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Me vs FukyouPutos

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Custom
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: about 10 minutes
Player 1's Name: jumpertje4life
Player 2's Name: FukyouPutos
me playing against the expert Fukyouputos. hes just good, i couldnt help losing.
just watch it.
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File Author
plz comment and rate
DARTH GIR 1st download AND comment its rely good man srsly keep it up;)
Rating: 2
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Lets start with that everything im going to say is not meant to be offensive in any way its just to show you your weak points.

First of all, you should drastically change your villager amount in archaic vs rushers like Loki.

You where in the classical age at 5:51 and not at 4:30 -4:45 as you should against a rushing god.

Also you advanced through Freya but you did not raid ( pretty obvious when getting rushed but ok ) and you played vs a rushing god...
There is no tactic that counters all others ( except Isis thoth phant spam but besides that)
Vs a Rusher, and especially one that heavy relies on myth units like Loki, you should have gone forseti! Cast Heal Spring at home so you can heal your wounded man while it cannot easily be captured by the Loki, and Use trolls vs Einherjar ( Trolls are Ranged and get a 3x dmg multiplier vs other myth units + Trolls have that vampirism ability that heals them for a part of the dmg they deal ). You simply ignored all signs of the opposing civ and just did your usual playstyle which failed.

Also, 2 houses is to much for archaic, 1 should suffice for whole archaic, while building 3 more when aging, this will also help you to get your temple up faster.

6 on wood is a bit much for archaic, 5 on wood will still give you enough wood for 3 longhouses and enough TA to take care of the hersir threat.

You still might have won this game if you would have scouted better. He placed a temple right at your doorstep and you did not scout there, which costed you this game.
If you would have scouted and saw that temple, you would have known he was going to rush and you could have changed your playstyle by then.
Now he aged late for a Loki rush ( 5:00 where 4:30 is more usual ) but he just took you with surprise and could attack for a whole minute without any militairy resistance, which is killing! You can expect Loki to rush, its either that or HoT hersir raiding, but since thor can raid 1000x better then Loki you can ignore that option.

You also need to work on your micro.
I saw Hersirs attacking TA, TA attacking Einherjar... you still think its strange you lost jumpertje?
His micro was way better, he knew when to retreat and his units where targeting the units they where supposed to counter for like 80% of the time. He won this game because of his superior micro and your poor scouting ( else you might have won by doing a quick ulfsark flood which is the usual thing to do in norse vs norse battles.

Because of these mistakes i rate this a 2.0, not because i think you suck but because you made a lot of unesessary mistakes and you need a lot to work on.

Additional Comments:

Next time, keep that ulfsark on patrol, do not waste time with building houses, 1 house at the start should suffice for your population the whole time you are in archaic age.
Also go for a standard 4:30 Ulf bleed vs other norse and especially rushing gods.
When aging you create 1 hersir , and when you age he and your ulf create 3 longhouses with 2 having ulfs on aq, 1 TA on aq. You have your starting hersir to kill your opponents start MU, your ulfsarks outmass the rest and your TA can take care of any infantry counters that show up.

[Edited on 10/08/07 @ 11:01 AM]

empireofages small addittion which has nothing to do with your playstyle and therefore not included in the review:
FukyouPutos is a cheater. If you check his online stats at ESO you will that all his games last for 0:12 mins ( 12 seconds ) which means he is using an osiris hack. Never get to impressed by somebodys rate, its just a number after all.
File Author
dude im 1630.
wtf do u expect from this rec
empireofages no reason to act offended.
Above is constructive critisism.
If you do not wish to get critisism you should not post your recs here.
File Author
ok. ur right.
i wasnt angry or something by the way. Im just sick of being a bad player.
Two_ace_u I'd advice you to listen to "Officials" Next time.
Empire, could you possibly be a bit more Friendlier when reviewing next time?
baldr_bruno_tog hey man i had to say that for a period of time you were better than funkyouputos.I had to say that u had the best god in the game . 1)U dont have to do the first GP so early .2)You have to be more aggressive in the game .3) you have to explore .4)you have to build a strong economy .5)and the last one but the best thing that u have to do when you have Thor make the upgrades in armory (the bonus of thor),and try to reach the 2 age faster than 5:15
empireofages sorry two_ace.
I will try to bring it more "friendly" next time :)
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