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Troy Massacre (Trojan War)

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# of Players: 4

Troy Massacre by ScnPunk team.
2vs2 map for ESO (+2 cpu players)
Troy Massacre is a first project of it`s kind. A Multiplayer blood with a story, cutscenes and a whole bunch more. Inside you will find twice as much stuff as AoM CPNs have. All that with a sure hit Massacre(TM) Gameplay


Troy Massacre is an Online Epic Campaign, or at least`s that`s what we were going for, mixing all the best story telling/cutscene movies/multi mission elements of a single player campaign with the wicked multiplayer experience AoM provides. Not sure how close we got to our goal, You`d be the judge of that.


As it stands now, there are 15 cutscenes in this multiplayer campaign, each marking different plot events. Total length of all the cutscenes is about 9 minutes, and on average a game of Troy Massacre will take anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes (depending on how long the battle lasts and on how far the story will progress)


Alas, all the cutscenes are just a package for the heart of the Trojan Massacre - The Massacre style gameplay.
Here are some highlights:
-Up to 50 minutes of NON-Stop wicked fighting.
-Over 3000+units will be created and die during one game,
-An average of 40-50 GPs will be used be players.
-Gameplay ranges from laying siege to the armed to the teeth strongholds, defending the strongholds and even the town of Troy itself, fighting in the open field. Defending the shoreline. Retreating under story influenced 2-3X bigger enemy army and soo much more.
-up to 12 different unit types created at one time for a player.
-9 different unit combinations will be available as the story progresses (i.e Great Centaury Army, Agamemnon’s Siege force, or the ranged combo for Trojan defense.


Good fighting!

Set Player 5 and 6 to CPU. It`s recommended(but not required) that all players and CPU Civs are Greek.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Wow, never seen such a good scn in a long time. It's a scenario you just can't put away and never play it anymore. From the begin to the end, you fight for your survival. Anyone who likes fighting scenarios must check this one out.

Balance: 4
It's well balanced yes, and has been tested good. Everything works fine, no bugs or something.

Creativity: 4
This is deffenetly a very creative scn - No retreat from other scenarios or so. Very much work has putten in to this, see for yourself.

Map Design: 4
Good eye-candy and nice effects are added. The change of lighting also makes playing really enjoyable. Though I missed a few things, it's a very beautiful map.

Story/Instructions: 5
First of all, I discuss the cinematics. It has a long intro cinematic, which is very cool, and really makes troymassacre complete. There are also story-line-cinematics, those are the ones while playing. They look pretty neat, and really add a + point to the scn.
The storyline is also pretty good, it can change depending on the way you play, so each time you play it, it can differ from the last time. The instructions are well done too.

Additional Comments:
This is really a must download, because it's a wonderful scn, really great gameplay , especially for those who like to fight. Lots of work has putten into this, and you can see that while playing it. Try setting it on moderate or higher, for best gameplay.
See for yourself - you will like this one for sure.
Kumar Shah
Map Design5.0
The scenario - one of the best mutlipayer scn out there, the gameplay is soo awesome that you wont probably twist a muscle until you finish the game.

Playability: 5
Fun 0 lots of it. No bugs encountered, and the playing looks extremely sweet and fun. Whether you are attacking or defending troy, you have the units at your disposal to wreak havoc. The use og god powers makes it even better in the battle. The battle is not one sided at any point and introduction of new units for the troy defenders from the other lands makes it even more fun.

Balance: 5
I have played with both sides, and won with both of them. The flow of units is constant, and usees of god powers equal for everyone. Both sides, get armies in the game for use at some point of time. Really doesnt matter with which side you play, you have a chance to win this thing.

Creativity: 5
How to say...this is one hell of a creative person who designed it. The way he incorporated the cienematics into the scn, the map design, the way to telling the story is extremely creative. Keeping cinematics inbetween multiplayer scns, is also very good.

Map Design: 5
Excellent and full points here. The map looks awesome, and use of eyecandy is very good. The elevation is nicely spread, and the placement of buildings seem perfect. This scenario should be seen in the editor, by other designers to see how a map should be made.

Story/Instructions: 5
A very nice story is in the offering here. The story is told nicely through cinematics, and the dialouge used is also awesome - "This is the war in which gods fought alongside Humans", "and Muse..." all make the feeling even more awesome. The story, is told from the prespective of Zeus i my add. The instructions are clear and precise, so there is no problem here.

Additional Comments:
Excellent scenario for multiplayer play, and a must download for everyone.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
It's a good scenairo and fun to play once or twice. It has a tendency to out of sync near the end.

Balance: 4
It's fairly balanced but theres some advantages with the attackers.

Creativity: 4
It's an obvious scenario that should be made but the creativity still shines bright as a star.
Map Design: 3
The designs alright. Eyecandy really needs work.
Story/Instructions: 4
Story's pretty good. Trojan war. The instructoins are good too.

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Map Design4.0
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