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Tales of Nethoaine

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Ok now i know what you will be thinking after you play this game (wow this is the same as Legend) well it is kinda like Legend thats because i learned alot from it going back and forth from legend to my game.

I would like to thank Khan And Steak because he inspired me to learn how to make an RPG and i did it took me about 2 weeks of studying triggers, designs and all that stuff and im finnaly able to start to make a huge RPG mabey bigger than The_Lost_Legion...in map size i mean

A thank you to all these people for encourageing me (Khan And Steak) (LuCkey MaN) (Angel_of_chaos) (The maker of legend that im to lazy to find his name) (And my idol NUTTOD):)

O and one more thing can some one tell me what are the quest var things do the guide by auron dont help me much Contact me at oranos@hotsheet.com if you want it would really help for my big Senerio
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File Author
ok i changed my mind Khan is my idol now because i played his game the makeing of khan the demo and its great
Aliblabla1942 Are you sure you've learned a lot in two weeks?
Selphir Didn't like it. Wasn't thought-out very far, the story line at least. Fix up the grammar, it's an eyesore. If English isn't your first language, ask someone who has it as their first to tell you exactly what to type.

No real "leads", you're just thrown into the game. Like, who is Janosch? Er, right. The evil wizard did what now? I thought the tree was just dying...

Anywho, you're better then I am at the cinematics, doy but still, it's sloppy work. =p Boring and short, sort of like Legends... You should of also saved room and just shrunk the map's dimensions.

But yeah, good job. Only main problem with the map's actual design was overuse of fences... Got stuck alot.
File Author
Yes you guys are right i thought that it was good but to experts its bad but 2 weeks ago i didnt know how to use cinamatic blocks and to me i just think that for me i learned alot i also thot it was crapy (my game) when i saw the makeing of khan that is what i want to make but its gonna be for a long time well thanks though
angel_of_chaos i'd say its rude not to have a look at this :D. ill tell you what i think
Xinthose I have pens in my pocket I must protect them; I'm nerdy in the extreme, I'm whiter than sourcream...
Khan And Steak I liked it, but the grammar wasn't too good, and I too got stuck on the fences a lot. Apart from that I thought that it was pretty good ~ Khan
Extinct Priates
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This is a great scenario well i had fun playin it anyway. i like the starting the best and most of the quests were pretty fun like finding the dog thingy it was pretty good. also it left you wanting more after id finished it like when you try and buy the armour and youi dont have enough money and so you go and do all these quests to get the money and then you can't buy it anymore... yeah it keeps it interesting

Balance: 5
There was no balance issues like everything wasn't too hard or too eazy.

Creativity: 5
all them quests were fun as there should have been more of them. like how did you think of doing all them quests? cuz the was fun as

Map Design: 4
good eye candy and decoration the only thing keeping you from a 5 is dat you sometimes got like stuck on all of them wood fences yeah it got me pretty angry at times. maybe u could use something a little easier to walk beside like stone fences and stuff

Story/Instructions: 5
good story and i didn't get bored or lost once. the peoples told you what to do so you would have to try to get lost.

Additional Comments:
nice job, you making another one?
This is ALOT like legend
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

Well I personally did enjoy playing it quite a bit. I didn't find any bugs, though at times the fences got annoying as you could get trapped. It was a small introduction RPG with some simple quests, but I found it fun and a good game for 5-15 mins. Also at the end the cinematic just left you staring into space, so maybe making it so that after that final scene you win would be nice. Also sometimes after stepping on this UI indicators I had to walk around a bit, so increasing the radius for the trigger would probably help gameplay. Good job though, I'm sure the massive one will be great. Just fix up on all these little points and you're on the way to a 5.

Balance: 4

This is very good, I was impressed with this. None of the mission took too long or too short. However they were all pretty easy. Maybe make the cat smaller and better hidden, or have some monsters guarding the root. But it was all fairly balanced. Had it been a little harder you would have got a 5.

Creativity: 4

I havn't played Legends, but I thought some of your techniques were very creative. I especially liked the use of UI indicators to show objectives, as they made it very clear. You also had some ideas that we pretty interesting, such as the cat. However the missions did end up being quite similar, walking around doing jobs for local people. Maybe add some monsters here and there to make it a bit more exciting.

Map Design: 4

This was very nice, and you used some god eyecandy, such as the economic guild on its side, and the trough for the cows. I understand that you made the massive map because you're planning to expand on it in future, so that's fine. I think you should have done something about the fences, as they often hindered progress, and if you had maybe overlapped some building and added more general eyecandy around the map, that would have got you a 5.

Story/Instructions: 3

The story felt a bit rushed and poorly explained. You should have said more about the wizard and the hero at the start. The ingame missions were fairly good, and they explained the missions clearly, as well as adding a bit of character to the game. I also liked the bit where you got to choose what to say. More of them would be nice. However in both the introduction cinematic and the ingame chat, your grammar really let you down. As has been said, if English is not your first language, get someone to help you whose it is.

Additional Comments:

This was altogether a really fun and enjoyable map. There is lots of excellent work, as well as plenty to improve on. Good job and good luck with your massive one and any other maps you design in the future. Just keep in mind the points mentioned aboved, and I'm sure you can create some real wonders.

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Map Design4.0
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