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Spill Blood v2.3 - War Of Plenty

Author File Description
TwentyOneScore Spill Blood - By TwentyOneScore

NEW: Favor Leveling!
Every 15 seconds, the player who scores the most favor in that 15 seconds will be awarded a free myth unit and a level. Levels can upgrade building, heroes, myth units, and human units and can also award resources.

Put all the *.xs and *.xml files in the aomrm directory. Put the *.tga file in the aomtexturesui directory. Restart AOM to see the new maps.

A Blood style map for 2-12 players. The players must control the various Plenty Vaults on the map to gain resources for upgrades while protecting their Citadel from being destroyed. Each player gets free Units based on the amount of Favor they hold and can also buy God Powers, Myth Units and Heroes with favor and resources. Players must be Norse to accumulate Favor by battling.

Start Of Game:
At the start of the game, the camera will start off in the Pick Zone and you'll see 3 God Statues, one for Norse, Egypt, and Greek. You'll also see a Sword Bearer (two guys with a sword on their shoulders - here after referred to as the SWORD) and Thor's Hammer Haft (3 Dwarves with a giant log - hereafter refereed to as the HAFT). The players should select thier civilazation and send troops towards the center to defend thier Plenty Vault and to claim the other players. Depending upon the map generation, the center of the map will have either an additional Plenty Vault or a Healing Spring.
Picking Your Spawning Civilization:

The SWORD is your Civilization Picker. Move the SWORD to one of the God Statues to select that Civilization and begin spawning it's Units in the Battle Zone. The Units that spawn in the Battle Zone are based on the Favor currently held by the player:

Spawn *- 2 secs -* *- 3 secs -* *- 5 secs -* *- 7 secs -* *- 9 secs -* *- 11 secs * *- 13 secs *
Favor *-- < 15 --* *--- 15 ---* *--- 30 ---* *--- 45 ---* *--- 60 ---* *--- 75 ---* *--- 95 ---*
===== ============ ============ ============ ============ ============ ============ ============
Norse Ulfsark Throw Axeman Raid Cavalry Huskarl Jarl Ballista Portable Ram
Egypt Slinger Axeman Camel Spearman Chariot Arch War Elephant Catapult
Greek Hoplite Toxotes Prodromos Gastraphetes Myrmidon Hippikon Helepolis

There is a cap on siege Units spawned - only 5 may exist at a time. The player can move the SWORD to another God Statue at any time to change the Civ of the free Units spawning. Note that your free Units stop spawning when the SWORD is not next to a God Statue, so move it quickly when you do.

Buying God Powers:
When the player finds himself with an abundance of Favor, they may opt to purchase a God Power. There are 3 God Powers on sale per game, one for each Civ. To purchase a God Power, move the HAFT to a God Statue. Provided you have the needed Favor in your possession, the God Statue will flash, you will receive the desired God Power and your Favor will be reduced accordingly. Note: it takes up to 8 seconds to buy a God Power.

God Power Costs Favor
====================== =====
Frost 50
Walking Woods 35
Flaming Weapons 35

SandStorm 40
Meteor 65
Tornado 75
Skeleton Power 35

Bronze 35
Underworld Passage 80
Lightning Storm 50

Buying Myth Units And Heroes:
The player can also purchase the Myth Units and Heroes on display in the Pick Zone. There will be one Myth Unit per Civ and Heroes of 2 of the 3 Civs on sale. Units cost Favor and Resources. To purchase a Unit, move the HAFT to the Unit desired. Provided you have the needed Favor & Resources in your possession, the Unit will flash, the Unit you selected will spawn in the Battle Zone, and your Favor & Resources will be reduced accordingly. Unit spawn time is based on the Unit and can take anywhere from 2 to 12 seconds to buy. Myth units that do crush damage to buildings have a max number that may be created based on the amount of crush damage the unit does and it's hitpoints and Heros with lots of HP's also have a max. Nothing can withstand an attack by 20 Fire Giants or 50 Jason's...

