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-The Slayer-

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Version: AoM: The Titans
The concept of this game is from a book I've been writing, Reign of Wars. In the scenario you must take Nightmare the apprentice Slayer through harsh tasks to become a true Slayer. (hero) There are multiple missions or quests you can do, from saving a city to Escaping a snow storm. Have fun!

What's there to do in the game?

10 fun missions in which you can do many of things, after each of them are completed, you will unlock a final mission.. you'll have to find out for your self about what it is.

How's the visuals?

Cinematics: I'm not too great at them but do expect a few of them in the game.
Eye Candy: I'm really good at this though.. I stuffed this map with eye candy that it's practically overflowing with it. (exaggeration of course haha.)It is used with great effort. Sometimes there might be ruins of an anceint city.. you'll have to infer on what happened.

Please post your thoughts and comments and if there are any errors or any trigger/cutscene problems that you have experienced PLEASE POST! I will fix them as soon as possible. Anyways just enjoy the game for the most part. Thanks!
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Khan And Steak First impression: "10 MB!! Holy dooley what have you included in here?" *goes to find out*... *can't find whats inside*

Hmm... Just a little suggestion - Presentation is the main thing that draws people in, tell them what is it (as no scenario takes up 10 mb), include a screenshot.

Will comment further once I have played your map~ Khan
Dragonu all the screens and info you want is here
Darkest_Evil Playability: 4
It's very good, fun to get to choose your own missions.

Balance: 4
The Slayer is a little overpowered, and few monsters with little difficulty.

Creativity: 5
Very creative with the missions.

Map Design: 4
Some good eye candy, but you could have added some more.

Story/Instructions: 3
Short story and introduction, needs more of a story to follow.

Additional Comments:
Overall it's a good game, but there are some bugs that you have to work out, but good job Nightmare.

[Edited on 10/26/07 @ 03:15 AM]

Darkest_Evil, your review has been deleted because it does not comply with the review guidelines. Please read them.


Map Design5.0
Well, I thought I'd downlaod and review, so here you go:

Playability: 3
The missions were all playable. I could not really find any trigger bugs but there were a few things that forced me to give you a 3: First of all in the 'Curve Blade' bandit mission, I looked around but could not find Curve Blade. It turns out he was over a black area on the cliffs which I mistook for black rock. This could easily confuse other players. Also I could not win the scenario even though I completed all the missions and bought all the relics back.

Balance: 2
This was possibly the greatest flaw in your scenario. First of all I'll start by saying the missions were balanced, the retoration to enemies ratio was very good with just the right ammount to complete a mission. However, on the mission where you have to defend a town, you get hero murmillos from blue's army. These are the ame units as Nightmare, and therfore have the same stats, so I tripled my power in the other missions making them easy.

Creativity: 3
I liked the ideas of relics, that was very creative although there was nowhere to put them. The enemy attacking the town mission was also very good (They even killed the cows!). However I'm giving you a 3 for lack of mission variety. Most of them were just killing, maybe add a few puzzles?

Map Design: 5
Very good. You have used the available space on the map very well and efficiently. Eyecandy is everywhere and you have worked really hard to mix the terrain. A great point on this map! Well done!

Story/Instructions: 4
Your story was original and creative, and your instructions ingame were informative. However I could not hear any music playing even though I followed your instructions on the readme file. The only annoying thing ingame was the 'I need to get out of here' in the snowstrom mission being repeated too much. Also some instructions were not given as you came out mof the sky passage.

Additional Comments:
Overall, a good scenario and well thought out. You should have learnt a lot from making this scenario and I hope to see more from you in the future. Next time try to add a bit more variety to the missions.

Looking foward to your next scenario :).
Urgwaine Hey Nightmare =D I liked the idea of the slayer, but I don't think you really worked it our the right way. Some points which need improvement:

Your slayer could solo entire armies, and when obtaining 3 slayers, well, you pretty much can't lose. Also I didn't have to use any of my GP's.

The whole scen was just slaying horde of horde, not much variety. Except for the Snowstorm and Town Defense scenario.
A good idea might be to open up new areas after others are completed. Which will enable you to create some more difficult ones after you completed easier missions, because you upgrade your hero through the use of relics. Which could have been expanded on, creating a very nice upgrade system.

The story was a bit plain, there was only a short, and not very well done opening cinematic. Also only the mission where you have to infiltrate a fort (just killing everyone) had some nice dialogues, but it lacked story. And since I love cinematics, I think you should have put in more of them, for every bossfight etc. Imo they add alot to the overal mood of the game.

Overall it was a nice scenario, but it has room for improvement. GL on your other projects :-)
File Author
Thanks everyone for your comments and reviews.

Alright, the sound should've worked for the cinematics and all.
I tried to get rid of the 3 slayer thing by, when you finish the defend the town thing a trigger should've gotten rid of them. (will fix.)

Curve Blade should have stayed in the same spot the whole time, right with all those rugs and pots with his bodyguards.

But the thing I'd like to know is.. Did it let you get to the final boss, (the titan)?
The only reason I could think of why this would not work is because of a trigger in the defend the town scenario. Once you defend the place from all of the waves all of the troops you got should've converted back AND you should've got a confirmation message showing that you were victorious on that mission.
Please answer me i'd greatly appreciate it.
Look forward to a campaign that is sort-of based on this. It'll be pretty fun. ALSO! look for some new multiplayer maps based on my book, they are pretty sweet so far.

If anyone wants me to update anything I'll gladly do it. (Try a harder difficulty for more challenging play.) I'll try to make harder version.

[Edited on 11/03/07 @ 12:09 PM]

Urgwaine I think there is a bug in the defend the town mission, because I didn't get the titan boss.
File Author
yes there is, I know how to fix it now. I'll upload it when I'm done tweaking the entire thing to make it harder.

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