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Sims Knux City

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 9
Version: AoM: The Titans
This map is the largest Sims map yet, and features your favorite things such as an arena, police(although useless if you own them and your not host, for the molment)vice,and an economics market (other markets will be added in). Now unlike other sims games this one will feature "Expansion Packs". This will add in many new features to the game and keep people playing it. Thanks for downloading (if you did), and GL & HF
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File Author
Be sure to leave comments. The history of this map can be found in the Scenario Designs & Annoucement thread.
Khan And Steak Hm.. bigger sims, does it lagg a lot?
File Author
Lagg depends on the people playing. Read the readme for further information.
Rigor Mortis
Map Design4.0
Yes. A Sims scenario that works. For what it is supposed to be, this scenario is pretty much flawless. I don't know why anyone else wouldn't of reviewed this. It deserves to be reviewed wholly for the effort put in to it.

Playability: 5
I can't complain. It fulfilled it's purpose and I have even begun a little editing on it for mine and a friend's personal enjoyment. To all but the host, you are but pawns on the mayor's chess board. Do not anger the mayor, do not deny him but make peace with him. The mayor can grant you pleasures you could never envisage...

Balance: 4
The design was meticulous, the playability was flawless, my interest did not deter at any point in the game. The game only ended after I made the mistake of being present when the mayor cleared the battle arena with a meteor strike. It wouldn't make sense for the balance to be any higher when the map is as of yet unfinished.

Creativity: 4
I give this score due to the fact that this is only the original version and the map is as of yet unfinished. I also think there is more that could of been done with the church or bar. Perhaps some tables or some monuments?

Map Design: 4
There wasn't any deterrents in the map design nor any lack of effort in certain spots. I only give it this score due to the all the empty space on the map which will be filled in the expansion pack. I couldn't give this a 5 while the map is still unfinished. Get working on the expansion, fill the slots, and you're sure to get a 5 from me.

Story/Instructions: 5
Easy to understand. I was contemplating the thought of rating it 4 due to the fact there is no story but for what it is, would it be fair to drop points?

Additional Comments:
Brilliant scenario. I wish the police had more of a part to play though, perhaps whoever owns the police can make them hostile to a certain player? I wish I could of given the map design 4 but the expansion(s) has yet to be released - which is sure to get a 5 from me.

EDIT - I have two fours in my review. This map is not finished and the expansion(s) have yet to be released. So I have decided it only makes sense to change the all-over balance. I did not think the review would turn out as high as it did - sorry - but you have yet to be finished. My rating seemed more like what I thought it could be than what it was at this moment. I think it only fair that the final version should deserve a rating this high or higher.
This is still a good scenario but it is just not worth my original review just yet. For the original, this is still a very good score.
Tips: finish the expansion(s).

Definitely worth a download.

[Edited on 03/29/07 @ 05:47 AM]

File Author
Thanks so much for reveiwing man. Your awesome.
Two_ace_u 4.6?!!?!?!?!
I think thats a major blowover, go into multiplayer catagory and see where you got this map onto the ladder, of top-rated.
Rigor Mortis I thought there would be some controversy in my rating but I give it this score for what it is and for the playability online. It is accurate, playable, fun to play online and the map design is sufficient for this scenario. In my own view, I think I made a fair review. If there are other people that do not concurr with my own review, make your own but make it fair.

I do not think this the best scenario out there but it is fun to play with other people and out of all the other Sims scenarios that I have played, I thought this the best.

Ps. It is not too high on the top-rated list. I thought this was very fun but does not make the top-top-rated.
Two_ace_u then is it by coincidence that most of your stuff, was based more on the features then then things it self? i mean you made a suggestion for creativity, features in playability and more. Infact i don't see the reason why you give this map a high score.
In my opinion, the scenary needs to be improved, because only having terrain isn't the best but not the worst. Plus its verry boring for the mayor. I suspect you did that rating based upon friendship.
File Author
Ha ha, I didn`t even know him until he to;d me in my thread, that he was gonna post a comment. Two ace,, if you want post a terrible rating, but make it worth my while. I need critcism, everyone does, or else nothings ever gonna get better. Look at Sims Irkatrpolis, its plenty boring for mayor, but does anyone complain? No.
I have actuly decided to add more stuff for the mayor in my expansion. Give me the criticism, and once I see this played on ESO at least 3 times, I`ll start a "Expansion Progress Thead"
Rigor Mortis I agree, things are pretty tedious for the mayor. I do not like the fact that the mayor does not have to pay for 'almost' anything. Give the mayor a discount but everyone has to pay their due. I did not know Knux before I agreed to review this and I think he is a new user so my review was based virtually on my own opinion. Remember, you can change the rating by reviewing yourself.

I have been looking at other Sims maps and I would say I have found a justified reason for my score. Sims Over Easy 3 by Irk89 has a rating of 4.6, this scenario is a larger and improved version. If my review was unfair... the review for Sims Over Easy 3 was too.

Ps. Have you gotten very far on the zoo expansion? I want my guard dog!

[Edited on 03/31/07 @ 06:04 PM]

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