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Norse City Eyecandy Map

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Version: AoM: The Titans
This is a map I made of a norse village/city. I just made it when I got bored. It is to be onpened in the editor only. Please Review me!
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Map Design1.0
As this is only an eye-candy editor map, I have adjusted the review to fit the cause.

Object Placement: 2
Let me start off with the pros, I like the building placement at the upper section of the town. The units positioned inside the buildings is a nice touch. The rugs also add to the appeal but you may have overused them as every building shouldn't have a pile of rugs next to them.

The rest of the objects don't look natural. For example, you wouldn't see a herd of wolves, pigs, and boars all together right outside of the gates. Spread the different animals apart and add some birds or whatever. Also, all the people were right next to the buildings, move them outward a bit, have them walking along the path - not just sitting in front of their homes.

I was rather disappointed to see that no buildings were uniquely positioned or enlarged/shrunken. Download Reyk's latest editor if you haven't already.

Use of Map: 1
Your map was incredibly bare. Fill in the empty space with additional objects. You could've added more fountains, crates, units, bushes, shrines, buildings, etc. In the lower section of the town there was hardly anything between each house except terrain. Make your map look natural and full of life.

Terrain/Elevation: 1
I don't think there was any elevation in your map. Use the elevation tool to gradually make some hills and valleys in the forest and along the path. The terrain was also very bare. It looks like you used the default snow, forest, and building placement/road terrain for almost the entire map with a small stretch of a rocky path. Experiment with different snow terrains to create a more realistic effect. Use a small brush to mix the terrains and don't make the path so straight.

Forest: 1
It should be obvious why I gave you a 1 here - you just used the forest placement tool. Instead, vary different tree types withing your forest and the terrain. Have groups of trees and in other areas, scatter the trees. Perhaps you could create a wilderness path within the scattered trees. Enlarge and shrink random trees so they aren't all clones. As mentioned before, add different objects like blowing leaves, snow piles, elk, shrines, rocks, rotten logs, bushes, etc.

Originality: 2
Nothing original here except for some intermediate building placement in the upper section of the town. Be unique - experiment and try new things to make your map stand out. Also, you need to add a new lighting, the default lighting just isn't working for that map.

Additional Comments:
Sorry, but I don't really see eye-candy in this map. Look over some of the guides and articles at AoMH on this subject. With some practice, you will get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Download some of the top rated maps to get a look at real eye-candy.
File Author
Thank You for not going easy on me or anything, and telling me what i should add and do to it.Thanks
Khan And Steak
Map Design1.0
Object Placement: 3
Let me be frank - the lower town was poorly done with only one thing that might have been considered okay. To the left of Town Center there is 2 farms these stand out and if you placed more there with a few villages and a trigger with 'unit work' selecting the farms and the villages then it would be really nice! unfortunately this was the only thing that I could find interesting in the lower town as; it seemed, once you have used the same trick for everything in one area (especially a wide spread area like this) it looses it's uniqueness; i.e. the rugs & the people outside the houses. A little bit more embellishment items like crates, barrels, ui's and the like would hurt either. I would also like to suggest more houses - without anything in front of them to fill in some space as the houses look randomly placed with a little path going to each of them.

Use of Map: 2
As I stated above filling in some of that space with houses and embellishment items would hurt. More houses with no units around them is a good idea but make sure you do have some sort of objects, that you have used a lot, around them though i.e. grass and shrubs around the bases of the houses to give the effect of weeds that have latched onto the house for support. It will bring more realism into your map. I like the way that you had that little encampment between the two towns - they had been embellished a bit more than the usual.

Terrain/Elevation: 1
Well, you used one elevation and a maximum of 5 different terrains. Making mounds and hills within towns is a great idea and maybe have some mountains surrounding the town that meets with the shoreline of a coast. By doing that already you have used lots of elevation and terrains - once you have mixed the terrains to make them look natural and then used the smooth tool to make the mountains look natural you will have used many of terrain types and elevation heights.

Forest: 1
Variety, variety, variety. Not only have used the forest to just fill space; it is also all the same type of forest. Same stuff = boring eyesore. Change the and mix the different types of forests, mixed pine with snow pine. and add extra objects in places that are visible like the things Pepsi stated above but include other random things like snakes and monsters put in stones and rocks create a path a candy it up with little things on the side like maybe a lumber camp or building (use the Trojan horse structure to make that effect and place some cinematic rocks - the ones that look like bricks near the site).

Originality: 2
There are 5 things that I thought were original here;
1. The random encampment
2. The small farms
3. Object overlapping
4. object moving to make it appear as if you could move there i.e. the longhouses.
5. The random farm made from bushes

that's it - 5 things. Make that 50 and then you will be scoring yourself a '5'.

Additional Comments:
Good first map - 'Twass better then my first attempt at an eye-candy map (My friends tore it to pieces as soon as they saw it - my friends! so I was too embarrassed to submit it here). I like that you have chosen to submit it here - that shows that you are open to change and that you want to improve and I like that.

Search for the 'The making of Khan' just download the smaller file as I don't want you to play it. have a look at it in the editor and see what other things that you can do - I believe it's worth a look :p.

Congratulations on your first eye-candied map, I will look forward to seeing some more great maps from you in the near future ~ Khan
File Author
Thank You, I know I could do better,as it was four in the morning and couldn't sleep.
Khan And Steak Well it an bloody exceptional job for 4am ~ Steak
Elder_Ulsfark At 4 in the morning I would be so tired I wouldn't see the screen, so I'd say that it's an accomplishment. :)
Kill Herman My suggestion, don't do maps at 4 am. Because then if people don't like it you have sort of an excuse. But hey, you did a great job anyway.

[Edited on 07/13/07 @ 07:20 PM]

Aom_Guardian Yeah, I agree with "Kill Herman" Don't make maps if you're tired; they're better when you are awake and alert.
DEJAN R Playability: 2

Balance: 2

Creativity: 1

Map Design: 1

Story/: 1
(so those garbage is Instructions )

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 11/28/07 @ 03:17 PM]

DEJAN R, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.



[Edited on 11/28/07 @ 03:17 PM]

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Map Design1.0
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