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Mutation By EXOLAR

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# of Players: 4 human players & 2 computers
Version: AoM: The Titans
Mutation By EXOLAR

Released 2/09/07

My mutation has 4 human players wich mutate after a certain amount of kills each player mutates about 10-11 times.There is a 2 min introduction seperated from the game itself and there were 7 difficultys that were called Chicken Sh¡t,Easy Peasy,Easy,Normal,Hard Core Wannabe,Hard Core & insane, I had to take them out to decrease the memory of the game because it took 2 long to load.Every player starts off with a vilager and a healer (setna) player 1 has greek mutations player 2 has egyption mutations player 3 has norse mutations and player 4 has atlantean mutations.

Update 4/09/07
I have fixed a mistake.The mistake was when player 1 died everyone died.The cause of that was that I put an effect called player destroy all units (or something like that) in the player 1 dies trigger and when player 1 died the effect killed the booting units wich killed everyone and ended the game.

Update 5/09/07
I have made the difficulty chicken s*** less harder and I fixed the booter units because before the couldnt move with player 1 but when he died and passed them to the next alive player they could move them cause I forgot to modifie it for all players so yeah.

Update 15/09/07
The 2 min introduction has its own map & made the game more easyer the boss and mutations etc.

Since this game is not fully finished it will be updated several times and I recomend if you want the latest version you should download this a couple of times over the weeks.

Uhh.. I just realised...
That my mutation is 891 kb (a zip folder shrinks the size)wich is aproximatly 5.1206896 X a normal mutation of 174 kb.Since my mutation is such a large file it takes a while for ppl to download online and it takes aproximatly 2 min to finish loading...Can anyone please help me try and find a way to make my mutation have less kb? If I delete EVERY thing on the map it takes off 116 kb but that still leaves me with 775kb.And if I remove my cinematic it takes away 8 kb.& if I remove all the triggers it takes away 693kb but I need most of the triggers.

This download contains 2 versions of my mutation, Mutation By EXOLAR has op cine,booter,difficulty settings,some eyecandy and has 507 more kb than the other one and loads slower. (taken out)

Mutation By EXOLAR no eyecandy,booter,cine or difficulty settings is 507 less kb than the other one and loads faster.

Drugs the introduction to mutation by EXOLAR (2 min cine)
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skater4life sounds good, ill have a round at it and test it out. =D

great job exolar.

w00t first comment!

very well made, i love how the mutations are seperated by different civilizations!i also love the difficulty lvls, very well made for all those noob's, begginer's, intermediate's, hard's, and titan's. very well made, ill be waiting for the updates!

[Edited on 09/03/07 @ 06:00 PM]

File Author
Thanks for your fast comment skater4life, As you may or may not know I have just fixed a pritty bad mistake so you might want to redownload this.
skater4life yes i think i just might....=D

o well, keep up the good work!

P.S.--i didnt know my comment was that fast....

[Edited on 09/04/07 @ 10:53 AM]

File Author
Yeah it was! When I got back from school yesterday I realised that my file had been reviewd and accepted by those people who run aomh, & I saw you made a comment before I could update my page.

Well anyway I got to go to school really soon ive just updated my game again and fixed some bugs.

By the way if you have ever hosted this map online have you ever had a problem? Cause when I host it with 4 human players it usely takes a while to load and says a player has disconected while loading.

[Edited on 09/05/07 @ 03:16 AM]

skater4life well i guess ill take a shot at trying to host it online

np ill tell if i something happens, hopefully nothing does
File Author
Well I found out wat the problem was it was the triggers. When I removed all the triggers and saved it as the ~last file then checked it in my scenario folder it was 198kb compared to the mutation wich was 891kb so the triggers took up like 693kb wich is quite alot.

I made another version wich takes up 384kb but It dosent have the optional cine,booter,some eyecandy and difficulty settings, But its playable it dosent take that long to dl compared to the other one and it's alot faster to load.

It would be nice if some one could take a look at my map to see what triggers I can modifie,change or delete to make my other map better without taking out the booter,difficulty settings (well you could take out 4 difficulty settings) op cine (wich is really cool, quite funny & acctuly has a plot).

Pwnageinthepit Hey Exolar i have a question not about this but i need to know how to make a shop on my survival i am using ur survival setting but i really need to know how to do the Upgrades and acctualy my freind skater told me about that so ty sk8rbut can u help me with that ? >_<
i could use it ty for ur time lol
skater4life rofl is it that one map you showed me pwnage? might need more improvement. Im currently working on a race scenerio. you are a guardian, and a lot like chris yamahas, but diff map. gonna have hecka lot of eye candy.

exoloar, hey i encountered a prob when hosting online, just like you said, where it takes a long time to load, and player dissconnected. i dont know if it was a players fault or if its the maps fault, or if its just plain my fault but somein is going on. ill test a few more times, tell me if ya ned somethin ;-D

i just read what you said earlier, and ill try to dl again, my bad. i hope you fixed it. kinda hard to make a perfect working map.

[Edited on 09/18/07 @ 11:05 PM]

File Author
ok I have updated the map it is now more better and I think, THINK I fixed all the screw ups.

why should you re download?

1,) because when you get 500 kills you get a pritty fast skeleton car (fire siphon that fires minions) that holds 2 units.

2,) because there is a trigger that saves you from dieing once when your less than %5 hp away from death by healing you %5 and invoking ceasefire.

3,) because I finaly finished the bosses.

4,) Umm... The egyptian petsuchos and pheonix are stronger cause I had complaints that they were really crap.

5,) The egyptain mummy turns enemys to two mercenarys and two mercenary cavalry with its special.
skater4life i see, very nice, as i said ill re download and see how it works now
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