Hero Costs Time Food Wood Gold Favor Max #
====================== ===== ==== ==== ==== ===== =====
Hero Greek Chiron 4 0 30 0 3 14
Hero Greek Odysseus 4 0 30 0 3 14
Hero Greek Theseus 4 15 0 10 3 16
Hero Greek Hippolyta 4 0 30 0 3 14
Hero Greek Jason 4 15 0 10 3 16
Hero Greek Ajax 4 15 0 10 3 16
Hero Greek Atalanta 5 0 50 0 6 12
Hero Greek Heracles 5 50 0 0 6 12
Hero Greek Achilles 5 50 0 0 6 12
Hero Greek Perseus 5 0 0 60 8 10
Hero Greek Polyphemus 6 0 0 60 8 10
Hero Greek Bellerophon 5 0 0 60 8 10
Gargarensis 6 30 30 30 8 12
Circe 6 90 90 90 50 5

Priest 3 0 0 15 3 20
Pharaoh 5 10 10 15 5 15
Pharaoh of Osiris 10 90 90 90 20 3

Hero Ragnarok 4 20 5 5 3 20
Hero Norse 5 10 0 5 5 20
Ornlu 10 60 60 60 8 8

Myth Unit Costs Time Food Wood Gold Favor Max #
====================== ===== ==== ==== ==== ===== =====
Nemean Lion 9 0 0 40 5 10
Hydra 9 40 0 0 5 8
Chimera 9 0 0 45 6 20
Manticore 6 0 45 0 6 20
Colossus 12 0 0 45 8 4
Medusa 4 0 0 40 8 10
Rhino of Set 5 30 0 0 3 20
Scarab 9 45 0 0 4 9
Petsuchos 6 0 0 30 4 8
Sphinx 4 20 0 0 4 20
Scorpion Man 6 0 20 0 5 20
Avenger 6 40 0 0 6 20
Mummy 4 0 0 30 7 20
Fenris Wolf 6 0 0 20 3 20
Frost Giant 6 0 0 30 5 9
Battle Boar 9 0 0 40 6 9
Mountain Giant 12 45 0 0 6 7
Fire Giant 6 0 0 45 7 5

Unit and God Power costs are repeatedly displayed on the left side of the screen. Use the PAGE UP key to review past chats that have scrolled off the screen.

Favor is collected by Battling. For this reason all players must be Norse.

Resources are collected in two ways - by controlling the Plenty Vaults in the Battle Zone, or gathering them in the Safe Zone. Each player starts with a Greek Villager, a Norse Villager, a Dwarf and an Ox Cart in the Safe Zone. Put these to work collecting whatever resource you may be short on. Do not ignore these peons, as they can really help your cause. Additional peons can be trained at the Citadel for a cost of 20 Food at any time but can only collect resources in the dangerous Battle Zone, and may be short lived. Villager hit points and armor are increased to give them a fighting chance of making it back to the Citadel with collected resources.

Upgrades can be purchased by the Player at the Armory and Citadel. All Building/Armory upgrades researched are given to the player 3 times, so researching Copper Mail gives a bonus of current Hack Armor x 15% x 15% x 15% or 30% start = 46% after. Some upgrades also come with a free God Power:

Upgrade Free God Power
====================== ==============
Fortified Town Center Restoration
Masons Restoration
Architechs Restoration

ARE FORBIDDEN! If you build anything, you will be bolt & penalized.

The map generates with 1-2 relics per player. All relics placed on the map are forced to be the same type. Therefore, a player that collects multiple relics will build themselves an uber unit. For instance, the map could end up with 8 relics - and they all could end up being "Trios Bow: Archer and Ballista range +2" - so collecting all 8 would give your Archers +16 range! 11 battle worthy relics are selected from for placement and 4 other economic relics may also appear.

Pop Limit:
The maximum number of units that will spawn per player is set to 135 and increased by 10 for each Age up and every 5th level awards +2 pop. When at pop limit, the player can still buy Myth Units and Heroes to a pop limit of 165. This slight imbalance makes it possible to leave the HAFT at a buyable Unit and have that unit spawn as a human unit dies off and clears up the pop room - essentially switching over to spawning just Heroes or Myth Units (provided the player has the resources & favor needed and your humans soldiers are dying at the same rate the units can be bought).

Balancing The Game:
This game has been play tested a bit and I feel the balance is such that it is ready for release. Please send any balance suggestions to me at TwentyOneScore@BeerInHand.com.

Winning Levels:
Every 15 seconds, the player who has generated the most favor over the last 15 second period gets a Level and a free Myth unit. Levels grant the special unit upgrades associated with the various god paths.

