well done allthough at times a thought it was a bit tight. Although i thought it was great that if you hadnt killed all the men from the previous raid and some tougher men came what were you to do? kill the lower ones or try to get the better ones before they started attacking. At times like those i had to chose the house hp to keep me going and therefore when more enymies came i got caught in a loop.)

Balance: 3
(As i said above it was well balanced allthough i think that the timing for raids could have lasted a bit longer. And it would have done it well i think if you had put in a message at the top or something the next unit that was going to appear. overall though a fine job.)

Creativity: 3
(Yes this was a new and different map but i felt it had to much of a resembelences to other games. A bit like the game where you have to survive all these waves allthough in those games you didnt have anything to defend so good job on that. But in saying that i would like to say that perhaps it would have been more interesting if you had had 3 buildings to defend not one and say each building gave you a special bonus. Which one would choose to defend the most or would try to defend all 3. I also think for more of a better atmosphere you could have made a multiplayer version of this map. But still pretty creative but not what i would call a "totally" new map.)

Map Design: 4
(Map design was well done allthough i though maybe you could have had some dips and mounds around and if you had made a bigger map a more complicated land. (lots of cliffs and some water and stuff) Allthough a very good job.)

Story/Instructions: 3
(Well it was pretty straight forward defend your home. But what i would like to know is why there is an invading force attacking your home. Are you a great leading general or just a man who overheard something he wasnt suppose to. I think a good sulution to this would be to make another map describing on how he came to this predicimite. But this is just my opion.)

Additional Comments:
Very good job could have been better but i think that is just fine the way it is.
File Author
thanks for the comments. and review :D

Saddly the choice dialog boxes dont work online, so i could not use them in a multiplayer mode.

also it clearly says on the story front "with the goal of smashing your hut, because thats what bad guys do." They have no specific goal other than being genericly bad, and its more of a joke on the bad guys that for some reason they need to destroy a mans house in the middle of nowhere.

The idea of the multpiple buildings providing different bonuses intrests me though. I may release a sequal (not in a swamp) with that idea. (I will credit you for the idea.)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Ok, a well made scenario, a bit repetetive, although wits also play a major part in the game, stratagizing opponent spawning points and all, luring by attacking them before they target your house. However I liked the upgrades menu u made.

Balance: 5
A well balanced game, superhuman dude VSes heaps of bad guys. However due to the defenders attack and killing rate, it might be a good idea to either, raise the defenders attack or decrease the hp of the enemy, or lastly reduce the number of people spawning.

Creativity: 3
Sorry the reason you received a 3 on this section is because these types of games are a bit cliched, with maps such as Porjectfountian, GladiatorMutation and others, although i liked the 'defend the house' thing.

Map Design: 4
A realistic looking swamp, although the old man at the top of the hill brought you down points. Use the shit+k to make the old man to his miniscule size (so he won't be seen, also your enemy won't die in the begining of the game).

Story/Instructions: 3
Weren't very clear, the fact that you didn't use the enter key when typing the read me file, took me off the idea of reading it. And no real story line, um a dude in the swamp gets attacked by bad guys for no apparent reason.
Try making a brief but a well explained introduction and story line and you'll be garunteed a 5.

Additional Comments:
A well made scenario, addicting at first, but gets a bit repeatative, you may want to add random event to give the scenario some 'zist' into it. Overall, it was a nice map. I recommend downloading it.
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