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AOM: Acid Spewing Freaks

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 9
Version: AoM: The Titans
A long time ago, somewhere in Greece, there was a small, peaceful village. Basically isolated from the rest of the "civilized" world, the villagers relied on their own hard work for their survival. Among the basic needs of the villagers was food, obviously, and for this, they generally relied upon hunters and gatherers. The greatest of these hunters was a man named Jax.

Jax was skilled in the use of the spear, and for more dangerous prey, his shield. He feared nothing that walked on four legs, and wasn't afraid to prove it. He might have been a strong warrior against men as well, though no situation ever arose where he was called upon to test that theory. And so, he passed his days guiding the village warriors from one successful hunt to another.

Eventually, everyone falls upon hard times, and so it was with Jax's village. Game populations began to dwindle locally, forcing Jax and his men to hunt in more obscure and dangerous regions. It is while our heroes are keeping overnight watch during a hunting trip in the Dead Man's Marsh that our story truly begins.


- several different reoccuring hero characters
- prologue and epilogue
- 7 playable levels
- epilogue music file
- varying mission goals and environments
- lots and lots of "acid spewing freaks"

I could say more, but why read about it when you can download it? :-)

~Majik Monkee~
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I thought the campaign was very fun. The gameplay was simple enough, although some variations in fighting style would have been nice. Next time you should add an AI for the enemy so that they can attack the player while he or she is building up an army. This would make the gameplay more intense and keep the player on the edge of his/her seat. The cinematics were also interesting with some very creative dialog. It was kind of boring as you did not include music, animations, and portrait images in most of your cinematics. Also, make sure to turn unit obscuration while in cinematic mode. If you do not know, the trigger effect for this is "SetObscuredUnits".

Balance: 2
Sorry, but it was horribly balanced. The only balanced scenario was the sixth one. The fifth scenario had great potential however, with the 1,000 meteors, lightning storms, and restorations, the player didn't even have to build an army to prevail. The second most unbalanced scenario would have to be the third one. You gave the player 10,000 of each resource to build up a base and an army. But, I was able to successfully navigate through the cliffs with only the initial heroes. I'd suggest not having Antonia be able to instantly heal the others - just slow it down a bit. Also, there were a few times in the earlier scenarios where my heroes died yet I did not lose. So with regenerating heroes, it is pretty much impossible not to win.

Creativity: 4
Great job here! This was the most creative campaign I've played in a long time. The plot, memorable characters, sci-fi references, and locations were very unique. Although you weren't very creative as far as triggers go. Again, I think it would have been nice to use some triggers to make a more exciting boss fight rather than selecting your colossus and right-clicking Zeromus.

Map Design: 3
For the most part, the map design was fairly simple. Most of the landscape was less detailed than a random map. Place some more natural objects along with a little more terrain mixing and elevation. I did like the city design in the fifth scenario. Nice use of space and symmetry. Just go through each map and take ten minutes to decorate. Add waves to the water bodies and other eye-candy objects here and there. It shouldn't take too much time and it will pay off very nicely.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was fantastic. I could tell that you spent a lot of time brainstorming and writing it out. It was nice reading a little about each character and then seeing what happened to everyone in the epilogue. However, the objectives were hard to rememember as the message box history is not logged and nothing was written in the objectives menu. I know they were written in the help document, but it would still be nice to have them recorded in game in case you have to take a second glance.

Additional Comments:
Excellent campaign! Just consider the things I've mentioned. I will be looking forward to any future campaigns from you.

Shadow Of Roxas
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I thought the playability was fair. it had some hard points and a flaw with the restoratation god power in the soter stormeagle level where you have to defeat an entire army by yourself.

Balance: 4
i Thought the balance was okay. It had its points of action and it points of eyecandy and story. This kis one of the few campaigns i dled nd thought it looked well done.

Creativity: 4
I thought it was very creative, however it doesn't deserve a 5. I never would've thought of the arguses as acid spewing freaks. one of the things i didn't like is that some characters, such as biggs, were left behind. It was still equally creative though.

Map Design: 5
I thought the map design was excellent in most levels. Infact, i noticed in the first level that it had some eyecsandy. Very good map design.

Story/Instructions: 4
Some of the instructions were absolutely terrible but the story doubled up the 2 it would've gotten if it were just insructions. But I thought the story was excellent.

Additional Comments:Keep up the good work!
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
I thought the campaign was very fun. The gameplay was simple very simple,as there were no real changes in the way you played the scenarios.... And the Enemy doesnt do much the just sit around waiting to be attacked, if you for instance, added and AI the Gameplay would be alot more challenging. And The cinemtics would have been better if you added some Music Files, Espeially for the prolouge as there is nothing to make you WANT to play.

Balance: 2
Well you scored low here, it was badly balanced. The sixth scenario was great And proabaly the most interesting.The scenrio were you had to invade the big base was proably my favorite, though the scenario had Good potential , with the God powers it made it easy, the player Only needed a line of site to defeat the enemy didn't even have to build an army to stay Alive.

Creativity: 4
You did good here, The campaign was very creative as I have never seen any like: Acid Spewing Freaks. But you didn't do any that good triggering, But there were some good things like the Dragon On the volcano in the 2nd Scenrio. Well done!

Map Design: 2
No offence But, The map wasn't that well Designed , Yes a few cliffs and Canyons here and there, but it wasnt to good. Maybe next time try and Put Eyecandy in more areas of the map Not just the MAIN areas were the Cinemtics and so are.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was Great , Because I havnt seen Many Campaigns like this out, BUT the Instructions were bad , even though they were written in the readme. I mean its not hard to add objectives. Just go triggers>effects>Objectives and Write In there I.D.

Additional Comments:
All in all the Campaign was good BUT it could be patched up in some places , Well done on a Fine result! :)

[Edited on 12/11/08 @ 06:59 PM]

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Map Design3.3
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