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Archer Fire War -Assault-

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans
Archer Fire War -Assault-

Introduction From the previous 3rd person shooter game: Archer Fire War(gaining a 4.2 total rating), me and Freq_The_RedHate decided to continue the game, into a faster paced game, which was a major suggestion from last game.

Game Play: If you have ever played the first game, all the same game play is included. You start out with one unit, with the basic gun. From there, you can access stronger guns, around the map. If you happen to die, you are re spawned with the basic gun. But to make it faster, it has been limited to 20 kills to win(which for me, in a 5 player game lasted roughly 10 minutes, included cinematic, and no lag).

Game Specs: The map is a roughly 105, by 120(compared to the 170, by 170 AFW). 1/3 of it is non walkable waters. About another 1/3 is the "designated' paths made, and the rest is non"designated", and walkable waters.
There are nine guns in this game:
The Basic gun(weak attack weak range)
The 2x pistols(medium attack weak range)
The Semiautomatic(medium attack medium range)
The Automatic(strong attack medium range)
The Shotgun (strong attack weak range)
The Battle Rifle(medium attack strong range)
The Sniper Rifle(strong attack strong range(has a minimal range))
The Flame Thrower(medium attack medium range)
The Flame Sword(strong attack no range(excluding jump))
There are 8 re spawn areas as stated above.
Quick, basic cinematic
Kill counter
Decent Eye candy (no area is blank, and no grass A)
Music(not quite sure if it continually repeats, because I turn off sound after a while)

Also note, that if you do add player computers, they will not appear, so you can play this as a 4 player free for all, or how many players you choose. so basically its a 1v1v1v1v1v1, but you can make it smaller to your choosing. The diplomacy is set up in the game.
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DBGT44 COOL! a second one , I'll dl
andrewv42 HTML and BBcode doesn't work in the downloads section ;)

But cool, I'll dl and try to be the 1st reviewer :D
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
This game was easily playable. I think every knows how to stand near relics and shoot opponents, and there is alot more strategy than soem people think. Having long range and hiding behind fences can be a thorn to the enemy, and the attack move is very important in this map. You could've made us a bit more "free" by giving some more space, but other than that playability is fine. :)

Balance: 4
The game is alot more balanced than the last one, with boosts and degrades. The SMG is still Overpowered, and the semi-automatic and 2x pistols are still ones that will only be used if they really need to be, which is why balance only gets a 4. The default gun has gotten a reasonable nerf, which is excellent, so then the starting gun isn't so powerful now.

Creativity: 3
Anybody could've thought about making a TPS, but not like this. Yes, different guns, but not such a variety and not having a decent "pick-up" system. I also like your way on making this realistic. Yes, it's very proper for guns to KO quickly, whereas another TPS has long archer fights that get boring.

Map Design: 5
I like it. The marsh felt very depressing, but I like your terrain mixing, your trees placement and your water placement. It all matches. It just looks great.

Story/Instructions: 5
There's no story to this, and the intructions aren't straight forward, but you generally put everything into the cinematic. How to get different guns, how to hide in mist, etc.

Additional Comments:
A good TPS. Could use with a bit more balancing, and a more cheerful map, but other than that it's great. Differing speeds might affect balance greatly, so you could make the double pistols stronger by making them move faster.
Khan And Steak If this was as good as the last one, It'll join the previous in the "Best Files". Downloading now ~ Khan
McKnight how do i unzip it into the aom folder? i tried and it didnt work
File Author
If it doesn't unzip for you, you could always just move the file into the aom folder.

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Map Design5.0
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