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The Making of Khan RPG (larger file)

Author File Description
Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
The Making of Khan DV (DEMO VERSION).

  • This includes Music and Sound FX.
  • This is a demo of the real thing.
  • Please read the Guide if you get stuck.

    Is this file too big? go to the Small file, same level, same stuff, just no music (nothing big).

    The Making of Khan™ is the effect of 1 year’s experimenting, although this is only a demo, the final product is already finished. The Making of Khan™ is an RPG (Role Playing Game); this means you take full control of a character, you move them around and tell them when to run or walk, you tell them to talk and what to say, you gain experience and get stronger, buy weapons and upgrades slay might beasts and dragons, age and grow old and do much more. As I have only been an ager at AoMH for a little less then a year, I still consider myself as relatively new, yet I have seen the pass of high quality RPG’s. Unfortunately, I have seen way too many dodgy “RPG’s”, so before I went and said they were bad, I wanted to try and make one for myself. And no doubt RPG’s are the hardest to make, but that is only because they are time consuming and I believe that anyone could make a good RPG with a little bit of research on the forums. I have tried my hardest to let this RPG give you as much freedom as possible, but I know some of you will not be satisfied.

    The Making of Khan DV™ (Demo Version) is a realm of magic and sorcery that meets the brute strength of hero-knights and fiendish monsters. In times of normal and when everything was normal and jolly in the town of Heathinton, a strange monster had appeared in a lake just out side the log-edge, this would have been no different to any other monster spotted but… This was not the first. Golgaven has been getting much more ruffian attacks and monsters seem to be much more violent then years past. This has the Fighters Guild happy as it has more jobs to do, yet to no surprise not all is happy. The All-Holy Mage Guild located in the Sacred City sent out its very own soldiers of heaven, in an effort to put an end to the abominations spotted. Somehow the monsters managed to breach the city’s unpassable “magically” made cliffs, and as a consequence swarms of abominations have killed the majority of the city’s army before they contained the outbreak. But back in Heathinton, The worlds problems are unknown or just plain careless to a young boy. All that Khan wants to do is get out and start exploring what the world has to say. And so starts the first chapter of “The Making of Khan™”…

    This file includes:

    ~ A detailed guide to everything that you can do and even basic stuff. This cotains everything that there is to the game from random extras to hidden secrets, from all the relics obtainable to the merchent sayings.

    ~ Two guilds that can be joined. Farmers and Fighters. Advance your ranks and climb to the top and do jobs for money.

    ~ Multiple quests, Killing things, getting items, saving people, getting rid of berries.

    ~ Ultimate choice - Choose what you say, choose to take one of the many enchanted swords back to the rightfull owner or take it for yourself, choose what to do and when, choose what to buy.

    ~ Wield magic items that up your strength or armour or if you're lucky summon monsters to aid you in battle.

    ~ Take on bewildered beasts and madmen to get experience and up your level to become stronger and stronger.

    ~ Day/night cycle and day counter.

    ~ over 35 AoMH forummer names included
    (Do you want to be added in the final version? look a yonder: . Post your name here! )

    ~ Nothing uneye-candied

    ~ Update made it a tiny bit easier if you join the farmers guild as well as the fighters

    ~ Some marvilous Trigger work. Don't take my word for it, download and see for your self.


    Place "The making of Khan demo.scx" file in "My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\Scenario" directory.
    Place the "Khan" folder in "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\sound" directory.
    Place the "the Making of Khan - Guide.doc" anywhere, as long as you read it.
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design5.0
    Playability 5.0
    Verry Playable I couldnt Find anything Wich could Put this rating Down

    Balance 4.0
    I only gav ethis a 4 Because at time some of the enemies were slightly To hard such as when u have 4 or 5 hoplites to deal with, it became Slightly To much To fight.

    Creativity 5.0
    THe sytem Used FOr answering people i havnt seem Used anywhere else And just the little bits like the first bridge You go across, The Scenery, eyecandy ect ec, Were very good.

    Map Design 5.0
    Since this is only a demo Working from whats currnetly on the map design was very Good also.

    story/instructions 5.0
    The only time I ever got lost Or didnt knwo what to do is when I misread a piece of text, Only one sudjestion i would make, is putting the vital parts of the guide in the spotlight section In game.

    Verry little is wrong/needed to be improved,
    I cant wait for the full version!
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 5
    It was suck a great scenrio i loved how you did this RPG even i saw some people's names like Aom Expert,igotskills even in this scenrio i enjoyed it the triggers ran somthely ,even no lag and the cinematics were alright
    Balance: 4
    This was balanced but when i was going to kill the minotaur i nearly beaten it but it killed and this game would't be balanced without the leavels and Relics

    Creativity: 5
    Even there are RPG but not one like this i loved the food thing and even the XP of driffent units even having 2 guilds could mean chooseing two driffent paths to finsh the demo quicker

    Map Design: 5
    The Map Desgin was amazing even for your first RPG it was so amazing i was like looking at one area for 30 mintuites and then another for 30 minuites

    Story/Instructions: 3
    I got the story which i understanded beautifully and there wasn't instructions in it and i got nothing else to say

    Additional Comments:
    nice map and good luck with the scenrio
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4.5 (only because its a demo)
    Well it was great fun to play. I like the variety of choices and routes that one could take to play the game. My only gripe was that after you obtain level three at either guilds, nothing happens, though I'm sure this is just a limitation of the demo. Maybe a little notice or something couold be added?

    Balance: 4
    Overall I thought the balance was fine, but sometimes some of the units you faced,, like the hopilites or the militia (?) were a bit overwhelming.

    Creativity: 5
    Absolutely ingenious, the sheer amount of trigger needed to make a such a small, but fully interactive area of the map is incredible. Once the map is done, its gonna be a monster, but in a good way :p.

    Map Design: 5
    Eye candy galore, a fully functioning town, interactive villagers, that small corner of the map has it all. No problems here, and I especially like the bridge, with the fence, thor hammer heads and wall.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    A nice story, with several different routes to take. Interesting part with the priest too. Hopefully when the full version is released, you can flesh the story so it can reach its full potential.

    Additional Comments: A great addition to AOMH, with a few small things to iron out. One thing that I did notice that annoyed me wasthat certain tasks such as retrieving the sword were looped, so that the choice dialog would fire straight away after you refused the task (maybe you could add a timer here). Also when the task was being explained in chats, you used flares to reveal the location, but sometimes the flares and the chats fire together making it a bit confusing, especially if there are a lot of cahts.

    Apart from that though.... I cant wait for it to come out. Keep up the good work guys

    [Edited on 06/06/07 @ 06:01 AM]

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    Map Design5.0
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    Size:2.62 MB
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