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BerryZ -=+ 2 +=-

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# of Players: 4 (human) FFA
Version: AoM: The Titans

Created by Mephiles and Yeebaagooon

To install, place the scx file in your My Documents/My Games/Age of Mythology/Scenarios in Windows Explorer.

Map Concept

The aim of BerryZ is to be the first player to collect 7000 berries. This may sound like a lot, but you'd be surprised how quickly you reach it, as the game has many special features to keep you entertained.


So to get these 7000 berries there are 4 shops. They are The Berry Picking Shop, The Warfare Shop, The Cheating Shop and The Advanced Powers Shop. If you have the lowest amount of berries, you will be given 250 gold every 90 seconds after 5 mins. The shops get unlocked, one every five minutes of the game. One of the most important shops is the warfair shop. Fighting is very important in the game and is strongly incouraged as it is a very important tactic to win.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Khan And Steak
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I thought that this game was awesome! I loved the way that you re-vamped it to bring back the old game with exciting new extras and improvements. I loved the shops, they were fun, but lacked a wee bit of options in some cases (more said on this later). I disliked, however, the amount of "grass" objects there are, I find that it increases lag; keep in mind that if you altered the number by too less then I would be complaining that it was too blank - a hard thing to do (finding an equilibrium). I liked the way that you had lots of "money makers" (healing springs), as many games seem to be revolved around smaller numbers like 1,2,4,5 but yours has 19, a much bigger number that requires a fair bit of skill to micro-manage all of the ones that you control whilst trying to steal others. I would also like to say that I believe that the starting is bit too slow and seems to drag on; by that I don't mean that you should give the players 500 more gold at the start, but maybe start off with 3 villagers instead. Over all, a great game that requires skill and the ability to think of what your enemies are thinking.

Balance: 4
All players start with the same resources, same units, and close to the same distance and amount of berries. All players have to reach out beyond there initial group of berries around the 7 minute mark too certain other berry groups. One thing that I must mention is that if someone rushes you, sends their starting 4 infantry and a few vills at you they destroy your economy beyond repair; whilst this is a great strategy because they now that your starting 4 infantry will out collecting money makers and not defending the effects wipe you out of the game before 5 minutes (or so) is reached. I am not sure weather to mark you down for this or not, so I have not marked you down because I am not sure what you could do to it with out making your starting bases fortresses. I did, however find that players 2 and 4 always made it too the middle before the other players (1 and 3), Their starting positions are a little bit closer to the middle then the other two, I wouldn't normally have a problem with this except that there is no positive to being players 1 or 3 and it makes traveling times for players 2 and 4 less; which adds up after a while. By that I mean that there are no other hoards that are closer to the players 1 and 3 - if you put some berry groups (larger than the normal, but no where near the size of the middle) at the corners, because players 1 and 3 are closer to the corners than player 2 and 4, it would most likely even out pretty soon (and then if players 1 or 3 complain about the distances you can say "but the corner groups are closer" even if they didn't know it).

Creativity: 5
Take a look at this map, after you have done that, play it; then and only then will you know the meaning of creativity. It was much different to what I expected, after playing the first I thought you would have made it less addicting, but the opposite occurred. Instead I found myself wondering on how you did some stuff, which is very uncommon (trying not to put myself on a pedestal) as normally I can picture a way in my head of how to do the trick that someone has used, but this map is an exception. I don't now how you made the gold go up every second, in real time as normally if you set a trigger with the condition of timer equals 2 then the time it takes on a counter (i.e. "the end is near : 30") is 4 before the trigger fires; yet here you are doing it every second on my game clock (ingenious)! I loved the custom God Powers and the food stealing (just like the first one). There is little that I can suggest that will improve game play, the only thing that I can think of is; give each player a storehouse. That way if the player is "cluey" and thinks outside of the square, of his initial task to collect food, and will task some of his villagers to collect wood to pay for his upgrades found at the granary (of course you would have to change husbandy's cost to wood somehow, lol, but I'm sure you'll find a way around that). Apart from that I'm blank on what advise to offer you - because I'm out of ideas (thats a good thing :D).

Map Design: 4
If there was only one thing that I could say about the map design, I would say that your ability to manipulate the terrain and to mix it in such a way that makes it look realistic is a god-given gift. Many if not all scenario designers just have set cut terrain "waves" because they claim that they don't have the "time" or maybe it's just that they don't have the "effort" to make it look good and as a consequence the terrain looks rather synthetic and is a bit of an eye-sore; but unlike them yours stands out, in that it blends in. But since I can say more than that I would like to suggest, again, that the amount of grass objects used is cut down, that's easy part, the hard part is is knowing how much grass to cut (excuse the pun). The main reason for this is to reduce lag as all computers that played experienced lag of some sort and since we were playing LAN there was no chance of a bad connection not at 10MBps (or is it 100MBps?). Apart from that, the objects used and positioning is perfect (except maybe use a few more berries in the corners as explained before) and creates an exotic atmosphere that really connects with the player.

Story/Instructions: 5
I know that I am not meant to give out "5's" if there is no story, but, if I break it down you can see why I gave you a 5;

1. There are instructions that give a good outline on what to do.
2. A cinematic that insures that every player has a basic idea on what to do before any playing begins
3. You have history that defines the word 'Berry' and gives an extra feel to the scenario and that you know what your doing (to some extent)
4. Spelling and Grammar are immaculate, except for that place in the instructions where is says "peer second" instead of "per second" but since no other incorrectly spelt words were found, hardly worth demeriting.

From that you can see that notes 1 and 2 make the score 3; then add on note 3 to make the score 4 and then note 4 to make the score 5. As you can see, you deserved this 5.

Additional Comments:
Great game that could use little tweaking, but one that tries to recreate the game again WILL be stuck for extra ideas. Your map is filled with creativity and "fun", which provides, strangely enough, fun. There is no need for fixing bugs, mainly because there aren't any, and there is no need to keep reading this - why aren't you partying on your accomplishment?

Congratulations ~ Khan

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Map Design4.0
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