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Chaos in World RPG random map!

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Yes, A random map RPG completely scripted from scratch. Comprising of 4 major areas plus the boss area connected by mountain masses. Each major area has it's own quest and when you complete the last quest, you are granted vortex to teleport to the boss and kill him.

Screenshots are below (I have set it so you can't see obscured units):


Map features:
@A massive 600 by 600 map
@4 Seperate quests for each section plus boss quest:
Grassy area: Kill the son of osiris that is causing havoc
Mountain area: 3 find the 3 evil relics and destroy them
Desert area: Destroy the 3 towers chaos before they obliterate the map! (You are under time pressure)
Olympus area: Kill the evil serpent to gain acess to the boss
Boss area: Destroy the boss before he, his spells and his dragon followers eliminate you!
@3 Different hero characters for each player
@a couple of god powers but they are not one of my main features
@An exciting start ciematic that is nice and brief
@Custom music set up to play for the entire game untill boss where it switches to battle music
@Lightings and snow amount set to fit in with the area your in
@Leveling up of characters every 10 kills
@Enemy gradurally getting better stats the more you kill to conpensate the leveling up and to keep the game challenging, especially in the late sections of the game.
@It is mostly a free wander RPG but it contains a path in each section where if you follow it, it will always lead you to the mountain passes
@Supports any number of players - set the plast player as a computer player and the rest of you as human players all on the same team.
@No game is the same - missions like the relics one can alter in difficulty depending on where the relics are placed.
@Lots of sounds added into the game
@Booter if you need to kick laggers (chat contains on low priority so it don't sync out) - you cannot use the booter to kick the last person and win the game. I am not that stupid! Put boot+playernumber to kick them. e.g. boot2 boots player 2.
@Hopefuly, enough scenary eyecandy to keep map deisgn maniacs happy but I didn't want to go overboard for it could deploy it and block the path making the game impossible to win!


Download and extract the files to My Games>Age of Mythology>RM2

Oh, I will warn you - no matter how many players you set, the RPG always gets VERY hard near end. Especially the time challenge part.
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bewbie Omg Nottud you champ!

How hard was it to make it?
I was thinking of doin a random map rpg for my upcoming diablo 2: act 1 rpg, just to make it seem like the real game but i'm to lazy to try.

Well i'll download and maybe right a review for it.

Playability: I give playability a 4.
Some units are stuck in trees. This meening that ajax cannot get to them and they cannot fight back. (if the are not archers)

Balance: I give balance a 3.
Setna and regenlief are over powered. When I played regenlief had 100% hack and peirce armour at the snow place and setna had 100% hack and peirce armour at the desert place.
The 4 different places are sorta wacked cause imo the difficulty for the first area is hard, second area very easy, third area moderatly hard, forth area very hard, boss hard (This is because it took forever to kill him. It's actually quite easy to kill him, none of my guys died at boss, though ajax did die a couple of times at other ares)

Creativity: I give creativity a 5.
I'm not sure but I'm thinking this is the first rpg random map? It's just really original and the cinematic was awesome.

Map Design: I give map design a 4.
It's very nice, Great eyecandy in cinematic and while playing but, I gave 4 because units got stuck in trees, i'm sure there is a way to fix it.

Story/Instructions: I give story/instructions a 3.
There isn't really a story behind it, it's like one of those cartoons like action man where he just goes and does missions. There are instructions though. Though I missed the kill son of osiris one because my units were already getting attacked by other units at the start.
Rating: 4
Just all around fun. I played this in single player not multiplayer and on moderate so maybe a couple of those things might change (balance). I like how the enemies get stronger as you get stronger.

Additional Comments:
One thing that I didn't think fitted under any of these catagories. You don't actually need to kill SOO to win this game, i actually think the only actual mini boss you have to beat is the wadjet. I don't know this though as I only didn't kill the SOO.

Well Good Job with this and I hope that this random map is 1 of more to come from others to make rpg's more fun

BTW this is my first review on aomh, I hope I did it correctly.

File Author
Thankyou very much for the review - yes you have done it fine and have put plenty of detail into it.

The son of osiris grants you 3 levels up for each character if your interested.

Timewise for making map, it took a fair amount of time because I kept encountering random trigger lockups (Where triggers stop working) and script errors.

I am glad you enjoyed playing the RPG. It is a good idea though to do son of osiris mission because it makes all the misison and lighting triggers, etc working.

Lol, I personally think the hardest mission is the timed one because sometimes it is hard to find the towers.

[Edited on 04/16/07 @ 09:31 PM]

xEXOLARx Yo Just Stoping By I will Look At The Game Soon I will edit this comment wen i do

but the game name looks pritty cool screen shots are awsomand .Since You a trustworthy map maker i think this rpg will be awsom! also how long did it take you to make the rpg?

[Edited on 06/04/07 @ 09:40 AM]

CNM_Master_Bow sounds like a good map. Hey nottud, i need some help. I made a map (a good one this time) but everyone hates it, can you help me edit it so it works better?
TBK145 how do u get near the serpent? theres a big black hole in the way..........
File Author
You are supposed to go round through the other areas. Because of the way I did the connections, they had to be in a circle or I blocked off one so I would make 1 long road instead.
ipwnedzeus You do know that you can skip all the missions and go straight to the serpent thing to get a vortex quicker, right?
Oh yeah, you kind of ODed on the dragons.

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