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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Vengeance Escape I ~The Revival of Kronos~

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Vengeance Escape I ~The Revival of Kronos~

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# of Players: 7
Version: AoM: The Titans
This escape actually is a combination of two ideas. When I first started to design maps, I made a series of escape called Titan Escape. I made up to the eighth sequels I think. It's about humans running away from Titans. I always thought why do Titan have to be super units? So Titan Escape is made so that hunters get Titan in the very beginning, but they are weak. Titan Escape series are now long gone, because they are horrible! It was when I knew nothing about eyecandy and other stuff. There is another series I made called Anger of the God, which is where humans run away from angry gods who wanted to eliminate the mortals once and for all. At first, Vengeance Escape was supposedly to be a startover of Anger of the God, but I decided to change the whole idea, and the storyline is about Kronos escaping Tartarus seeking revenge on the Greek Pantheon. I'm also making another series of escape, for this series is long gone, I only made the first one. It was going smoothly until my comp need System Recovery, and everything is lost, another person who helped me making the sequel also lost the map, so ya... Now I'm redoing Titan Escape in the idea of Kronos revival.

Vengeance Escape is a decent map to play with. Although the map is huge, there is 3 hunters and they all have a role. When each hunter leave the remaining hunters are strengthen. In fact it's good for you to hunt alone than to hunt with ally. If two of your ally leave, you get super upgrade, your units are good enough. So this game would only need 5 people, 4 runners and 1 hunter, and I guarantee the hunter have more than 50% chance of winning, unless he's a stupid noob. This map was created back back back back to the time I don't remember, maybe a year ago(I have short memory), it was when I don't even have reyk's pack. But now when I come back to this map, I improved it a bit with nottud's new transform trigger and some other triggers such as Player Human to kick comp, which I don't have b4.
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Kill Herman 2nd download :p. I'll play it on ESO and hopefully review it after.
File Author
It's kinda hard for runner...
Criticize it if you want...
I rather like negative feedback than positive...
I need to know the flaws that make my maps bad so I can improve other maps I'm working on...
Khan And Steak Here's some feedback (suggestions) for ya;

~ make the screenshot bigger
~ put in paragraphs

Looks like an awesome map, can't wait to play it! and thats it ~ Khan

[Edited on 05/10/07 @ 12:52 AM]

Kill Herman
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Fully playable. 4 runners and 3 hunters is a good idea because it adds some confidence to the hunters. Escapes have a bad reputation of being easy for runners, hard and boring for hunters. It was a fun atmosphere with the opening cinematic combined with dark areas of the map.

Balance: 2
Rather unbalanced in some aspects. I think you sould have taken centaur out or else nerf their attack. The speed was ridiculous on these myths. 6+ on most. Many games ended quickly because if you are behind a couple of walls and some rows of towers, and the hunters cast undermine, the very fast myth units come in before you have the chance to react and you are quickly surrounded with no way out. My suggestion is to keep their attacks and speed low in the begining, and better as the game progresses.

Creativity: 4
Pretty original. The opening cinematic was great. I like how you used dialogue, you don't see that very much. Stories are seldom on an escape so you get some creativity points there.

Map Design: 4
Nice map. Almost all of the different sections were pleasing to the eye. I especialy like the watery beach one. I also liked the cinematic area with the stretched skeletons on the wall. I took off a point for the lack of eye candy in the snow area and for the abrubt changing of the different areas. They all kind of spew together.

Story/Instructions: 3
Well no objectives banner so a new comer to escapes might not have a clear view on what to do right away. Story was fun. The begining cinematic sets the mood for the escape. I'm not sure I witnessed the whole story though, as my games didn't last very long.

Additional Comments:
Fun Escape! Good job making it without reyk's editor too. Really the balance what holds back the escape. Above average escape. :)

[Edited on 05/10/07 @ 06:03 PM]

File Author
Hmm, I thought the game was too easy in the beginning...
The point is to scatter all around teh map.
But anyway... I know it was hard, it was made to be hard. I don't like those escape where it's too easy for runners. The thing I was trying to avoid is that, some people made up a wall strategy, and it's hard for the hunter to win that way... so I made them powerful in case that happen. This escape is not made for beginner anyway... It used to favor escapers, but after some fixing, it favored the hunter. I thought it was easy, actually, now, maybe because I'm the creator... I still died but I last atleast 20 minutes...
And btw, I don't remember the units have 6+ speed in the beginning... I thought they have 5, and then 6, and then 7, and then 8. Some reached 9 I think, and some don't go with the age thing. Like I Phoenix I think, it's slower, cuz it can fly, or maybe not...
And ya, I didn't know how to do Objective back then :P

I don't remember anything...
I hope the sequel to this is better, even though one of the dialouge don't make sense, lol. This one is also hard... I might make it easier... but the speed is less then 6... except when they upgrade it but we upgrade, too, not our speed, but our HP and tower power, so ya...>_> the only hard thing is the godpower :P We also get godpower too...

[Edited on 05/11/07 @ 11:51 PM]

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