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Pwn The N00b RPG

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# of Players: 6 Humans (T1) 1 Computer (T1) 2 Computers (T2)
Version: AoM: The Titans
Pwn The N00b RPG

Finally.... The wait is over. Advertise this to everyone!

Six heroes have been called. Six heroes must go on a great quest to save the world. Six heroes must - PWN ALL N00BS! In this epic battle, you and your friends must travel across a mass land that the n00bs somehow captured. You must survive harsh landscapes, hard quests, great challenges, n00bs trapping you when they die, The Pervert from Casino Royale and the dreaded 999!


Place the Pwn The N00b RPG By HG_Mephiles and Yeebaagooon into My Documents/My Games/AOM/Scenario

Place the 999 theme into your x taunts folde rif you have deleted it. This file is needed for the full Pwn The N00b experience.


If you are the host: To boot a player type:

Player x is a N00b and they will get booted.

To play singleplayer, boot all players to recieve a 2500hp boost.

Created by HG_Mephiles and Yeebaagooon

Look out for Pwn The N00b RPG 2 - The 999 Satellite - coming soon to a General Chat near you!

And then look out for Pwn The N00b RPG 3 - The Invasion Of AOMH!
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
I have to wonder how much, or how little, you guys playtested. The map was pretty fun but full of bugs and other flaws. I'm going to go in order of when I experienced each flaw. I tried at first to play the game on multiplayer but everyone else died early on. When I loaded the game as a single-player scenario, the default player position is Gaia while it should be set to player 1. And when I tried to fix it in the editor, I ran into that tricky anti-editing trigger. :p When I got the objective to kill the 999 warhead factory, the invisible gate was still blocking me from taking that path. I tried to get around it but couldn't (and if I could, the directions weren't clear). I ended up backtracking to the cave but it wouldn't let me get back outside once I was in the cave so all I could do was use the shifting sands and the vision cheats to get to the proper area. Once I was on the fortress, there was a spot where I could just walk up the wall and skip all the fighting happening on the steps. Then in the later seen with Yeebaagooon on the phone, the elevation in the background isn't high enough so the rendered sky meets the blackspace from off of the map. And the text has quite a few spelling errors in it.

The fighting got pretty boring and repetitive too. Couldn't the noobs be a wider variety of units? The endless automatons were easy enough to fight off but annoying. When they died, their bodies blocked you from moving on for a short period of time. And some of the enemies had way too much life - like the jail gates. Five minutes of hacking away at a gate tends to get boring.

As for watchability, the cinematics were nice and pretty fun although some of the tracks were rather bouncy.

Oh, and you should not be using the Chat Contains trigger effect in multiplayer scenarios. It is known to cause problems in games with more than four human players.

Balance: 4
The balance was pretty good. Of course, it was hard in single-player, but with allies it should be nice. Like I said above, just lessen the health of some of the units and objects. The bonuses from the shop system were very helpful later on. The Casino Royale pervert was great!

Creativity: 4
The concept was hilarious and well thought out. Scenes like the elevator and cell phone were priceless. However, there wasn't a whole lot of creativity within the gameplay triggers. Try finding more unique ways of fighting rather than just hacking at a million automatons.

The special effects at the end were a nice touch but you might have overdone them as they got in the way of the fighting. Another effect I liked was how the blood transformed into chicken blood.

Map Design: 3
The map design was also a little boring. Most of the time you just had single terrains with hardly any decorative objects. However, it was nice to see that you put some more effort into certain scenes like the warhead factory and the caves. The phoenix egg was put to great use! Just try to even out the eye-candy for a more persistent map.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was brilliant and the cinematics explained the plot but the objectives were too simple. I'd suggest adding hints and building on them to give the players more of an idea of what to do. For example, in the final battle I never knew the Leader of the Noobs couldn't kill Mephiles and Yeebaagooon or you'd lose. I had to go back to the saved games a lot because of instances like that.

One thing that stuck out in the cinematics and instructions was that even if some of the players died, you could still see them speaking and appearing in some of the cinematics.

Additional Comments:
Overall, the concept and humor were great although I'm not sure if the end result lived up to the hype.

Looking forward to the other two scenarios (after a fixed version of this one, perhaps). :-)

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Map Design3.0
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