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Heaven Eyecandy Map V1.1

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The_lone spartan
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Thank you for even looking at my 1st submission into AoMH,the map is my vision of Heaven,the holy kingdom of god.

Everything you need to know is in the readme
Once you take a peek plz post some form of review,i want to know how well i did on my 1st map.

UPDATE-Asgard is complete! wait until it is put on
Problem-troops could walk through enlarged parts of buildings and walls-fixed with the help of invisible walls

For a review-give the playability a 1,and balance whatever,all im really looking at are creativity and map design

New map in the making-Asgard
-The_lone spartan
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boetje 2nd download :)
Elder_Ulsfark 4th DL

EDIT: Well, this was a very nice eyecandy map, VERY good for a first submission, I would review it but I can't since some of the review points (Such as playability) don't apply to eyecandy maps. I'll give some comments, though.

Overall, the map was very well done, I liked how you used Arkantos (God) as angels, and how the giant buildings gave you an impression of a real "better" place. The terrain was nice too, although you could have used a little more variation, it was consistent throughout, something a lot of first scenarios don't have.
I also liked the fact that one of the Angels was named Michael, partly because that is the name of one of the bible's Archangels, and partly because I have the same name as him! :p

Some small flaws were that the giant statue of Zeus at the main gates was obscured, so it's outline in yellow was shown on the gate. For eyecandy maps, use the effect "Set Obscured Units" off so that that doesn't happen. Also, remember that enlarged buildings/walls have the same obstruction radius, because my soldiers walked right through the walls. Paint with an impassable terrain beneath walls to stop that.

Other than that, it was a nice map! I found a tiny imp with the word "Armageddon" in it's name, so I bolted it and won the scenario. Is that supposed to happen? Either way, it was funny how the little bugger got fried by Zeus. :) After a few minutes, my wonder's countdown to victory started. Is that supposed to happen? If not, just use Wonder SPC, 'cause that one doesn't grant victory to the owner.

Good job, man, great eyecandy, make a scenario based on this or something: It would be interesting to play.

Elder Ulsfark

p.s. my name was spelled incorrectly on purpose.

[Edited on 06/02/07 @ 10:43 AM]

The_lone spartan
File Author
thanks elder,ya the 2 statues at the gates didnt seem right anyway,also bout the imp,ya u could do that it didnt matter,infact it was to give a clue ;) check to see

edit-thx bout the impassable terrain tip,i didnt even think bout that

infact the rippled(its supposed to be clouds,kingdom in the sky) is there a way i can make that impassable as well?

[Edited on 06/02/07 @ 03:21 PM]

Elder_Ulsfark To make rippled, impassable clouds you could do a few things:

A. Put down a thin layer of impassable terrain around the "clouds" area and cover it up with lots of mist, making the rest of it Olympus as you did before. (Like an impassable "barrier for units.")

B. Make all of heaven on a clifftop that is relatively low.

C. Just put impassable terrain all over the clouds area and put a TON of mist so that you can't see past it. Might cause lag though.

D. Make all of it Marsh Blue (A solid, blue color, I think it's impassable but just border it with something impassable anyway), and cover it with "clouds" of mist.
Then, add mirror towers that have been reduced with Shift-K until you can only see the nice, star-like glow that stays at the top.

This gives you a nice "sky" setting, you can use Black Rock instead of Marsh Blue for a dark sky with stars. Put armor glow on the "sky" for additional twinkling.

The_lone spartan
File Author
ahh thx,i may realese an updated form when im done,ive added some new units and renamed the troops as well
LuCkyMaN Invisible walls..:p
The_lone spartan
File Author
@luckyman...didnt even think of them....wow...i need to think more :|

i dont have impassable terrain..all my units can walk over it(even lava!!!!)

[Edited on 06/03/07 @ 01:28 AM]

Elder_Ulsfark Try cliff terrains or something...unless you have flying units lol :p
The_lone spartan
File Author
Asgard is up,go check it y'all
GriLlEd_ChEeSe I have to say this is ok. First of all you needed more things in the water, 2:less healing sfx 3: more embellishments (flowers,grass etc) 4: Too many ocean waves for me (makes it lag a lil bit) 5: Less heroes, it takes aways from the actual beauty of the map.
Your on your way to making some great eyecandy!
I would tell you to look at my eye candy but i dont know how to post it on aomh. If anyone could tell me that would be great! anyways pretty good map just look at the things i told you.

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