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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
-Buyable Units.
-Capturable GP's from tiled areas.
-An upgradeable Scout, who can have units brought to him for special effects.
-Plethora of random events.

Your main goal is to build a tower in the center of map, and keep it up for three minutes, easy right?

Well, not so much, as your enemies will do all they can to stop you, and they have many ways to do it.

The four free units you recieve are Hippokons, Toxotes, Myrmidons, and Hoplites. Any other units you can buy cost gold to make, but they are stronger then the four free units, and play to different offensive strategems.

Sometimes, you may be lucky enough to have a random event spawn you two special units. These are the elementalist, assassin, or monk.

The elementalist is a simple Circe with devastating electric force, but can be taken out by brute strength, or the 3 minute lifespan.

The monk can instantly heal any allied unit, which provides a bit of micro to an advanced player when they recieve them, as they can mean the difference in a big battle. They also have a 3 minute lifespan.

The assassin is a high powered, high armored, speedy killing machine. They can 1 hit KO any human unit, but fall easily as they only have 20 hp, so use them wisely, not just rushing into mobs.

Your villager is an important unit, as they build towers for you, which when occupying a tiled square, grants you god powers. The god power granted by the tiles can randomly change, but going for more than one is always a good idea. These guys respawn when killed.

There are also buyable normal units in a shop for gold, as well as some special units such as powerful seige cannons and destroyers, or the mighty berzerkers.

Eh theres more, but find them out for yourself. :P

By the way, tell me of any bugs you encounter so I can fix them. I've tested this alot, but theres going to be some. I'm sure of it.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mouse Overlord
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
So. I will start out by saying that this is the best scenario ever. Needless to say, it is very playable. A decent amount of strategy is, indeed, needed to win against other players, and the classic old-man unit selection system can't be beaten. Almost as fun as a past scenario that I remember you co-authored... "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance", I think it was. Almost. :P

Balance: 5
Well balanced. Sometimes it would seem as if special units - such as "assassins" - were too strong, but in reality, you just need to know the way to defeat them. I like how the god powers appear on randomly selected tiles each game - this adds to the balance, ensuring that a certain player number isn't always at an advantage.

Creativity: 5
"its creative as shit

In agreement with the quoted comment above, I will say that this scenario is definitely as creative as a well-made sculpture of shit. Ya rly, the innovation that must have gone into sculpting the ideas behind this massive piece of art is incredible.

Map Design: 5
The map design served its purpose, and was fairly decorated, with stuff like rocks. And grass. It looked good. Not amazingly impressive, but more than good enough.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions cinematic pwns. Period. Another period, for emphasis. Its storyline is pretty basic. But that's not a problem.

Additional Information:
Fives across teh board. Play this scenario. Now. :O
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
The game was very fun to play, and it kept you thinking about what you should do next and how will the enemy react. It also takes planning to hold onto the middle for long enough. Simply barging into the middle wont cut it.

Balance: 4
The game was very balanced in almost every way. The main reason I'm taking off a point here is because if a player just makes a ton of automatons and marches them into battle, they can easily kill pretty much any normal army and then repair themselves. I tried this strategy a few times and even with three players trying to kill them they never came close to dying. I never even lost one.

Creativity: 3
Not that creative. Basically it's a fusion of a blood map coupled together with king of the hill. Fun to play, I must say, but not that creative. The idea of capturing and defending a central point is far from original. The side objectives of capturing points on the sides for god powers was a great idea though. It keeps the game from getting repetitive and adds additional challenges.

Map Design: 4
Doesn't look all too different from a random map. There is good use of embellishments though and i like how the hawks are always circling the map. The cinematic is generally well done. The edge of the map is seen in a few parts however.

Story/Instructions: 4
Instructions are fairly clear although they seem a bit rushed. The story has a bit of humour which is good, although it really has nothing to do which the scenario. Also in the part where is says what happens when you build a manor, it is easy to confuse the effect with that of the economics guild. In addition the first time you watch it, you have no idea what it means when it says something like: "bring the bear to the general to blow it up" when all you can see is the back of the bear.

Additional Comments:
It was a very fun game to play, especially as an alternative to death match or castle blood. I look forward to future maps from you, i can tell that you know how to make a game fun. I also felt obligated to review this since the it was the only 5.0 next to adventurers three and the last person who reviewed this didn't seem to give it that much thought and consideration.

[Edited on 06/09/09 @ 07:43 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
The map was easy to play and is one of the better multiplayer blood scenarios. Theres a lot of randm fun stuff in this map.

Balance: 5
The balance between the units was really great and was very fair. Great map dude.
Creativity: 5
I have not seen much like this jakwarrior. Good Job.Its unique.
Map Design: 4
The only problem was that the eyecandy was no existant. It was still very clean, lagless and pretty.Yes.
Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions were pretty clear. and a very nice map. I love it.

Additional Comments:

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Map Design4.3
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