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2 vs 2 OASIS

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# of Players: 4
Map Type: Oasis
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: about 45 minutes
Player 1's Name: jumpertje4life
Player 2's Name: MAGIXXX_RELIXXX
Player 3's Name: nyome
Player 4's Name: yellow_honey
dude i really enjoyed this game. me and my friend both went random greek. i became hades and my ally zeus. we both make a forward. but in late game, my ally gets some serius problems so i thought we lost. but my ally came back and i could hold my foward too. then at the end. my ally invokes the lightning storm and thats the finishing tough. GG

please comment and rate
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empireofages ok jumpertje i will watch the game ( don't scream i know my comments sound a bit harsh, but i do so because i think you can learn a great deal from it )
Rating: 2
(Insert Rating analysis here)


- good start with letting vills travel through the TC to save walking time.

- you researched HD

- U went for the hunting inmeddiatly

- good heroic advance time

- your micro has been improved ( i saw your archers attacking infantry + a load of focus fire, very good. )

- good placement of your pestilence godpower

- very good that you created gastra's because they are dammn good and can easily own phants when microed properly.


- You could have had a great advance time, but because you kept training vills you delayed your advancement to classical age with approx 20 seconds. Remember that the next age is more important then a villager. This way your advance time went from great to decent.

- You had the whole first line of economical ups in archaic age. This is a good idea if you play Gaia, but normally you should only take Hunting dogs abd pickaxe ( unless the amount of herdables is extreme, you can take husbandry if you have the rescources for it)
Since your opponents did not raid you to death for it and you got away with it i will not draw much attention to this point.

- You did research militairy upgrades in this game, but not soon enough. You should try to get medium + copper armor around at least 13:00.


- no militairy units until 9:00 ( no your free myth unit does not count).
You should try to make a habit of it as Hades to lay down 2 archery ranges + stable in classical and put them on the aq.
If your opponent would have made any attemptment to rush you would have been creamed because you had no militairy force ( at 9:00 you can get a force big enough to easily maul down Hades TC's with towers ).

- You had way 2 much wood for most of the game.
A certain point ingame:
your rescources:
food: 46
That really is way to much. A resource not used is a rescource not spent.
Do not be afraid to shift villagers to other rescources if you have 2 much of 1.
"You should tailor your economy to your needs, not your needs to your economy" [/DaP Quote]
You can also sell it at the market so you get gold, which makes you able to buy the rescources you need.

- Its a low food map and you did not make farms until approx the 20th minute while you had all that wood?
Thats bad... i do not think i need to say more about that point...

- Why did you wait that long before putting a fortress up? That fort is one of the greeks biggest heroic power, you get OP ranged siege as the only race in the game in that age!
You where heroic at approx 10th-11th minute.
I suggest you use that advantage next time ^^

- small micro flaws ( Nemean Lions attacking hersirs? Unless your lions can kill the hersir with their bad breath i suggest to keep them away from those nasty heroes )

- A decent militairy force stood at your allies side idle for 15 mins! That is unforgivable because you are wasting population here! You have those units so use them!

- no raids?

- Almost not heroes so a Myth spammer like Loki or any Norse must have been very happy.
try to have all 4 heroes out as much as possible.

- When you get mythic, abuse those helepolis, they defeat all units but titans in 1 on 1 and rape buildings, so create them :)

- No armor ups till lategame.
Thats bad.
Perhaps you want some guidelines about those as Hades:

Medium archers : ASAP
copper armor line: before 13:00

Myth techs to improve your archers: If you have the rescources for them, if not, leave them till you get late heroic/early mythic.

Bronze armor line: before 17:00

Heavy/Champion archers ASAP ( if you use the archers a lot which you should as Hades )
Iron: whenevr you can afford without getting gaps in villager and/or militairy production.

- Ehmm... Why you went Aphrodite?
Apollo has the archer techs, he is the better choice unless your opponent masses archers which wasn't the case here.

Additional Comments:

Still many mistakes, but i give a 2.0 instead of a 1.0 because i see some improval.

[Edited on 10/21/07 @ 09:56 AM]

File Author
k thanx for the tips
File Author
at the beginning i noticed that teal wasnt a aggressive player, so i went for a fast 2e tc and didnt make army soon XD
File Author
by the way..whats ur online aot name?
maybe we can play sometimes if u want to
empireofages add Ascendend, thats my smurf acc.
Rating: 2
This was a very intense game, I'll point out what I saw as the biggest flaws as well as the best points of the game.

Good Points:

-Your build order was very sound, no need to modify that whatsoever.
-Your beginning game economic micro was very well, you did great with your microing beginning game and only started to go slightly downhill with economic micro at 8:00 in.
-You used your god powers all quite effectively.
-You helped your partner very well as it was a team game, you definitely did your share.

Bad Points:

-As before mentioned, you had no line upgrades... nor did you have armory upgrades for that matter.
-You advanced at a late time, very acceptable for a Hades player, but you did nothing with it. By this I mean that when you afvanced you should have instantly put up at least 1 military building, especially when all you knew about your opponent from your limited scouting was that he/she advanced 1:10 before you.
-Surplus wood, I know this is a sentence fragment so let me clarify. SURPLUS WOOD! Haha sorry, now on to my point... your level of surplus wood was very high, at one point you had 4400 wood with 37 gold and 432 food, this is a hint that you may want to take away some of your 23 woodcutters, to instead join up with your 11 gold miners.
-When you saw his elepants it took you a while to make prodromos, and you still continued creating hypapists, switching to gastaphrates with hoplite and prodromos back-up was nice, but you should have brought in the prodromos earlier.
-Artemis vs. Isis/Thor team, this is bad I think. My reasoning is that vs. Isis you will almost always need the collosi, and vs. Thor you need to be able to match his armory upgrades, his units when FU are a very good competition for yours.

Additional Comments:

A little late I know, but better than nothing I hope.

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