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Heroines 2: The Survival

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# of Players: 2-4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Heroines II: The Survival
More soldiers, new spells, larger battles, bigger plains and a sweet altar in the center of the map: part two of the magnificent game
Heroines has arrived!

Be sure to check also the Heroines Gameplay analysis guide, which mainly concerns the original game but applies to Heroines II here and there as well.
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Well a good ol' classic strategy war. I have never seen any flaws that had stopped me from enjoying the game. Heck all the way from a 30 min game I had never gone bored of the map. Even the fact you can play by yourself is a nifty way to hone skills and defeat your opponents. I also like the fact that no matter where you are, there is always something to do. This map is pure genious, and very fun and can get you entertained for a while. I also like all the Aid and support you can get from stray soldiers, theres no way you can for sure of making the enemy exticnt (spelling?). This has got the gold!

Balance: 5
This is All fair, no matter what. There is tonnes of way to manipulate, destroy and control the enemy. And guess what all players can do this to there opponents! When a player is down to few units and the enemy has an horde, they can recruit more soldiers. And guess what, All players can do this too! No matter what the enemy cannot be left in the dark, when somebody OPs you early. Great work!

Creativity: 5
What a great idea. Spells, strategy, war and patience. What more can you ask for? This map is made for the elite, and those that wanna be. This map is completly original and the fact that you made a sequal to such a successful map. Shrink and Arch, you are one of the best designer duo ever!

Map Design: 4
Well, a good desert. and it certainly looks a dried up marsh/jungle, all the bushes and trees make it look like an old desert. Great work in achieving this. But the downside is, some of the trails were a bit empty and lifeless. You could have added a bit more to make it look at bit more lifeless. What i'm saying is not making embellishments so it doesn't look like desert, just something more then just terrain in front of you. Also i had seen some trees that just didn't go with the environment and kinda ruined it.

Story/Instructions: 5
What more can I say?
Instructions good, readable, clear and no errors. Even if you didn't watch the intro movie you could still get the idea on how to play. This map was made for all payers. And you pulled it off with aplomb! Great Work!

Additional Comments:
Congrats in this master piece!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Well it was a great map to play. However most of the categories that got a 4 were because of the same problem: Quite a few triggers didnt work :(. It dosnt lag, but it needs music. The AI you have made was absoluely brilliant. It works fantasicly!

Balance: 5
The balance at the start is perfect. (But at the Finale, some recruitment triggers dont work, so whoever has the most units will win. That was quite unfair as they take 2 checkpoints and overstorm you with units.)
The above is a timer, that increases the balance, so score raised to 5. It's a good idea, but should be explained.

Creativity: 4
A great and original idea. Heroines needed a sequel but you could have thought of some more relics or powers, while it is good that some of the old relics were used like monkey bomb, there could have been some extras. I really liked the escape god power! It annoyed my enemies ;)

Map Design: 5
Beautiful terrain! However it almost exactly resembles the terrain of Heroines the original. Thats still your own work, so I cant really mark you down. The eyecandy was very realistic, it was a very good effect. The terrain mixing was also excellent. Good job.

Story/Instructions: 5
Nice instruction cinematic. Everything was explained well and nobody asked me any questions, so that is a good sign. The map appeals to a wide range of players, as it combines the idea of killing with excellent trigger work.

Additional Comments:
Shame about the triggers that didnt work. This could be fixed by:


Timer 2
Units in area of heroine, Unit, Player 0

Effect: Convert all in area, Player 0, to player x
Send chat.

Overall a great map, but the bugs really need to be fixed and its a shame you copied loads from the original.

Just hope you put anti editing on it!

[Edited on 07/11/09 @ 09:33 AM]

Swift sword
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5 (rounds up)
Well arch,I took your advice as soon as I saw it (on the Heroines download) and downloaded this and playe it. I was certainly not disapointed in the sequel. The same general mechanics remain, with a new touch. The cinematic remains informative without being to long, and it remains useful. I didn't find any bugs either. There's also no loag because pretty much no "huge" battles come up, making for an enjoyable and intersting scenario. The - .5 is because there's very little music.
Balance: 5
As perfectly balanced as the first one, the only issues I can possibly see coming up are that some players may be closer to allies then others. However, this is a mere one unit advantage, if there is one, and there's even a chance they can't be rrecruited. I love how the scouts switch sides ;). I actually got beat by the ai when I killed alcina accidently with a land mine I placed. I would've won too, but the ai was extremely well created and difficult (enough) to beat. I wish it was more aggressie, though. Once it started, they all went to a village and sat there. Are there multiple difficulty levels?
Creativity: 5
The sequel is just as creative as the original, but with a nice desert atmosphere and the twist of the healing altar in the center. I still have yet to see a scenario similiar to these two. A extremely creative idea indeed!

Map Design: 5
Creativity is nothing if the map design is horrid. Thankfully, the design is nice. It's not laggy (as mentioned in playability) and no doubt that's in part thanks to the map design- good looking but not in a laggy way. The design also contributes to the balance and playability of the scenario- fire from a cliff onto the heads of your foes, or evade a larger force through them. Very nice!

Story/Instructions: 4.5 (rounds down)
The only slight annoyance that came to me is the instructions in the objectives weren't as clear to me. I couldn't remember what lure was until I saw sentinels of the ai, and I accidently nearly killed Alcina once and did kill her once when I set off a land mine. I wish you would've told me it dealt that much damage an covered that much space!
Additional Comments:
One of, if not the, best multiplayer scenarios out there. Strategy, magic and cool design are indeed an excellent recipe for a great scenario. If you happen to edit in instructions in the objectives, and see me around the forums, tell me and I'll be sure to edit and give you the 5 you deserve

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Map Design4.7
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