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The Resistance

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 6 Humans and 2 Comps
Version: AoM: The Titans
=The Resistance=

Yeah it is true,the great Fortress Defense has a sequel even more fun,now please read the following:


Slot 1 Human Team 1
Slot 2 Human Team 1
Slot 3 Human Team 1
Slot 4 Human Team 2
Slot 5 Human Team 2
Slot 6 Human Team 2
Slot 7 CPU Team 1
Slot 8 CPU Team 1

If you have played Fortress Defense you probably know how to play but if not intro is pretty simple.


Platoons - You can purchase in groups.

Names - Every unit has had their name changed.

Modded Units - Some units have been made powerful some weaker,depending on their price.

Unlocking - Brought back from Fortress Defense,explanation included in instruction file.

Side Shops - There are many xtra shops check em out.

Good Intro - Very simple fun to see cinematic.

Please Review,and spread it all through ESO.
Update-Bird limit was minimized from 7 to 4,giants and behemoths have gotten their stats lower.
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demi_god_matt 2nd Downlaod and 1st post

Played it now
Except a Review soon
Infurn4tr1x 3rd dl and 2 post!:)
omg so mutch for third dl,it wont fit,soz,ill post my taunts pack first and try again k?
YAY WORKED!ill make an comment and rate in an bit! :)

[Edited on 06/11/07 @ 12:17 AM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The playability is one of the best parts about this map,it is simple to play since the basics are explained to you at the start.

Balance: 1
The reason why i give the balance an 1 is:
The rebels can easily create an nice army of birds and charge straight for your monument,while they keep you occupied at your gates.the rebellion gets all the good things.
when i was playing with my freinds,they devised an strategy to put all their ground units at our gates,while were defending like maniacs trying to survive,they striked our monument with birds,so we sent some archers there to kil them of....then they sent in mountain giants to crunch down our gates......we lost all our buildings in at least 10 minutes in the game.this has no capability to be balanced unless you do something about those birds.....and the towers are only senture...is it ment to be that way?

Creativity: 4
Theres never been any map like it!it makes mythodea and an ordinary castle seige look like complete push overs.

Map Design: 3
i dont think there was any eyecandy at all in this map.but since it is an castle seige ill leave it at 3 since there isnt actually supposed to be any eyecand in this.

Story/Instructions: 5
good job,the game play was explained in 2 diferent ways,the basics in the cinematic and the advanced in the objectives

Additional Comments:
overal the map was very bad!you realy need to improve it if you want better 'rates'.the main 'bad' part of this map is the balance,you realy need to work on that part!
Infurn4tr1x but i was just being straight forward....dont take the harshness in too mutch ok :P
File Author
Actually I take that review as a complement,It is true rebels can easily get through with birds,but empire can get priests to destroy em easily(placing like 5 in the monument should be enough), and yes there was barely eye candy cause I am not beatiful oriented.

Besides the rebels could be rushed,distracting them for some time.

You need to a custom to the game and think every single stradegy,birds are needed cause rebels can't get past spammed gates.

But true it is tough for empire,the secret is,I amde the rebels easier to use for empire players to get on their nerves and do the best they can.

But thank god you reviewed maybe I'll get more.

But, maybe rebels will get a little less birds.
I'll check on that.

[Edited on 06/11/07 @ 11:40 AM]

Navarone_Revenge I'm not sure how to rate this...
Anyway, I liked the map. I might try playing it a few more times if I have the time, since as you know, I'm working on other projects and I play less lately.
File Author
I updated twice,lol,seems giants and behemoths are important factor of unbalance.

I hope everything should be ok now.

[Edited on 06/12/07 @ 12:15 PM]

SonofNuyo After playing this map, I have noticed some balancing problems. Mainly, it comes in no efficient anti myth unit for the empire. Mountain giants can run up to your buildings and wreck them in a few seconds. The priests are quite inefficient, 3 range and 2 attack is not going to help. Also, give the empire the ability to have weak upgradeable units like the rebels. It would be more balanced because rebel peltasts, if buffed, can wipe out empire armies no matter if they are archers or not. Also, why are rebel units so cheap (the powerful ones). The priest was 150 gold, but he was weak!! The caped assassin was also 150 gold, but he too was weak. Please fix the balancing issues.
Side Note: Priests cannot handle stymphalin birds with 2 attack, 3 range, and 0 pierce armor. They lose utterly. Sorry for disappointing you, otherwise, i like the scenario as a game, it is really fun.

[Edited on 06/13/07 @ 12:52 AM]

SonofNuyo Upon hosting again just because it is fun and is a good map, I noticed that the rebel soldiers (peltast and spearman) are over powered. They can completely decimate anything empire throws out, and they are cheap, which means empire can easily be swarmed by huge numbers of upgradeable units. Myth units aren't really necessary when you have them, and yet empire is still weak, with only low stat units and inefficient gates.
File Author
Thanks but,giants have been made weaker,and bird limit lesser,and rebels must kill you,while empire only has to defend,it must be balanced that empire must not be imposible to pass,second unlike the escapes where hunters don't wanna be hunters,being rebels is jsut as fun as being empire,besides I added many bonuses.

Besides empire could wipe out a rebel at beggining since rebels blow at start.

It is all about stradegy,and about birds,use archers,or magmanticores.

In fact last game I played a guy sayed empire was OP.

[Edited on 06/13/07 @ 12:36 PM]

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