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MaxSax109 vs. white_rook (Loki vs. Ra)

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM
Total Game Time: 49:09
Player 1's Name: MaxSax109
Player 2's Name: white_rook
This is an advanced setup game of Loki vs. Ra.
I started with a Loki Rush BO, but when i attacked he had enough axemen to repel me.
Then i retracted my FB and began massing TA to counter his axemen. He FH, and began producing camelry. I lost after a lot of BIG battles.

Can anyone tell me what i did wrong on my rush???
I couldn't seem to beat his armies. What was i doing wrong there??

What about economy wise???

Any comments will be appreciated.

Please Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Origin0 k there are several things you did wrong in this game, but you obviously know the most important rules like falling back when a battle is lost and trying to win the war - good job on not resigning straight away, a lot of guys would give up then


Some players will disagree and say get hunting dogs all the time, but I think ghost lake is actually a husbandry map. You didn't get either of the food techs straight away. First thing you should do is get husbandry and queue up 5 vils and a dwarf (and cart to follow him once you have the food). Scout forwards with the ulf, leave the goats to scout behind your base and return to the TC much fatter than before. Send the starting vils and the first 4 vils you made to berries. Last vil goes to straggler trees, then the dwarf, a cart, and 2 vils mine gold. Then stick another vil on wood with a cart, and move the straggler woodcutter with them to the main forest. After that just wing it til you get to Classical (dwarves as necessary to save on food for the advance - make sure you leave time for the temple to go up...you placed yours well). No more than 3 woodcutters though, to begin with. During the age up, queue some hersirs and dwarves and move the vils you had on gold to goats outside the TC. They will become farmers later.

I noticed you had a lot of idle TC moments, and a lot of idle time with your foodies. A thing I have found useful is to shift-click your food sources so the vils move from one to the next without such intense microing being necessary later on. So econ. upgrades and TC idle time would be your big things to work on in the beginning, I think.


When fighting in the classical age, you should be strongest. Your undermine GP was wasted on a tower you could have knocked down with your army. It also wasn't guarding anything. A better use for it would have been the tower by Egypt's gold mine, freeing you up to raid it relentlessly. Remember, axemen are gold-intensive units (by Egypt's standards anyway).

You don't have to attack the TC straight off, either. Your army was way too small to knock it down, and the immediate goal should be to destabilise his economy while yours keeps going. In other words, hit villagers and houses if he looks to be near the pop. cap. TC, not so important - set yourself realistic goals with the rush. Let's see, upgrade your guys when you have about 20, and pull back when you have fewer than maybe 7. Try to have 2 barracks constantly working, and the temple making hersir or einherjar.

Also, you should adapt your army to what your enemy has. When you see camels or elephants, make ulfsarks. Chariots? Make raiding cav. Don't keep making pure TA to fight a mixed army of axes and camels. When he had just axes, you saw what happened. You slaughtered him. But when the second unit type came in, that was it.


There was no late-game battle, you had lost by this point. Good idea with walling off the gold, but too little too late. Once you saw those farms to the side, you should have immediately sent everyone there, along with a stream of guys continually pouring out of your barracks. Maybe also a second hill fort would have helped earlier on.


I think it's always good to have multiple spots where you're gathering gold, in case one gets hit. It didn't come up, but it's just something to think about.

Don't be afraid to use flaming weapons, it's there for a reason.

Having barracks in only 1 spot is also very bad, since you are vulnerable to things like earthquake or tornado. At least have a second base, even if you don't defend it with all your strength.

Hope some of this can help, and good luck with loki. He's a fun god to be.

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