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World Map Of North America

Author File Description
TwentyOneScore Updated 03/04/03 - Added AOM In Game Icon & removed excess starting units.

It took some doing, but here is the first world map generated via RMS. With terrain ranging from Icy in Alaska, to tropical in Mexico, the Bahamas and Hawaii; excellent hunting up north, ancient relics in Mexico & plenty of gold in the Rocky Mountains, this map is sure to please. Map size grows to accommodate the number of players and the land masses and resources scale accordingly. On small maps, the Greats Lakes are simply puddles, but on maps with 4 or more players you can sail from the Gulf of Mexico up the Mississippi to the Great Lakes.

Migration style play with each player starting in a random corner of the map on a tiny island.

This map takes up to 90 seconds to generate a 12 player map. It has to create 4 temperate zones and place the appropriate terrain, wild life and trees so be patient!
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Positives: Very nice map. Topographically accurate, with LOTS of town centers.

Negatives: This isn't so much a complaint for the North America script so much as a complaint against Ensemble's AI--You MUST play against a human opponent because Ensemble's standard AI doesn't know to use the transports to sail to the New World. Also, I don't see the need to have so many starting military units, UNLESS Skraelings were added to represent indigenous peoples.

[Edited on 03/01/03 @ 04:14 PM]

Matei This is an excellent map and shows off a lot of creativity. Keep up the good work!

My own suggestions for improvements are as follows:
1) Make the map generation progress slider go gradually to 100% instead of jumping back and forth; the jumping doesn't really make sense and is discomforting for casual players.
2) Remove some of the starting units, as there are too many IMO; the MU, hero and military units are pretty unnecessary - if you want, you can give each player an extra Kataskopos / Ulfsark / Priest depending on their civ
3) Make the map slightly larger so more geographical features are seen
4) Change the terrains on the volcanoes so they blend into each other more nicely (I like the idea of volcanoes very much but they look too weird now)
5) Put more fire inside each volcano
File Author
Thanks for the feedback. I will make the suggested changes to the starting party. I'm not sure what I had in mind for them and they serve no real purpose in the first age. Perhaps some natives on the main land would be interesting and provide a use for them, but for now I'll slim the party down a bit. I'll release an update shortly.

I'm afraid to make the map any bigger! It's huge as it is and grows with the number of players. I think an 8 person map is 1200x1200. It takes a bit of time to generate as well. The hardest part of this map was tuning the script. I was able to get the generation down from 150 seconds to 30 seconds by really watching the debugger output and working out the kinks and putting in better fail routines to exit out of resource placement when a failure occured. I was getting a 50+ second failure time trying to place a gold mine on hawaii...

[Edited on 03/03/03 @ 04:49 PM]

runewar err, it's a really amazing map ,however, no AI would make the NMEs moving. for some reason the regular AI that comes with the game works in the 'vinland saga' but wouldn't work with your map.
i tried every AI possible on this website and nothing seems to work.
so maybe you'll consider editing the map in a way that will allow the players to start on the mainland.
or add to the ".ZIP" an AI that will work, in a case there is one...
s7092910 Can you make this rm for the x pack plz
Celer the enemy or allies or any other computer player wont get into the transport and to the new world
rather than that the map is greeat
temyankee Still wondering if ther is anything that can be done to allow the computer opponent to sail to the new world. Any ideas? Even the Admiral X AI is not working. What do you suggest?
felda5032 Beautiful map, but I see I am not the only person who has problems with the AI.

Is there anything that can be done about it?
Cloud 008 going to have to folo suit of every one else and say the map is Great but the AI Sucks lol i had it on Titan and it did squat
@ s7092910: to use it in the Titans all you do is add it to your RM2 folder just copy and paste it there
Cloud 008 Um I just noticed a small issue ( have been on in a while) This map wont start for Atlanteans
I just tried starting with Oranos and it ended the game cause i wasn't even on the map

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