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Jason and Argonauts-day/night updated

Author File Description
krysar Many triggers, day/night change, 4 cinematics and many more. Have fun! ;)

Im sending this file again because of file not found report.
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Twisted_Alice the file is not found...?? did it sprout little legs and wander off into the super highways of the internet?? if so i hope it didnt get lost or run over!! heehee.... im sure that AOM heaven put a collar on it with their IP address so that if its found it can be returned to its rightfull home :P (dont mind me.. im a bit dippy!)
terry_gr Playability: 4
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 4
Looks like it's rather easy , but you have to be carefull not to loose units , specialy the priest .

Creativity: 4
The intervention of Hera is not crucial for the continuation of the game , but it was the best way to grant a GP , as such God's appiarences as mortals was tipical in the ancient greek narations.

Map Design: 4
Just very nice . Not too fancy but really well done .See the volcano.

Story/Instructions: 5
Everything you have to do is there to read.

Additional Comments:An easy scenario to play and pass a nice half an hour . Looking forward to part 2 .

[Edited on 03/03/03 @ 02:04 PM]

neverrush Playability: 4

Balance: 4
When the villagers get wood you can tell them to build a dock, which can then build fishing ships, which can then divert the pirates into remote corners of the map so that you don't even need the ships to escort you.

Creativity: 4
Fairly close to the original myth. (something might have been done with the island with just women that happens before the harpies...)

Map Design: 4
The pirates and the kraken were a nuisance but see above.

Story/Instructions: 4
Just some wrong info that needs to be corrected: Atalanta was NOT from Atlantis.
Argus (not Argo) was the shipwright.
some info about Phineus (why he was starved by the harpies) might have been useful.

[Edited on 03/03/03 @ 02:05 PM]

File Author
:). Your right Atalanta was not from Atlantis. I hestitate this but I thought she was from Atlantis and just than I realized that she wasnt(OH well). About Argo- some books say Argo some say Argus(didnt hear this before). About that dock thing- I didnt know how to disable buildings (I couldnt find the right trigger).
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I played this scenario twice on modeterate mode(but i don't think that matters).The first time i lost because i assigned a hotkey to Argo(the ship).That was of course not your fault,it's just a known bug of the editor(grouping nulifies armies).
I didn't encounter any serious problems except from a bug i found.On the second time i played it the cinematic with Circe never started,so i was left with the hero,one gatherer and no bolt.Some fixing needs to be done there.
Generally the scenario was a bit fun,but it lacked action.Most of the time the player only has to travel around,searching for people in order to talk to them and there isn't many challenges.Maybe you should make the map a more dangerous place for Jason.And it would be much better if the scenario contained the whole story.There would be room for much more action then.
I liked though that you paid attention to details,like using the drum soundfile when there were new objectives and using animations a lot.

Balance: 2
Balance is the weakest part of this scenario.Simply it's very easy to win.All you have to do is keep your weaker heroes away from some conflicts.I'm no expert but i ended up winning with aproximately 20 units left over.You should definately add some more enemy troops,both on land and sea,preferably using different difficulty levels.

Creativity: 3
There were not many new elements in this scenario and the story is a known myth,but the way you made it into an AoM scenario was ok.I think the average rating is the most apropriate.

Map Design: 4
I think the map design was the best that this scenario had to offer.It was mostly a water map and it was nicely done.Good mixture of terrain and use of elevation,nicely shaped islands and volcanos and a litle desert island with monkeys :p.The city was nicely designed too,but it should have been larger.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was there,but it was very thin.You should enrich it a bit.But i reckon your native language is not English,so i know from my experience it's a little hard to write long stories.
The instructions were ok.I never had a problem understanding what i was supposed to do.It's one of the first times a designer uses the spotlight section of the instructions i think.But the photo of Arkantos there was completely irrelevant.Moreover the hints could be a bit more detailed.
As for the names of the heros,i believe "Argo" is mostly mentioned as "Argus" in English books.The original Greek name is "Argos".

Additional Comments:
All in all,it was an ok scenario.Although there is room for many improvements,it was playable and fun at some parts.There aren't many scenarios better than that out there yet.I strongly believe that you have the potential to create even much better scenarios :).
File Author
:) About that trigger thing- It worked every time I tested it (cca.15) times and I used many ways. Yes english isnt my native language so pardon me. Scenario is easy koz I used to do something like playable Jason and Argonauts story- (thats why going on and back and many dialogs are there), and it should be playable for novices allso .
Byzantine_Warrior Just a note, I reviewed the other scenario, not this updated one. :)
File Author
Thnx byz.., it leaves a good feal of satisfaction for a good work done if someone tells you that he really enjoyed your scenario.:) Thnx again.

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