******** Thanks **** Thanks **** Thanks **** Thanks **** Thanks ******
Matei for Norse Wars, and M0nty Pyth0n for Mythland. Both served
as a tutorial for me on how the RMS works, particularly triggers.
******** Thanks **** Thanks **** Thanks **** Thanks **** Thanks ******
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
TOS SpillBlood Review

After one of the most excruciating times I have ever had on the ESO I was finally able to load this creative random map up. Initially I had had the intent on play a 2 vs 2, but after waiting on the ESO for over hour trying to set up a 2 vs 2 game, I opted to play a 1 vs 1. It is clear right from the beginning that a lot of hard work and creativity have gone into this random map, as the documentation that comes with the map is almost startling. A great effort has been made to try to inform the to be host about the basic operations of the map.

TOS Spillblood is not your average blood map. The object of the game is to fight to the death in a circular arena in order to claim victory for your team. To do so you must use the various units, powers, and myth units at hand to defeat your opponents. In your home base, far away from the screams of battle, you can buy units, powers and myth units by moving certain units, into certain purchasing zones. The basic units you receive are free. Once you begin to accumulate favour you can start to purchase better units and even god powers. Since this map, like most blood maps, relies on favour to count kills all the players must be a Norse civ. The goal of the map is capture the citadels in the middle of the map and use the resources that you can acquire from them to crush your opponents with brutal force.

On another note, since the author of this map has requested that this map be viewed as a multiplayer scenario, it will also be reviewed as such. The 5 sections pertaining to Multiplayer scenario reviews will be used to judge this scenario, those sections are PLAYABILITY, BALANCE, CREATIVITY, MAP DESIGN and STORY/INSTRUCTIONS. A detailed write up about these sections can be found in AoMH reviewing guidelines. An average will be found by using the mean of the five values that will be produced through the review.


If this map does one thing well, it being played without the interference of heavy lag. The design of the map suits the scenario, as it is very low in the eye candy department, thus the result is minimal lag. The large battles in the middle of the map do generate a small bit of lag, but it is very minimal, especially compared to other blood scenarios. The scenario is bug free, even though it has a very complex design structure to it. The map supports anywhere from 2-12 players, making it a great choice when you have an undetermined amount of players at hand.

- The max number of units per player could be cut down in order to make lag non existent

--Score = 4—


This map has excellent balance at the beginning as all players start at a relatively equal stance. However, the map suffers from the slippery slope syndrome, one that is present in almost all blood type maps. As the game progresses one player begins to dominate over the other eventually and it is difficult for the losing player to make a comeback. The ability to change units and buy god powers lessens the slope a bit, but not significantly enough.

- More abilities to lessen the slippery slope would give the map a bit more of a twist and separate it from other blood maps

--Score = 4—


TOS Bloodspill defiantly does not suffer from a lack of creativity. A lot of the ideas, like showing the total accumulated favour at the end of the game and the current level you are at are new to the blood genre. Things like being able to change the units being spawned are nothing new to the genre, but that hardly lessens the creativity of this map.

- Zilch, please keep the interesting new idea up

--Score = 5—

[Map Design]

The map in TOS Bloodspill is dull, drab and therefore perfect. The boring background creates the perfect battlefield for this scenario and helps to control lag. Everything is well placed in order to maximize gameplay.

- Zilch, for this kind of map keep the eye candy minimal or even non existent

--Score = 5--


As mentioned before the document that comes with TOS Blood Spill gives excellent instructions on how to play the scenario to the host. Everything from installation to the cost of various god powers is mentioned. These instructions give the host adequate preparation in order to play the map properly. However, those who are not the host are not treated to such excellent instructions. The in game instructions come at you in brutal frenzy of text. If one stopped to read it all, they would certainly lose the game. As result players who are not the host tend to be confused about the goals of map and what you are actually suppose to do in the map. This map does not have any story, nor should it.

- A one minute time out at the beginning of the map would do wonders to explain the concepts and goals of the map to those who are playing it

--Score = 3—

There is no doubt that TOS Spillblood is an excellent map. Its revolutionary new features, combined with familiar blood style gameplay are sure to make it classic in no time. As always if improvements are made to the scenario I would be happy to re review it.

--Final score = 4.2—

Since there is no 4.2 available in the rating system for random map scripts, the score has been rounded up to a 5.
Rating: 5

Additional Comments:
I think iNtRePiD said it best. Nice job TOS, yet another quality scenario by you.

[Edited on 07/30/03 @ 08:37 PM]

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