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Ornlu part1

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Bandits attack the Shrine of the Northern woods and force to tell them about Ornlu. The Bandits take the priest to their camp. Skrealing (his son) sees when come to the shrine the dead bodies of his fathers guards. Is he able to save his father?
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The main reason this mark isn't five is because if players go too far into the troll cave by mistake, they are dead meat. Maybe after the warning about them you could make an invisible wall until you kill the pigs.

I also gave this a four because at the part where players need to go back to the rune I didn't know what it meant, so I was a bit stuck at this bit for a while. You could make the instructions a bit clearer. (I'll talk about this more later.) Also, the pig bit was slightly complicated, instead of typing in that phrase couldn't players just delete them?

And finally, when I just knocked down all the buildings in this opponents town, I won without freeing the preist. I'm not sure if you intended this to happen but it did.

Apart from these facts I found it enjoyable.

Balance: 3
I know this is quite low. The reason for this is that the bit after the frost giants is too easy. You should maybe make more units at the bandit camp.

Creativity: 5
Overall I'd say this was pretty good. It was a creative plot and I liked the sub-plot of helping the frost giants. I also enjoyed the winding paths through the forest and the cave.

Also, the pig killing is very original so full marks!

Map Design: 4
Like I said before, I liked the paths through the forest and the caves. I also thought the beginning cinematic was good. It ran smoothly, but I think you made it take too long for all of the hesirs (forgive my spelling) to die. Maybe lessen the amount of them slightly.

I didn't mark you down on this but there wasn't an ending cinematic for me. There might of meant to be if you won properly, (like I mightn't of - as I said before) but if there wasn't meant to be one then I suggest that you do do one in the future.

Story/Instructions: 4
If this was just the story then it would be a fantastic 5. I thought it was a very creative story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. BUT life isn't fair. The instructions weren't very clear, as I've mentioned, and their were some words missing in it which made it hard to understand.

Additional Comments:
I think you put a good amount of effort into this and I want to say that I definately will want to play Ornlu part 2 when it comes out.

[Edited on 04/28/07 @ 06:02 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I actually really enjoyed playing this game. It never really got boring because there was always something to do and the things that you had to do where very fun! The only improvement would be that the game was wuite short and cam to an abrupt end, but I quess that is because it is only Part 1!

Balance: 4
(I am not sure if balance means how easy or hard it was but...) I thought that this game was fairly easy some bits were very hard like the bits with the trolls in the cave, but the ending was fairly simple I still liked it though. That is why I gave it a 4.

Creativity: 4
I thought that this was very good it was all new ideas pretty much, I didn't really see anything from other games. I liked the story line and escpecially at the beginning I thought that was a very good start to the game.

Map Design: 4
I really liked the map design because it was jusn't just flat land everywhere with some trees dotted around it was alot better than that, my favourite bit of the map was the shrine I thought that it was very good, and very creative. Maybe you could have done a bit more work on the paths with rocks or something but I thought that the overall design was very good, especially for a map that was quite small. I think the map design is worth a 4.5.

Story/Instructions: 3
This is the bit were it lost a few marks as it where, they were fine up until the bits with the trolls and I wasn't sure what to do. I am not sure that was just because of the instructions, maybe a few invisble walls were needed in the cave. I thought that the story line flowed really well and it was easy to know the direction in which you were going.

Additional Comments:
Looking foward the next one in the series!!!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Playability was nicely done in both the cinematic and the game-play. The scenario was planned out nicely with the various enemies and other fun objectives. However, I would suggest adding more enemies - it's kind of boring to just fight the bandits and a couple trolls. The cinematography was nice and smooth as well. Good job.

Balance: 3
You might want to work on the balance a bit. It's way too easy. Maybe make the trolls a bit faster so it's harder to run away and either don't convert so many frost giants or add more bandits at the camp. Just playtest part 2 for balance a lot before submitting it. Scenarios shouldn't be too hard but they shouldn't be easy either.

Creativity: 3
Fairly creative. Your scenario didn't introduce a whole lot of new trigger and map design effects or any other creative elements but I liked the part where you had to lure the trolls out by killing the pigs. One other creative element was going back to the shrine to cast the spell. The plot was creative and it leaves the player wondering what will happen in Ornlu Part 2.

Map Design: 3
Map design was rather bland. The snow, ponds, shrine, and elevations were nice. The rest of the map was bare. Add some more snowy rocks, logs, trees, and animals to the paths. Add more frost piles to the ice and some walruses or something. There were also some areas with just one snow terrain, mix some more terrains in for a nicer and more realistic effect. I would also suggest adding rocks and cliff terrain to block certain paths instead of using the invisible walls as the walls leave the player wondering why he cannot get through the passage.

Story/Instructions: 3
Let's start with the story. The plot was nice. I know there's a part two coming out but you should've explained a little bit more about it. For example, we never found out why the bandits wanted to take the priest to their camp instead of killing him at the shrine. The instructions were vague. Elaborate on both the objectives and the dialog. And, I understand that you may not be great with English, but you could at least put your dialog into a spellchecker before adding it to your scenario. It is also a nice addition to flash the banner UI when a new objective comes up.

Additional Comments:
Overall, not bad. :-) Looking forward to part 2.

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