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# of Players: P1: Human P2: Human/AI P3: Human/AI P4: Human/AI P5: AI
Version: AoM: The Titans
A multiplayer scenario for Age of Mythology: THE TITANS
By Cebrerus_001/TartarianCerberus (tartariancerberus@gmail.com)
Under mysterious circumstances, two to five people who look the same find themselves stranded in an immense maze. The only way out of the maze is to find a mysterious relic guarded by the guardian of the relic. Can you find the relic before anyone else does? Or will the guardian defeat all?

  • Ice Region
  • Underworld Region
  • Grass Region
  • Snow Region
  • Desert Region

    Locked teams OFF! All players must be enemies towards each other! Player 5 MUST be an AI!

    This scenario can take one to five players. If you want, YOU COULD EVEN PLAY IT BY YOURSELF IN SINGLEPLAYER!

    It will eventually turn out like this:
    First four players (if all of them are playing) are allies. The fifth is the Guardian, who wants to kill the first four. He MUST be set as an AI!

    *Play with any amount of players you want! Fill the slots without human players with AIs. Don't worry, they will dissapear as soon as the game begins!

    *If you don't feel like multiplayer, play it in singleplayer with a hard Guardian AI made using Archaeopterix's AntiGravity triggers. To play in Singleplayer, type a chat message saying "Singleplayer".

    *An AntiGravity AI will take control!

    *After about 7 minutes, all players will receive a hint about the location of the relic.

    *6 possible relic locations! Which one is randomly chosen.

    *An opening cinematic explaining the basic aim of the scenario and a short storyline.

    *Players 1-4 choose offensive or defensive special powers! (SPCMeteor or a Speed Boost disguised as Ragnorok )

    *Resetting Blackmap!

    *There might be statues scattered around the map! Be the first player to find them to get (a) special bonus(es)! There will be 0-4 statues on the map.
    You might want to disable the hints. This can be done by Player 1 typing a chat message saying:

    DisableFunction- Hints

    wdsxccrfv- Playtesting
    Archeopertix- AntiGrav Triggers
    Reyk- New X Editor 3 and Somenewxtriggers3
    ES- Making the best game ever
    To see the showcase in the forums, clicky
    Just put the.scx in C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\Scenario
    Reviews and Comments appreciated!
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    AvengerMac First dl!
    File Author
    Just discovered! Locked teams must be OFF, and all players must be on enemy teams!
    Khan And Steak Will diwnload and review (sorry I couldn't make the playtest) ~ Khan
    Khan And Steak
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 3
    I thoroughly enjoyed your map; The Maze. It has flare, originality and personality the downside, however, was not the map itself - it was the camera angles. When the cinematic ended the camera angle that you start on is horrible, it lags out most players and leaves you stuck on a frozen screen. Even on singleplayer it lags pretty hard. The map itself works perfectly and there are many things that intrigue me in this scenario - it is just that I have only ever played 3 successful times out of countless attempts so the main thing about the map that I remember is the hardcore lag at the start. Also I would tone down the attack of the hunter a little bit or make the seekers regenerate a little faster.

    Balance: 5
    I thought that you excelled at this area. All seekers have the choice of ethier offensive of defensive powers; SPC Meteor (used more as a vision than an attack) and Ragnarok (Speed bonus) neither of which are over powered and both of which add an interesting twist on the game with the variety of instances that you encounter and react with.

    Creativity: 5
    Very original! Great AI that I have never seen before. It is totally balanced and never tracks down just the one player. I like the use of colours in you chat messages and the use of terrain mixing. I also believe that eye-candy and unit overlapping was quite effective. I think that Player 5's Arkantos should be turned up the right way as it is very confusing and people tend to walk to the shinning gold aura, instead of away from it. Your use of triggers and possibility is exceptional and the amount of random relic spawns makes the game fun and not repetitive.

    Map Design: 5
    Again well done! I al glad that you didn't choose Jason as the unit that you use to seek out the relic with - as he has a rather large area captivity (look at his circle). I say that because if player 5 goes down the same track as you there is a higher chance that you will be able to slip past, although it is unlikely; still possible. At present the units on the perimeter of the maze are quite aroma building; they make it seem more like a trail and that the pressure is on good job. I would, maybe change the random native units in the middle - the hippo and the elephant; as I didn't see them serving any purpose. The enlarged Jermonld elver looked a lot like a dragon, neat trick :).

    Story/Instructions: 4
    There was a story and although short, you did a fine job with map space and ideas available. Your spelling and grammar was commendable as no unintentional error's were found. The objectives where helpful and aided me much at the start. A fine job indeed.

    Additional Comments:
    Great map, if you can somehow make the lagg be reduced at the start i.e. different camera angle then it would be nearly perfect ~ Khan

    [Edited on 08/02/08 @ 12:42 AM]

    File Author
    Updated to v2 without the horrible camera start and featuring random statues across the map giving special bonuses to the player who finds them first! There could be any number from 0-4 statues. better instructions and dialogue are in the opening cinematic, and it is much clearer that you should avoid a golden glow (the Guardian). Can the 19 people who already downloaded this please redownload before commenting or reviewing? Thanks! New screenshots will be released soon.

    [Edited on 07/10/07 @ 08:21 PM]

    Khan And Steak I will re-review this in due time ~ Khan
    Archaeopterix Cool use of my antigravity system :) Thanks for the credit, I'm glad someone found such good use for antigravity.

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    Map Design5.0
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