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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Cassius Belli - Gallic Betrayal V1.1

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Cassius Belli - Gallic Betrayal V1.1

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Version: AoM: The Titans


Centurion Dallius is just an ordinary officer in the Roman Army. When he is tasked to accompany Tribunus Thalius on a foreign relations mission to Gaul he has no idea that his life would be in jeopardy, nor that his survival would not only define his future but the future of the whole of Rome.

This is the first scenario in the Cassius Belli series. If you enjoy playing this scenario, look out for other Cassius Belli scenarios in the future.


Please feel free to leave any comments, improvements or reviews.

  • Includes the 'Legionary' unit and the 'Centurion' unit by Dan_Swordsman

  • Includes two music files


    Version 1.1

  • Unit Upgrade System Removed
  • Upgrades Obtainable Through Achievements
  • Missing Legionary In-Game Fixed
  • New Music File Added
  • Eyecandy Improved
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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    DBGT44 seems nice I'll go for it
    Anastasoulis sorry, I can't look it up cause I don't put any mods in my PC due to playing online.
    It's a nice try though it seems, and it should be a straight 5 coming from this designer.

    File Author
    Would you be interested in a non-mod version? If I get enough support I may be pursuaded to make one if that would interest you.
    The_lone spartan its good,but i didnt see any legionairys or centurios(the 2 modpacks) in the entire scenario,this right?
    File Author
    really? you should see them right from the beginning. Hmm i'll have to fix that.
    The_lone spartan yah the 2 centurios are cataphracts

    also when i raise rank as a soilder,my attack and hp went down,that right?

    maybe bcause i had already installed these 2 b4 u made the scenario?

    [Edited on 05/29/07 @ 09:07 PM]

    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    now with the bugs solved this is very good! but like lone spartan said i had forgotten to say that that druid was irritating

    Balance: 4
    i still think that the beginning was a bit too easy but the last battle was wonderful, now the roman army really does something, it's very good (i only used the archers lol, except for the towers.)

    Creativity: 4
    i liked this game but i didn't think it was very creative, because it was a bit follow path and defend town stuff. however luring guards away and stuff was nicely done (but still not really special). and what was very nice that if you destroyed a tent some soldiers came out!

    Map Design: 5
    it was a very nice map, really. but why do you only use 1 half of it? oh, and i forgot to say the first time that those traders were great, not much scenarios juse moving useless objects. (ok maybe, it is commonly used but still it was great).

    Story/Instructions: 5
    the instructions were very clear and the story was nice, thats all there is to say.

    Additional Comments:
    overall, it was a nice game and im looking forward to further parts.

    [Edited on 06/02/07 @ 02:16 AM]

    File Author
    Playability 3.0
    Balance 3.0
    Creativity 4.0
    Map Design 5.0
    Story/Instructions 5.0

    @ Boetje:
    Thank you for your review. Here are a few responses to your post. The bugs I am now aware of and I will fix and repost this scenario with the solutions. I hope you can repost your review with a different rating once you have played it again with more comments regarding the actual gameplay itself rather than the bugs.

    Too easy at the beginning? Ok, I will perhaps make a few adjustments to make it harder however you will find that it is possible to die at the beginning and I don't want that to happen, also you say it's too easy but the moving of the army is at the beginning...

    Oscar's 'The Lost Legion' is a fantastic scenario but in no way will I give him credit for my scenario. His is all about a legion that is lost in the forests of Gaul and indeed follows the events in a book called 'The Misplaced Legion' by Harry Turtledove. Simply because my events occur in Gaul and involves Romans is not sufficient to say I copied Oscar. Luring an army away from a camp is not an old idea, in fact, many real strategians did it. I do accept what you say about linear path and Defend the town but that was what I intended for this scenario, remeber this is going to be one of several scenarios and it would be foolish to jam all the creativity into one. Perhaps I should have released this project as a campaign, I just felt the download section needed a boost.

    Thank you for your comments on the map design. The reason I didn't use parts of the map was that it was supposed to replicate an actual map of the region. If you had wanted to you did have opportunity to explore other areas of the map, even if they wren't relivant. I have a huge vendetta against maps which leave areas of the map blank and even if the player isn;t necessarily going to see it in the scenario, they can still open it in the editor and admire what one has created.

    I shall take some of your comments on board and shall attempt to make them better in the future versions. Perhaps I shall not release the next as an individual map but moreover as a campaign.

    P.S: The reason the final battle was too hard was probably because the mod's were not working, you receive approx. 100 more legionaries to help you in the fight that you actually had.
    boetje ok, ill change the review now with the stealing from the lost legion (srry for that), and update it with again when you fixed the bugs.
    File Author
    Ok people, NEW VERSION now available. :)
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    Map Design5.0
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    Size:4.87 MB
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