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Sims Irk Platinum VI Special Edition

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# of Players: 9
Version: AoM: The Titans
  • Ever get tired with the plain old Sims Irk? Well I bet you won't with this one! In this Sims Irk, there is over 3x maybe even 6x more stuff to do!

  • ===This includes:


    Prancing in the Park

    Becoming a Hobo

    Fighting in the Massive Arena

    Training your Villager into a Hero

    Upgrading your Hero

    Becoming Vice Mayor

    Become Police Chief

    Trying to steal properties

    Legally buying properties

    Going to Court

    Getting Arrested

    Buying Units

    Plotting the Mayor's Assassination

    Bombing the City as a Terrorist

    Fighting off the Tartarians

    and More!

    ===Edits,additions, and Fixes===

    I fixed the Amanra bug

    The Arena now looks like a Roman Coliseum

    There is a new airport

    A New Farm and Park

    The Dictator isn't very strong,and the police only have about 50 attack and 500 hp,so having police bodyguards is even more imperitive for the mayor!

    Armoury actually is surrounded by hills (Ever wondered where all the iron came from?)

    The God Shop looks like,heavenly now

    Backway Entrances (Don't get caught sneaking in those!)

    Weaker Guardians (So you can't take over the world with just 10k)

    Villagers can't upgrade (So no more villager armies)


    Able to buy helicopter or F-15!
    A chance to bomb the City Council!

    There is just to much to tell you folks!

    So what are you waiting for,download Sims Platinum VI Special Edition right now!


    Player 1-7 are all human and Team 1

    Player 1 must be Zeus

    Player 8 is Team 2,Kronos,and a CPU

    Player 9 is a CPU,Team 1,and Hades

    Unlock teams,do the above,and your ready to go....


    Original Sims Irk by Irk89 (Who I have permission from to edit the map,e-mailed him), original Tartarian and rebellion idea by Flamebolt (once again,permission,I just whispered to him on AOM multiplayer), Me who redid about half the map and added,as it says in the above,a lot and fixed bugs and added eyecandy etc... And the other small contributors who it says within the scenario who they are and what they did, Sync_terror for giving me the Horse Transportation idea, and ummmmm, all you who actually pushed me into making Special Edition, even though SOMEBODY came in here and insulted me like heck! *growles* And ummm,thats about it.... Hope you enjoy! MY e-mail is echoe.isles@hotmail.com (Don't ask why I named it that,no I did not cause the blackworm virus,just forget about it)

    AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design4.0
    Playability: 4
    sometimes you get stuck and it is difficult to move around. othertimes you go right to where you want to go. This can be helpful in new sims.

    Balance: 3
    everyone starts out the same. nobody gets an edge except player one but he is the crontrollor.he is god so he just all power which is kinda not that fair.

    Creativity: 5
    good style. Sims have been created before but they were kind of all the same. this one makes new ideas which can help the sims ideas a whole lot.

    Map Design: 4
    a good design with the places that really look like the places. like the heaven shop that accually looks like it is in heaven.

    Story/Instructions: 3
    not really a storyline which kind of ruins the the sims. the instructions are just in the dl and maybe the host will forget to put team not locked. this can create some problems.

    Additional Comments:
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    Great playability with only a little bit of lag at the beginning nothing big, but sometimes units can get stuck in certain places.

    Balance: 4
    Great balance everyone starts out the same way except for the mayor which he is supposed to be way strong, but he still has way more power. :P

    Creativity: 5
    Really good job on the creativity, even though you took the idea from the other sims. You had a lot of creative new ideas such as being a hobo, bombing city council, and more!

    Map Design: 5
    Great map design, you made a lot of good eyecandy and some things seem better, such as the arena, going from a dull square, into a cool looking colosseum.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    The cinematic at the beginning explains everything, and the signs tell you the rest so there is no confusion when playing the map.

    Additional Comments:
    Overall great job. A huge improvement on sims, an already great map. You made it even better! Good work

    [Edited on 09/03/07 @ 09:13 PM]

    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 5
    Nice playabilty, as with all the other sims irk games. a litle bit of lag at begging, and units may get stuck in certain terrains, like antibutes, amanra, all those jumping unts. i hate it when gay ppl lagg right b4 a game starts, its always so annoying, they think their cool, but their noobs.

    Balance: 5
    same balance as usual, altho seems to be a little better, with more things to do other then just sit around build a little town in a little space. everyone starts out the same, its a matter of speed, to determmine who gets what lot. of course playa 1 is mayor and the friendship has a lot to do with wh secretly gets gold from him,. So say i was the mayors best friend on AoM. I could talk him into giving me monmey secretly, and i'de have an edge. thast why i think the mayor shouldnt be able to give away anything to anyone, only if they have earned it

    Creativity: 4
    changed a bit, same basic thing, just with more things to do. great ideas such as

    Backway Entrances (Don't get caught sneaking in those!)

    Weaker Guardians (So you can't take over the world with just 10k)

    Villagers can't upgrade (So no more villager armies)these help a lot, by making the balace.... a lot more ballenced so many more things that you put down, like the hills around the armory-classy- and the eing a hobo part, pretty good.

    Map Design: 4
    i guess its changed a little.not much to say bout the map design, played many irk games. i like most of the places yu put in there so i guess its a good map design. like the godly shop, looks like its in heaven. great idea.I fixed the Amanra bug

    The Arena now looks like a Roman Coliseum- more realisstic

    There is a new airport- great idea

    A New Farm and Park- fun for thw whole family

    Story/Instructions: 5
    as with creativity and balance the story is basically the same, go around get money, spend money, get money, spend money kill a player, get money get units , u know all thats stuff

    with all the new things you put in, it seems to put more of a life meaning into it. the story like all sims games, is basic, altho you take it to the next lvl.

    Additional Comments:
    hope you like my review. no hard feelings last page =p

    [Edited on 09/22/07 @ 03:14 PM]

    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    The playability was great, with plenty of things to do. However, eventually, it all came down to the fact of just expanding continuiously. Later, you would launch a massive rebellion if you wanted to.
    The rebellion was "Mother Nature" and they did not do anything, other than storm the gates and hang around there.
    Balance: 3
    Perfect. I think the prices of properties were great and all, but I have one complaint:
    The enemy troops were OP. What is the point in fighting a 2000 hitpoint hypatist?
    I lead 67 troops to storm the caslte area, and I lost all of them to the rebellion I sent earlier. Plus, there was no way to claim power.
    Creativity: 5
    I suppose creativity is kind of the same as map design. Anyway, I liked the way I could make my hero a unique character. Like a minotaur ready to overthrow an empire, or Arkantos, admiral of the sea. (I think)
    Map Design: 5
    Awesome! Everything was perfectly placed, the kingdom looked like they were working hard and I have never seen anyone do a gladiator arena before (Atleast, in my time on AoM, which is a month now.)
    Instructions: 2
    Horrible. I had no idea HOW to fight in the arena, the game never told me how to overthrow the government and there were many more problems. What about becoming the police chief and all? What about commanding a rebellion, not just standing on a button?

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    Map Design4.8
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