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orires jouneye

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Style: Role Playing Only
# of Scenarios: 7
Version: AoM: The Titans
there are lotse of enemise so be care full
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Map Design1.0
I will warn you head-on. This was not a very good campaign, and I will try to give some advice on how to make it better, but please do not be offended if it's a low review.

Playability: 2
I have only given you a 2 in this field because, although the scenarios had almost the same layout (Go through enemies down a path with Osiris and kill the titan), it was somewhat fun to kill the enemies by the dozen. However, doing the same thing for 6 scenarios was quite boring. I suggest that you variate the style of scenario: For example, instead of having to kill the titan, you might have to build a base and destroy it's power source, a phoenix egg. Then, you can make a different requirement of each scenario to keep them from being essentially the same thing with a different cover. Also, try to make things not too long in length, as watching osiris batter a Hades Gate for a loooong time is somewhat annoying, especially if right after that he must batter an equally powerful Kronos.

Balance: 1
The balance was not very good, because Osiris is an extremely powerful unit that should only be used for specific occasions. I was able to kill all the first 4 titans with ease, because an Osiris is able to destroy almost anything and not lose even a tenth of his health. I suggest you either make him weaker via triggers, or give command of several weaker units and a base from which you can train more. This way, it is both challenging and not too difficult for the player, because with an Osiris any player can win with ease. One thing I noted was that the enemy units didn't even attack me in the last few scenarios: I had to attack them. The reason for this is probably because you only set the diplomacy of ONE player's relation. Make sure to set not only Pl.1 to be an enemy of Pl.2, but make Pl.2 and enemy of Pl.1 as well. (They are 2 separate squares.)

Creativity: 1
I have given you a 1 in this field because this scenario is not exactly new, there have been dozens of "Kill the titans" scenarios. The AOM: TT campaign is pretty much based upon it! To make it more creative, you could either insert a larger variety of scenarios (Not MORE scenarios- just make them different.) or have some in-between things to do "before" killing the titan with your Osiris. For example: Find the 4 Frost Giants and kill them before the time runs out to open the way to the titan! Again, with an Osiris such things may be difficult to design, which is why I recommend using weaker units, or better yet, a base where you can build and upgrade them.

Map Design: 1
This recieved a 1 because the terrain was almost the same throughout the entire campaign. In every scenario, I could see only one or two types of terrain throughout the map, along with a mountain range and perhaps a lake. I suggest you use a lot of terrains and mix them to make it look natural. Put rocks, trees and bushes, or in the underworld, rocks and stalagmites. Make your mountain ranges peak by peak and large enough to look realistic. Avoid leaving "green grass" in Hades terrain, and try to make the path less-linear to keep it from being easy to just walk down a path right to the titan. Place walls or boulders to make the terrain natural, and make you want to look around before charging with osiris and waving your scepter to zap that titan.

Story/Instructions: 2
I gave you a 2 here because, although there was no objectives or chats telling you what to do, I knew what was required of me. (Kill the titans!) The cinematic could have told me more: For example, how did the titans come from Tartarus? Did they escape? And who are the random units standing in corners of the map? (I understand you put them there to keep the player from automatically losing. Instead, you can go to the top toolbar: Scenario: Scenario Data: And uncheck the "Use Victory Conditions" box.) To make the player interested, you can put Objectives or chats that at least explain a little why osiris goes to the Norse/Greek/etc. to kill the titans. And why did Kronos, the King of titans come before the Ra titan? All these things are something you can explain via chats or a cinematic. Also, you can make your beginning cinematic start immediately by selecting the "Run Immediately" button on the trigger. Putting more cinematics in would definitely work.

Additional Comments: I'm sorry for the low ratings, but this really needs some work before it can go any higher. I hope I've provided tips on how to make it better, and I suggest that before you submit such a file you playtest it: Play it yourself to see what you can make better or fix.
Map Design2.0
there is one point in the scenario where u have to lead thorvald to the passage to heracles castle through the volcano pit and fight off the fire giants. i cant get any men past the one bridge cause of a rock blocking the passage. what is up with that. i played this whole scenario and cant go any farther. help me!!!!

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Map Design1.5
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