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Protox Mod v2.3

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Super Protox mod by Wnya2007
About Mod:
It's a Protox mod wich adding some new features to your game:
1) Hersirs, Heroes of Ragnarok, Jarls, Pharaohs, Secondary Pharaohs, Sons Of Osiris, Sons Of Osiris XP, Priests, hero Atlantean soldiers, hero Atlantean Citizens, Titans, Nidhoggs and Greek Random Map heroes are regenerates.
2) Ships like trireme, bireme, Kebinit, Argo can transpor units
3) Now you can build Unlimited number Citizens and Hero Citizens!
4) Now your mercenarys dont die!!!
5) Priests of Set and Isis can powering buildings like priests of Ra
6) Hitpoints of Roc is no 350 now it is 900
7) My Bomb!!! Now you can train Militia in Posiedons Town Center
8) Small gold mines now hold 6000
9) Medium gold mines now hold 8000
10) Big gold mines now hold 12000
11) dwarwen gold mines now hold unlimited gold
12) all trees now holds 300 wood
13) Gaia forest tree now holds 500 wood!
What was in 2.2 version
1.Pegasus can heal units like Caladrias
2.Arrow ships can tansport 10 units
3.Now your mercenarys will not die!
7.Now you can build Unlimited Citizens, Dryads Hero Citizens, Villagers and Gatherers!
8.Now Odins Ravens can heal units!
9.Now posedions lure will not destroy itself! it can be destroyed only by the Enemy!
What is added in 2.3 version
1.Now you can garrison your Titan to transports like Transpor ships, Leviathans, Rocs and etc...
2.Now your Titans can walk through the water, trees and buildings!!!
3.Titans damage increased to 100! (normally it was 70)
4.The minions created by Mummies will not die themselves like that was with mercenaries!
5.Now Phoenix egg have 900 hitpoints instead of 300!
6.Now you can build 10 Dryads instead of 5 and there are free!!!

aditional info in readme file
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Wierd Guy Well done for writing this but it would throw the game way out of balance, their are reasons that the limits are in place, and you are simply eliminating whats good about spacific gods by giving their rival gods their specials.

-Minions die because otherwise mummys and the god power ancestors would be far too powerful
-Mercenries were programed to die because otherwise egyptians would have a huge advantage being able to summon such powerful units in the 1st age
-titans are way to big to fit in transport ships (i no seige towers are as well but titans is taking it WAY too far)
-odi ns ravens healing would give too much advantage to odin as they are free and constantly respawn
-gold mines have those limits because that way people are forced to trade or expand in later ages

these are only some of the problems i can see with this, it make certain gods (and civs) useless and i cannot see why anyone would want this (plz correct me if im wrong)

On a posotive note you can clearly write the protox reasonably well if you could make this mod.
File Author
Hey dude, all mods are cheanging and adding some features to the game!
You say like It shouldn't a mod!

Yes, my mercenaries dont die but it have limit to build 10!!!

If titans would not able to walk through water, it has no point to create titans on water maps! (only for protection and this is sucks!)

and if you dont like a mod just dont download it!
god of myths i think weird guy has a point. i didn't download yet but accordding to what you wrote i'd think it would be way off balance i mean theres a reason some things die and some things can't walk on water.
File Author
The mods designed to break the balance of the game :)

Is anybody liked this mod?

Tell me what I should change and I will update it!
Wierd Guy Coming bac to Wnya2007's point about titans being useless on water maps, dont you think them walking through water makes them a bit over-powerful?
Also, i have found a use for them, i always make a small presence on enemy islands shorly after the scouting point (people rarely re-scout), build up then once you hav a titan on an enemy island and they hav little space on the island to expand a defence they're as good as dead.
Still, as I said before, well done for being able to make this mod, some people may like it.
LuCkyMaN I think the best part is the titans walking through water. Ships do good damage to titans also:)
File Author
hey, Wierd Guy
Thanks :)

And if you think that i should change or delete some feature just tell me know! Ok?
I will accept the changes in version 2.4

Best Regards, Wnya2007

[Edited on 06/11/07 @ 02:38 PM]

Leto II I have had the idea of make the Titans walk trough the water by myself, yes is a litte unffair but, it looks very good, and I believe that is a little more realistic, because of they are gods, could a litte ocean stop them?
MythicRuler A titan walking through water is fine, I guess, but walking through everything else is strange. I know you can't change this, but still. And on water maps, titans can be used defensively.
File Author
Hey lets just sink that the Titan is a mythic god and he can do everything, including ability walk through everything :)

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