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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Supreme Pwnage - Jungle v1.0

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Supreme Pwnage - Jungle v1.0

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# of Players: 4 Humans, 2 Comps (1 enemy, 1 ally)
Version: AoM: The Titans

Supreme Pwnage is a map that has wondeful gameplay in a beautifully themed jugnle. The lag is minimal if you have a good conenction. This map features:
  • Incredible balance
  • Choose the teams
  • Strategic terrain
  • Recruitable units
  • Randomly placed guardian
  • Powers to pwn the enemy
  • Economic dwarves with unit upgrades
  • Upgrade limit

    If you want to find out more just download and see it!

    I really hope you enjoy this map, host as much as you want!

    - Yeebaagooon
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    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    Very good, although I found it quit difficult sometimes to get onto the tower thing. Sometimes the hero got stuck a bit and I need to move him to another part of the map.

    Balance: 5
    Very very good here. Everything was made equal, except maybe the strategic postitions of the hero. I like that you put them in four different corners ;)

    Creativity: 4
    Nice. I rate it a four only because the shop has been done many many times. I would suggest that you add more units to it.

    But I like how you changed how you get resources. In most other games where there are shops, the only resource you definately need is Gold. Food and Wood you would only need like if you want to make a trade or something.

    Map Design: 5
    WOW. That is all I can say for this, but I have to make at least 3 lines for the review :P I'll just spam away.. spamming away here..
    More seriously: Wow. Your map design is so awesome, it is total pwnage :P Your grass is not just one terrain thing, you mixed it as far as I could tell. The trees sometimes proved a hassle, I half wish I could cut them all down when all my units go to one corner of the base.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    Everything is clean as far as I can tell.. I would give this a 4.5 but that ain't an option. Just tell me what the emergency teleport thing is, and I'll be good ;)

    Additional Comments:
    This is my second review, so don't kill me if I mess up.

    And next time, make a marker or something so I know what I am looking at when I am at the shop. I accidently found myself buying a lot of Omega's instead of Atalanta's.
    Khan And Steak
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    I must say I love this game, it is fun and provides an all new type of gameplay in the Age of Mythology setting. This map has a mixture of mythodea, escape, hero wars and many other great games. The maps eye-candy and originality is unbeliverble while its general flow of gameplay is generally balanced as well. There are two things however that I must say need attention. 1. I believe that it does lagg a bit much for me; and it can get frustrating once you are doing nothing every 1 out of 15 seconds - it makes gameplay tactics a little harder in my opinion. 2. The towers are hard to get on to, I remember many a time I had tasked my hesir to run to a towers' platform and go and micro-manage my units only to see a message from you saying 'He didn't quite make it'. Of course this is only a minor problem and could be fixed quite easily so I didn't think it fair to take a point of such a great game for such a minor thing.

    Balance: 4
    This was great, the only thing that I found bad was something somewhat out of your control; it is hard to learn if you are a newcomer. Of course you have provided adequate instructions - it just takes time to figure out whats going on. Also if I recall correctly some towers are closer to certain players (of course some obviously are, but the one that you should go for first). I believe that the tower that you should start off on is somewhat a medium variant. I played the game in which everyone had played before and knew where the towers where; IIRC the time difference between the first person to gain a tower and the last was something around 20-25 seconds. That is a substantial number considering that pretty much your whole infrastructure revolves around those towers and someone is going to have the advantage over you. Though, again, this was the only thing I could find wrong/ could be improved - everything else was perfect and as equal as it could be. The gold mines were very evenly placed by the way :) not to mention the shop in where you can cash in your loses.

    Creativity: 5
    Very original. In my opinion the shop was on of the bets parts, the fact that you have a shop where you can cash in your losses is ingenious - I can't believe no one has done it before. I loved the beasts that you could recruit by standing on the blue pad, sure it had been done before, but never in a way that they get kind of hidden. Also the guardian that randomly spawns - a great perk! All in all there is little that you could do to improve this area - it's next to, if not perfect.

    Map Design: 5
    This is also very nice and has many things that please the eye and none that turn it away. I liked the trees - I thought that they provided more realism; as you kind of have to take them into account and can use them to your advantage if you have ranged units. I loved what you did with the bridges over the rivers - sure it had been done before and there have been much better looking ones, I believe they are the best that one could come up with the small amount of objects used (cuts down on lag :d). I also loved the towers, they looked so alsom!(awesome). The amount of terrains used is amazing as the ground looks spectacular that's not even touching on the elevations used.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    I know there was a story - I just can't remember what it was, whenever I think I remember it I get it mixing in with cannibal escape. Anyway I remember it made me laugh so that passes and I remember that I found myself constantly looking at the objectives to find out stuff - And I always found what I was looking for/ my question was always answered so that also passes. There was no spelling mistakes so 5. Great job, couldn't find anything wrong!

    Additional Comments:
    Great game, cut down on the lag for the most part and I will be very happy. Love the originality, new innovative gameplay, clear instructions and the eye-candy. Also I have the 512 kbps connection and thats one of the best that you can get in brisbane and it still lags - so it must be my comp :s .

    SORRY IT IS SO LATE!! I forgot to submit it, I had it completed and everything. So sorry

    Congratulations ~ Steak

    [Edited on 07/27/07 @ 08:53 AM]

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    Map Design5.0
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