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Gaia Vs. Hades

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Savannah
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 00:34:36
Player 1's Name: waldos
Player 2's Name: Crezth
This game was played between me, as Gaia, and some player as Hades. This is my first competitive game as Gaia, whose economic potential interested me. I kinda view Gaia as an Atlantean Isis, which is, in theory, an amazingly powerful combo.

So, the game. The game started out the usual way, and I noticed Waldos was trying to harass my villagers right from the start. He had his Kataskopos bother my hunters, and eventually brought in Chiron to bother my gold. It was not effective raiding, but it did annoy me. I had a feeling he was going to play aggressively.

Well, yes and no. He didn't play aggressively enough to paralyze my economy or contain my expansion, but he did have every implication of trying to put pressure on me. He used a no-holds barred attempt to harm my hunting (I was forced to farm early, but I don't think early hunting hurts Gaia all that much... see below) and did build a forward TC (which I could tell he was itching to turn into a military base.)

But he was also a predictable Hades, building only archers. He did have myth units, and they did cause problems (because most of the time I lacked resources to turn my units into heroes) but all in all I was able to hold him back from expansion (at least in my direct visibility.) As it turned out, he probably farmed early, because there was a lot of hunting near him which I was able to snack upon.

Close to the end, I remembered the Counter-Barracks (no one ever said I was particularly bright) and built them, spawning Turmas. I only remembered them when I found myself thinking after that attack with the Gastraphetes "Why don't the Atlanteans have any good ranged anti-Archers? Oh... wait." Turmas, the most-built Atlantean unit, was the answer.

So I did eventually did win, spurred into attack when he researched the secrets of the titans.

But the outcome of the game is not what's important. My overall goal was to try to find a way to FH with Gaia, because Atlanteans not only require so much less micromanagement than other cultures, Gaia allows that minimized micromanaged economy to really shine. Gaia can farm somewhat early, because farms still cost 70 wood, and they count as three farms due to Citizens being the super-villagers that they are. Gaia has the ability to have the best Atlantean economy, and by extension, the power to have unrivaled expansion and military prowess.

But more on that as it develops. This is still a theory in the making.
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bewbie First, i'll download and comment again on how you played.

Second, Gaia's farms cost 200wood not 70.

bewbie Alright,

You did a different FH than what i would of expected. I don't remember the exact time that you hit Heroic but it was somewhere between 10-12.

First i'll go through what you did good.

Good forward building and making it 4 - 2 town center advantage. Good choice of units considering you didn't think about counter barracks.

Ok things you can improve on;
First is always build econ guild straight away and research hunting dogs on that type of map.
When you have 2 or more town centers AQ vills.
Econ Upgrades - Gaia's upgrades are the cheapest in the game, don't forget to get them.
I know you wanted to town center FH but you can hit heroic around 7-8 if you follow this BO;
1st vill - Econ Guild (then hunting dogs) send to hunt
GP Gaia forest around tower
2nd vill - Hunt
3rd vill - wood (hand axe)
4th vill - Gold (when 25 gold build house)
5th vill - food (hunt preferably)
Pickaxe asap
6th vill - food
Temple asap
7th vill - food
Advance through caladrial myth unit thingo. Forgotten name... :(
Don't forget to use 2nd gaia forest for 2nd forward tower (just in case of rush)
When you hit classical
Build armory with wood vill
8th vill - gold
9th vill - gold
Advance heroic asap (through Theia)

While advancing thing's you need to do

Shift villagers around to what you are going to build - In hades case i would go 2 crax 1 rax AQ from crax turmae.

Build manors
ASAP tc. (Villager movement tech then aq villies)

This is where you need to decide where you are going. If you are going Map control or Attacking or Going to palace spam for titan.

Also if you are going Titan, plant a tree near your base and save the other tree, When you get the titan power plant other tree with enough room for gate and then bam, Destruction GP protection.

I think there is a Gaia game here which has someone going for palace spam Titan. Think the name is Gaia Fast Heroic v Oranos (something)

Well You should also look at AgeSanc for expert recs on how to play gaia better.

I just wasted a whole lot of my time on this lol. Hope you like.

File Author
Thanks for the advice. God knows I need it.

Yeah, I thought I probably could have had a faster Heroic if I had been entirely geared toward it, but I was afraid Hades would be entirely too aggressive for me to FH and then respond fast enough. I was wrong, but it was a precaution that cost me 3 minutes.

And you did just teach me some interesting uses of Gaia's Forest. Foresting a sentry tower! It's such a brilliant idea.

Again, thanks for d/l and comments.

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