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Version: AoM: The Titans
Sparta has been destroyed by the Romans. Look for their camp and investigate what they are up to. Once you have found their evil plan, get prepared for the last battle of the Spartan army, and to ethernal glory.... AHU!

This game contains:
- Two great battles
- Secrets
- Very Eye candy scenario
- Cinematics
- Lots of triggers
- Stealthmode and disguise
- Many others!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
zorkax Sounds interesting. Will download and review.
zorkax Playability: 4
Quite good playability. Spartan was strong enough to win, and it was still a little challenging.
Balance: 4
Quite good balance. Spartan was strong enough to win, and it was still a little challenging.
Could have made it a little bit more challenging.

Creativity: 4
Great ideas. But it was really just a plain old kill the enemies scenario in the end. Maybe you could have added some more triggers, and more 'missions'.

Map Design: 4
Not bad map design. Great batle scenes, but the map was a little short, so I finished the game in about 5 minutes.

Story/Instructions: 4
Nice story, and good instructions. Maybe you could have included some more cinematics and dialogue.

Additional Comments:
Altogether a good game, with plenty of rrom for improvement. Just pay attention to scenario design advice in forums and downloads. Also download plenty of other scenarios and look on editor at their scenarios. You may find some great things there.

[Edited on 10/14/07 @ 08:30 AM]

File Author
You really did all the scenario in only 5 minutes? You killed medusa and cesar? Its really odd that you finished in just 5 min.
Anyways thanks for the comment.
I Love Bananas zorkax and cheek30, your reviews have been removed because they do not comply with the Review Guidelines of this site. Please, take a look at them at this page:


Spazmodan45 Very fun Scenario. I feel like this is based off a PS2 game. I liked the beginning battle but the Colossus actually didn't attack the wall, so he just stood there, which was kinda weird and it was SO easy to kill it. The medusa part wasn't that fantastic since it doesn't attack you, you can just easily fly through that. Starting cinematic was kinda bouncy, laggy, and you could see of the edge of the map. The stealth mode was extremely easy. I didn't even know where i was going and i practically walked right through it. The second cinematic when you get to Leonidas, doesn't even have Cinematic Mode On, which ended up being kinda strange. I liked the idea of the healing columns but made it seem "too" easy. I was expecting a more dramatic ending as well. The ending was just a tiny little cramped area of a few destroyers. Probably could've made the colossus a lot stronger than they are since they're about 20x bigger than you and there's only a few of them. The last boss was pretty easy as well, but it still is only a person =P. The map could've been been a little more detailed but that would possibly cause quite a bit more lag.

In conclusion, i thought this was really fun. It was addicting and inspired me to make some maps kind of like this for multiplayer. I hope you keep making some more maps. You have potential to become a really good scenario maker. Almost forgot, maybe you could have spiced up the storyline a bit as well, make it really exciting and make me feel as if i'm in there. So yeah, keep making scenarios! Really fun map!
wazupbro Thank you for posting this great game but theres a problem..... i download it but i cant play it....... please help anyone i would be grateful to know.......Thank You
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
this was a very fun and easy map to play. it was also kinda challenging at one part, and i like challenges. i also like the way you were so strong, it made it fun to play. very fun and playable.

Balance: 4
the balance was nice. you were very strong and it was easy to kill the enemies, but i kinda liked it.

Creativity: 4
it was creative. i like the way you have to get to the catapolt, but the colossi didnt attack the gate, it stood there untill i got to it, and it was too easy the kill the colossi. the colossi should have been harder to kill, and that would have made this a 5.

Map Design: 5
the map was beautiful. enough said.

Story/Instructions: 5
it was easy. just "kill all the purple guys" and "find out what they're up too" so this gets a 5

Additional Comments: this was a very good scenario, but if the colossi was harder and if it was a bit longer, i would've givin it a pefect 5. but it is a great scenario a must download.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Very easy to play,the healing pillars were key. The enemies were easy to distinguish, since they came after you.

Balance: 3
Pretty well balanced the healing pillars were pretty much there when i needed them. I have no idea what the sentinel god power was for, and yeah if only the colossi were stronger.
Creativity: 3
There was some good ideas including the fire pit that was out, and the tent searching.The building of the colossi and the military camps.

Map Design: 3
The map was pretty direct, not a lot of options on where to travel,and moderate detail.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story was good but not the greatest. I like a good story or an accurate one when playing scenario's.Especially single player ones.

Additional Comments:

[Edited on 03/30/14 @ 10:06 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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