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Dodge the Lava!

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# of Players: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans
First Through fourth players are humans team 1.
The fifth player is a computer team 2.

In this game all four of you have to run around the island and dodge the lava that is flying at you! If you have time, you can buy something at one of the four shops. In this map I tried to make it look good :P

Please comment.


Balancing problem should be fixed now.

Added a few extras and a new cinematic.

Added cinematic chooser.

Updated 1 more time. I changed the amount of hits per mode to 5, 3, 1. I also lowered the health of the longboats to make them take the amount of hits too.

BTW this isnt as hard anymore. I played earlier with 3 of my friends and 2 of us won :P
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Khan And Steak Hmmm... Screenshot? Anywa it looks good will download ~ Khan
Khan And Steak
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
My first impression from seeing this map was big and I thought this would be one of the most enjoyable maps I have played in a long time. However to my dissapointment this map, in my opinon failed to deliever some things. It has exceptional map design, eyecandy and creativity, and is now soudly playable. It is is still a wee bit too hard - This is much better than the first submitted ; no matter what state you were in or what you did it was unable to be beaten. This time around you may just be able to beat it on easy mode. I like the way you used toxtoes instead of fire ships and the way that you put in a trigger that changes arrows to fire balls - it adds to the awesome ambience and surrounding feeling of a topical island that is being feled upon by gaint balls of fire raining down from the sky killing everything that it hits ;p. The modes and the ability to skip the cinematic was a great additional upgrade - and lets you have more control. Good job.

Balance: 4
As I stated above this scenario is hard and still favoured in the computer/ player that control's player 5's units. They can defeat everyone as soon as it starts no matter what the other players do - if it is on hard. However if it is on easy you can wade it out for almost the whole time before dieing - and it is much more balanced then before. You can play this map and if you die you will know that if you do something different the next time around you will be able to beat it. Could still be a little easier but for the most part great job!

Creativity: 4
Your creativity is exceptionally represented in this map with beautiful eye-candy, triggers, shops, cinematography, use of map terrains and elevations and objects. I liked many of your building overlapping and ideas for the shops.

Map Design: 4
Marvolous eye-candy, wonderful buildings and great scenery. The extra objects made the small island full of life and colour and intreaged me greatly. The water was also eye-candied a lot as well which is most of the time looked over. The shops where placed in easy and accessable positions that where easy to get to along side being 'prettyful' and not dull of boring.

Story/Instructions: 4
I liked the added story and instructions in this version, it is much better than the first one. It had more flare in it and the bet was great too as it kept the map fun and most importantly kept the map flowing so you are not just sitting in one position for the whole time that you are playing until you finish.

Additional Comments:
Great map, better than the first.
Congratulations ~ Khan

[Edited on 07/14/07 @ 03:41 AM]

File Author
Khan can you Rerate the map, I edited it and it should be better now. I dont want the rate to be that so I'm gonna try to make it better.


BTW this is the first map I actually tried eyecandy and terrain mixing on lol

[Edited on 07/11/07 @ 11:36 PM]


Anyways this map sounds promising.


Pritty awesome map.But you should have an optional cinematic, because if you want to play it agen No One wants to watch the cinematic agen,Some people do but you get bored and impatient after watching it over and over agen.Also it takes too long and can SOMETIMES stuff the game up if there are laggers in the game.


Yeah.. nice job with the map and thank you for putting in optional cinematic you may or may not have realized that not many ppl like cines I mean god if onley sims had optional cines they go on for EVER!

Well your a good map maker so keep up the good work, then maby when ever you go online there might be atleast 1 person hosting ur game!


[Edited on 07/12/07 @ 11:01 AM]

File Author
i dunno if people will even dl tho cuz of khans review... he had the old version where it was totally impossible to win cuz it had fireships and cin was different..he has totally dif version.

[Edited on 07/12/07 @ 11:25 AM]

Kill Herman My suggestion add even more than what you have now and desguise it as a sequal which means you could put up another download with a fresh review. I'd rate it but I'm in your studio so I can't. @ Exolar pleeeease don't rejoice over getting a 20th download or any dl at all, possibly 1st. Seriously now a days maps are lucky to even get 20 downloads so you have nothing to be proud of XD.
File Author
thanks khan :)

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Map Design4.0
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