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owned by FT

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Ghost Lake
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Player 1's Name: Ramazing
Play a game where I get beaten quite badly, bring the criticism please, I would like to learn...

btw... this is some guy "Iammexicomike" or something like that's smurf.

Apparently he's 1900 lol...

owned! beyond owned actually, this game is very very... hilarious.
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logflume53 Alright, I could be completely wrong in some things I suggest because I am nowhere near an expert, so anyone feel free to correct me.

First, a couple economic things. You had your villies all on the boars on one side, but then attacked the boar on the other side. When the boar attacked, your villie ran away, making the use of the granary you had just put up useless till the next boar as you were closer to the tc. Nothing big, since granaries free anyway, but it wastes time.

You scouted with Pharoah. They empower twice as much as priests on most things, and all you have to do with priests is put up obelisks. You can even pick up relics with them. Rather have the better empowerer than the worse...right?

A couple storehouses were off the gold mines a bit. Again, not big, but its just a bit more time wasted.

You had 13 or so vills on gold with pharoah empowering which was good. But then you had four other villies on the other gold mine getting no bonus whatsoever. Move them over.

You grabbed that second tc early, like he did, but unlike him, you did nothing with it for a while, you just let it sit there. At least farm or get wood for siege.

You put up that one barrack and didn't use it at all. Why put it up if you aren't going to use it? Wasted villie time.

Scarabs...oh man. Personally, instead of wasting 300 food and 18 favor, I'd have used that other tc and got 6 villies (one scarab cost minus the favor) for wood, and got siege. You already had monster surplus of gold. Scarabs aren't exactly good against normal units like most myth units. Even it's Norse equivelent, mountain giant can still beat regular units. Try to switch some villies from wood to whatever resource you need, or you aren't using resources properly. Even if you trade at the market, you still get ripped off a bit.

No trade at market.

The first attack was obviously over, yet you sent three more camels down to die over at the migdol.

When you went to go get his titan, you completely bypassed his chariots. Not sure if that was on purpose and you just wanted to stop the titan though.

You saw the titan coming at 90% but you still sent those camels to die when he obviously was getting the titan.

4,200 gold vs titan...PRIESTS!!! They are so good against titans, when you spam them, it's incredible. I was urging you to get those priests, but you got them too late, and only 6 of them. And you saw they put aound a 1/7 hole in the titans health. Mass them as soon as you see the titan coming...as soon as you saw he researched the titan, you should've started bringing them out.

Whoa, it's a lot easier when I'm not playing the game. Again, everyone, feel free to correct me. Most of that stuff was minor, but against an economically efficient opponent, you had to do the little things. And those priests, man. Those priests.

[Edited on 10/22/07 @ 08:23 PM]

File Author
barracks = I expected isis laming through thoth for thoth ellies, was getting spear upgrades throughout the match until I realized he was pulling a titan, didn't you notice?

and I made slingers from it to battle CA...

Ra = Scout with pharaoh because priest has no LOS and obelisks are expensive

set = scout with animals

isis = scout with priest.

I seperated food and gold at places because with the hunt on one side I was on my last boar about to finish him off, needed to have another area gathering food, and for gold I didn't want to have too many guys in 1 spot so they could either a. get too crowded and stop working or b. use up that supply too fast and all be idle... the battles were too intense for me to economically micro so by doing that I saved a lot of hassle I thought..

thanks for the tips though, do appreciate them..

this comment wasn't meant as a retort, but was meant as a reasoning behind what I was thinking at the time.


oh and I resigned after the titan made it to my base because even though I had gold his score was 5300 mine was 2500...

[Edited on 10/22/07 @ 08:35 PM]

empireofages you want me to have a look at it Squeoo?
logflume53 Oh, no, I completely gotcha. I said I didn't know too much, just saying what I saw.
File Author
if you'd like empire, that'd be cool, it would be nice to learn a bit, but I panicked and I figure that may be most of why I lost.
empireofages k.
When i find the time i will watch it.
Rating: 3
(Insert Rating analysis here)

You panicked indeed...
On the other hand, if you do not expect an FT you are idd done for.
You could have expected it because he took a 2nd TC in classical age, means he needed way more vills then for a normal FH, means he would do something expensive, = TITAN.
NExt time you see some eggy taking a 2nd TC in classical he will go FT for like 75% of the time so training priests as soon as you see it is not a bad idea.
Why did you go for Sekmet?
Go Hathor, she is the only thing that can make RA more lame then Isis!
Besides a combo of priests/pets/siege > Titan.
Just group those in 2 diff armies, attack the titan, lets the group he wnats to attack run away , while the other group keep attacking him, when he goes for those you let those run away and let the other group come back etc.
Remember this is a FAST titan, that means he invests everything in that titan so he cannot have a very big army.
You still did not made any chariots.
A titan is slow, so ranged > Titan.
Why did you go for that miggy with your army while his home TC was undefended?
You should have attacked there!
If you would have scouted better you would have known. An unnessesary loss of units, especially since you knew he had not used the A/E combo yet. Very painful mistake, perhaps the biggest you have made.
Good usage of shifting sands for saving those vills, that was one of the better things you did.
Your micro was still crap, but you ca improve that i'm sure.

I rate this game a 3.0 because 3.0 is my standard for a game in which the other player just outskilled the other player with a strategy that is just uber lame.
Still, you can do better then this Squeoo now you know what to do when you see a 2nd TC for eggy in classical age.

Next time your thoughts must go like this:

PLayer X: player X has built a settlement.

You: 0MG TH1S 1S ST1LL CL4SS1C4L 4G3 H3 M1GT G0 F0R 4 T1T4N!!!! 1 MUST G0 PR0DUC3 SUM PR13STS!!!!!

Hope this was helpful, if not just say so.
Additional Comments:
File Author
wasn't a bad review... However, when I saw 2 TC in classical I took a second TC, upped, and brought the scarabs so that I could take down his buildings with their uber might... plus, I was expecting Isis laming through thoth and was going for sehkmet since I was planning horus for the spearmen, I figured it couldn't hurt to have more powerful slingers as well (slings of the sun) basically I expected so much a thoth isis for the elephants that overpower even Osiris Ra Camels that I just wanted to make sure I was ready for this moment... that just never happened to come.

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