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Adventurers 2 RPG (updated version)

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# of Players: 6
Version: AoM: The Titans

This map is the second scenario of Adventurers multiplayer campaign.
Adventurers 1 and Adventurers 3 are available in the download section.


-players 1,2,3,4,5,6 have to be human;
-players 7,8,9 have to be computers;

-players 1,2,3,4,5,6 have to be team 1;
-player 7 has to be team 7;
-player 8 has to be team 8;
-player 9 has to be team 9.

All players can be any god, the god choice is almost insignificant (look at the notes to find more info).

(the players setup it is also written in the scenario filename, so you can check it anytime when you are hosting this map)


-extract "+-+Adventurers2+-+_123456t1_7t7_8t8_9t9.scx" file from the archive;
-place "+-+Adventurers2+-+_123456t1_7t7_8t8_9t9.scx" file in scenario folder.


-Since I playtested this map several times in public games before release it you could find in ESO some old playtesting versions of this scenario that couldn't work till the end or that could be too hard/easy. Please do not play these old versions of the map. The old versions of this scenario have the following filenames: "+Adventurers2+_123456t1_7t7_8t8_9t9.scx" and "++Adventurers2++_123456t1_7t7_8t8_9t9.scx", the new and ultimate one instead: "+-+Adventurers2+-+_1234567t1_8t8_9t9.scx". Play only this one please and if you notice a player that is hosting an old version (so without the +-+ +-+) inform him that an updated version as been realased. Thanks!
-As you already may know after having played some singleplayer maps from me my map design style isn't "light" so it could be a problem on some old computers. Concerning pc performance keep in mind that, besides players with slow computers or connections, the host plays the majoir role in lag issues, even if the map works very very smoothly if you play it in singleplayer mode. So if you want to play this map with some friends of yours only the player with the most powerful computer and with the fastest insternet connection should host this map. If you are going to host this map with unknown people I strongly advise you to turn off high details in graphic options if your pc has just a 1.7 GHz processor (or less) and 256 MB RAM (or less).
-This map could be very hard, good teamwork and heavy micromanagment is strongly required. The first times you and your mates play it you unlikely will succeed reaching the end of the map. Players have first to master the gameplay before even hoping of finish the game.
-As your human mates die during the game the remaining players will become stronger so survivors can anyhow reach the end; with less players alive the game could become harder, though.
-AI players in human players slots will be expelled at the beginning of the game.
-This map can be played also in single player mode without many problems, it will be a bit harder but in any case is very feasible.
-To play this map in singleplayer mode use only the load scenario feature in the main menu of the game, please do not play the scenario playtesting it from the editor otherwise a weird thing could happen ;) .
-Read the objectives and the hints. Before each mission you and your mates have a safe time to read them (if the mission has already started pause the game).
-Watching the tutorial after the intro movie is strongly recommended!
-Concerning the God choice some Gods grant you some bonuses for your unit. Be Oranos for extra speed or be Odin for a bit faster life regeneratin.
-Most of the map is walkable, just make little movements to move your unit in the most "enclosed" areas.

**known bugs**

-the terrain inside the arena is a bit buggy, enemy units and your unit sometimes during the first mission will be a bit stuck... I have tried to figure what is wrong, unfortunately all in vain.
-the terrain under the walls of the gates towers of the citadel during the 6th mission has the opposite bug: despite it should be unpassable, since it is a cliff terrain, units could sometimes walk over it and then sometimes they could remain stuck... I haven't found a solution so if you remain stuck wait for your mates to accomplish the mission then you will free again since you will be teleported in another area.
-if player 7 is Gaia during the 7th and 8th mission Gaia special terrain will start covering the main square of the citadel and the passage between the gates towers.


If you have suggestions to improve this map or if you want to report some bugs contact me at the following email address: quoelet(at)katamail(dot)com.

Map created by Oscar Baldessari, special thanks to all people have provided me with help and support (credits are in the ending cinematic).

Have fun and good luck!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Finally, I won :D!

Playability: 5
A fanastic scenario. Almost one hour of game time and not one single bug/gkich or faulty trigger! I congratulate you on this amazing feat. The triggers themselves were expertly crafted, making this game very tense, gripping and exciting. My only complaint is the lack of music, but no problem there :D.

Balance: 5
You have clearly spent a lot of time crafting the balance. I didnt win for so many times because of n00bs dying early. This time I played with my friends and nobody died until red had to quit just after we found Brokk. The balance in the player defeat is perfect. Nothing more can be said, if you and your friends have skill, you are bound to win.

Creativity: 5
The story in itself is magnificent, but I'll come to that later. The style and unique way you have created this scenario is astounding. I loved the rams in the dwarf prison that killed one of my allys, your timing for them was immaculate and Ill need to steal it :p. The Dark God put a nice twist on things, I love the way he teleported before the implode cloud came up. It looked like a whole new unit. The heleopolis was fun escecially when I was taking out 10 automatons at once :D.

Map Design: 10
Words cannot describe the immensity of your eyecandy. The town was crafted by a supreme being, not a single object was out of place! You have stretched the editor to its limit using incredible eyecandy and placement of objects. (How long did that take you ;p?). I cannot work out how you made the temple where Colossi spawn at. The wall connectors seem to be floating, if you used the implode trick it must have taken ages!

Story/Instructions: 4
Alas there was only one tiny flaw in this gargantuine map. In the mission where I was at the drawf prison, I was very confused as to where to go and 2 players died going the wrong way. After reading the objectives twice and looking around I found the lever, so no serious flaw. The story was spectacular, especially as you thought of it. It kept twisting and turning in no predictable way. Thats what I love about scenarios, you never know what will happen next. The story was so tense I have no fingernails left!

Additional Comments:
An absolutely great map! Everyone should download this. The only really bad thing is the lag, but if everybody has a good computer this isnt a problem.

At the end I noticed you had a lot of help with the triggers and I am rather disappointed I was not called upon. If you ever need any triggering help in your future scenarios give me a call!

Continue these amazing maps! Another idea would be to create a city eyecandy te,plate for people to build on and make their own Oscar style Adventure :D.

Absolutely spectacular. Please make more maps!

Map Design5.0

Playability: 5
I played this with 2 friends of mine, (Until in the jungle one of them got slaughtered by a hydra.) and we all enjoyed it! The instant-killing units kept the game tense all the time and the final boss was also very nice idea (Maybe it was a little bit too easy to kill.). One sad thing was the lag, but I guess I'll just need a better computer.
Other sad thing was that at some epic parts, such as the final battle, it really could've needed some music.
Though I think that you didn't include music, becouse that would make it lag.

Balance: 5
It was a very good idea to have players to get more powerful when one of the players died, it kept the game very balanced, even when playing with 2 people. Alone this game is kinda impossible, but isn't this MEANT to be a multiplayer map?

Creativity: 5
Instant-killing units, fantastic fantasy storyline, unique map design, and everything else, makes this deserve a full 5.

Map Design: 5
I'm usually dissapointed to the lack of eyecandy and detail of many MP maps, (I do things in editor by myself too.) but of this I have to say:
Amazing eyecandy and design, I loved the jungle and the citadel, everything was so detailed that it makes me wonder how long it took time to make this?

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was fantastic too, I only found the instructions a bit too long to read. I found myself just trying to figure out what to do without reading them, becouse everyone else was already going. But otherwise, it was good.

Additional Comments:
This is the best map I have ever seen in my life. I recommend it to everybody, (Except those with Windows 98.) this was amazing experience, and I will play it again and again.

I have always loved your projects, and I'll start waiting for the next ones.

[Edited on 01/20/09 @ 10:08 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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