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hournted manshien

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Version: AoM: The Titans
kaster muste get too the othre side of the hournted manshien but watche out fot gostes and the bose at the ende
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
This map is not exactly playable. cos if u attack a shade, they all come and own u. however, you can avoid that by walking over the so called walls, and to the boss. (because u did that, i won this in 30 seconds.

Balance: 1
u get kastor,( while hes still a kids so hes rubbish!!!!) and the enemy get loads of shades. plus, the one at the end can only be killed if u use a god power on it. so this map is really not ballenced

Creativity: 3
This is quite a good idear, but a haunted mansion in aom, well, i dont think that age of mythology is the best place to make a haunted mansion game. but thats just me

Map Design: 2
not very good. all it was, was thousands of dead bodys, ( wich makes it look fake) grass a villerger, thousands of shades, and a kastor. oh and the walls are just raised ground. nothing to stop you walking over them.

Story/Instructions: 2
all it tells you to do, is "you too must get to the other side of the haunted mansion, but watch out for ghosts and the boss at the end " ( thats how you should have spelt it lol) it dosent tell you very much.

Additional Comments:
ok. no offence here, but this is probably the worst map i have ever seen. but if you keep trying, i think you will beable to make great campains, ect. ( plus as i said earlyer, it was quite a good ider. so keep trying.
if i have hurt your feelings, sorry. :D

[Edited on 01/04/08 @ 09:40 AM]

Map Design1.0
The correct spelling is "Haunted Mansion". Anyway, let's get started:

Playability: 1
The walls were actually elevated GreekRoad and therefore i can walk through them for a safe and quick shortcut to the flag at the end, which is guarded by a single campaign Shade. The shade cannot be attacked by Kastor and can only be killed by the Bolt godpower that i have. There are absolutely no triggers at all and therefore you must kill all of the Shades to win the game, which is almost impossible (see balance section). Please make it easier like replace Kastor with the one from the expansion pack, and don't forget to playtest more often!

Balance: 1
I start with Kastor (when he was only FOURTEEN) and a single female greek villager on the southernmost corner of the map. The enemies consist of numerous Hades Shades and a single Campaign Shade near the flag at the end of the mansion which apparently serves as a boss. The shades will not attack Kastor unless he attacks them first, and when i do, i got myself overwhelmed by them and Kastor falls soon after, which does not result in the loss of the scenario because of the aforementioned villager. However, if i try to rescue the fallen Kastor with my villager, the Shades will automatically chase and attack her, making it very dangerous if not impossible to rescue him. Even when i smite the SPC Shade at the end or reach the flag, nothing happens. If you don't what triggers are or how to make them, then please contact me by email, or you can download a few highly-rated Scenario designing tips on the other section.

Creativity: 2
I'll give this a 2 for the Haunted Mansion concept, but it is very poorly executed. There should be triggers like events (for example, when you get near a certain object, something happens, either good or bad).

Map Design: 1
The Haunted Mansion consists of GreekRoad and raised elevation which serve as walls (and painted with GreekRoad and therefore makes it walkable like i said earlier in the playability section). The only embellishments are the numerous cinematic dead bodies (which basically makes the situation more ludicrous than disturbing), the flag at the end, and nothing else. Outside the Mansion is a large blank space of Grass A. There should be more stuff like effects, eyecandy like gravestones (using milestones or something else), more terrain, and a more fitting lighting!

Story/Instructions: 1
The only instructions are in the summary here and not in-game, and my Zeus, there are a lot of spelling errors! You're either a foreigner or you are tired while uploading this file. Also, why does Kastor want to visit this Haunted Mansion in the first place? Because either he's curious or someone else dared him? Please give more details, even when it has spelling or grammar errors.

Additional Comments:
Well, it's been four long years since this scenario was uploaded, and i'm pretty sure you have improved a lot since then (both in AoM and probably your spelling too), but if you haven't, then please email me so i can give you some advice or contact other users. And don't be let down by my review! You'll become a scenario designer mogul someday. Trust me. ;o)

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Map Design1.5
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