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-=+ The Black Canal +=-

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# of Players: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans

-=+ The Black Canal +=-

He has returned from hell to destroy us

Updated 3rd June 2007

Author(s): HG_Mephiles (Titan602), nottud, Yeebaagooon
Game type: B&F RPG (see bottom for what a U&D RPG is)
Release date: N/A
Players: 5

You and four others are living in a quiet village by a peaceful canal. You have always been happy there and have visited many places in your canal boat. It all changes when you and the others are sent to destroy the fire lord who lives in the centre of the earth, because the steel mines have been using it to heat iron ore. He is then killed. Life is the same once more... or is it? Why has the canal turned black? What creature could have done that?

- Stunning eyecandy that surprisingly works on ESO without lag
- Unlimited level ups
- Great use of the transform effect
- Balanced for every player
- A booter
- Good cinematics
- Enemies!
- An interesting storyline

Setting the teams:
(P1) Human - Team 1
(P2) Human - Team 1
(P3) Human - Team 1
(P4) Human - Team 1
(P5) Human - Team 1
(P6) CPU - Team 1
(P7) CPU - Team 2
(P8) CPU - Team 2

An Back and Forth Role Playing Game is a game where the player plays a character that must complete many objectives by going up and down a "main path" with some paths coming off it that keep getting unlocked as the previous objective is completed.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Khan And Steak
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Awesome, just awesome. Experience and leveling systems are wonderful and work without fail/bugging (Player 3 leveled pretty fast but), the shop is great and making it so all player get the benefit is also such a great idea that slows player kill hogging. It was pretty obvious (like the others stated) that the mayor was the big baddie. The map has a great layout that is easy to navigate and has loads of eye candy and not much eye-sores; if any. I liked the terrain mixing and water mixing made changes from grass to barrens almost seemless, and a great cover up for the water by the tunnel opening. I liked the way that you found an equilibrium between the players' units and after contrasting them I found that the only things that certain units had an advantage over each other were very little, and hardly did anything towards throwing the units off balance. I was unhappy that you reached %100 hack and piece armor around 2 thirds of the way through the game. Loved playing it; 'Twas challenging, adventurous, exciting and somewhat repetitive.

Balance: 3.5 (rounds up)
I would like to start with you've made one hell a game, secondly I would like to say it was too easy. Whilst killing things in the first area (with the fire lord and all) was great and challenging enough, after that it got easier, instead of harder especially once you got around the 90% armor in both hack and piece. I would maybe make each enemy only give 3 gold instead of 5 gold. Another thing that I would like to point out is that green (player 2) levels up really fast, well faster than the other players anyway - but it's really not that much a deal because the enemies are easy anyway...

Creativity: 5
One word to describe your use of creativity - Grand. Your scenario has many, many creative things jam-packed into it, I will name a few of my favourites;
1. The limitless leveling system used on all players.
2. The shop; this shop is not like the rest of the normal shops, it provides upgrades to all players at once. And since it provides upgrades for all players, it decreases OPed (Over Powered) players.
3. The ending usage of objects and terrain made for a quite impressive, intense eye-candy session.
4. Loved all the dead people as well (unsure why lol).

Anyway you have crammed loads of advanced stuff into this scenario, and it shows! You should be proud.

Map Design: 5
From peaceful villages to dark gloomy caves, Barren plains to the smell of dead bodies rotting in the decaying marshes, and finally farmland to the land-bound sea breeze, this map has it all. An excellent mixture of atmospheres , scenes, places, objects used, terrain types mixed and the right quantity used. I loved all the places that you made, they were quite enjoyable to look at and had a realistic touch to them. I especially liked the ending.

Story/Instructions: 4
This scenario has one heck of a story that starts out with a question after defeating the fire lord - why is the canal black? that then escalates to include Iblis, God and an extra fellow that is well known, yet no one expects him to be bad enough to be called the 'real' devil (or do they, I'll keep the surprise ending a secret :D). The story does, however, seem to loose its "excitingness" is some parts.
I must now, however, ask you Titan602, is english your first language? the reason I ask this is that a fair amount spelling mistakes where made (including in the presentation above :s) the most notable are found in the instructions ;
1. "soals" is that meant to be "souls"? (found in objective 5)
2. "wrealm" is that meant to be "realm"? (found in objective 5)
3. "goos" instead of "good" (found in objective 4)
4. using the word "till" instead of "until" (nar, just joking - I'm not that mean)(found in objective 5)

There are multiple others, that seem to be simple mistakes that would have been found if you just would have skim read (don't get me wrong I know first hand that when releasing a map, time is of the essence) once. I have marked you down on this - only one point - only because of the sheer amount of mistakes found, they themselves are hardly noteworthy, but when put together start to make a decent list... History/Spotlight was great detailing some important aspects of the game to view at any time whilst crediting play testers and helpers at the same time.

Additional Comments:
Good Job, keep up the great scenarios.

Congratulations ~ Khan

[Edited on 09/22/07 @ 08:47 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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