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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » The Badland Chronicles Scenario 2: Raven's Dominion

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The Badland Chronicles Scenario 2: Raven's Dominion

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# of Players: 7: 4 human team 1, 1 computer team 5, 2 computers team 1
Version: AoM: The Titans
The Badland Chronicles
Scenario 2: Raven's Dominion

Version: 1.0
May be bugs, please let me know if you find any. Moving not close enough to the shop torch is not a bug! It all works!

Player 1 -4 humans team 1
Player 5 computer team 2 zeus
Player 6 computer team 1 zeus
Player 7 computer team 1 odin

I cannot stress this enough: Read the objectives and set the teams up here as instriucted or the game will not function!

Welcome, you clearly have great taste.
  • A new innovative shop system
  • Over 1 hour of fun
  • No lag atall if you are using a good computer
  • Lag if anyone is using a bad computer
  • A great challenge to play with your friends
  • 6 exciting missions
  • 3 minigames to give variety
  • Nicely done cinematics
  • Detailed objectives if anyone can be bothered to read them
  • Secrets, for the smart players!

    Insert the Yeebaagooon folder into your AOM/Sound folder.

    Insert the scenario files into the scenario folder.

    Read objectives! Remember what has been said and youll be fine :).

    On minigames 2 and 3 delete your old men to start when you are safe (preferably at a camp) so enemies dont pwn you while you play.

    If you are not moving to where you want ROTATE YOUR CAMERA 180 DEGREES! Or use the minimap. Its because of the extreme elevation.

    Thankyou to Lord_Eric0173 for the music.

    If members of OS wish to submit a review, that would violate the review guildelines, so please post it in comment form.

    Thanks, and review please!
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 5
    The playability of this map was perfect. There are 6 stunning missions to go through in this map. Each having their own little unique objective, and "puzzle". As well, if you want a quick break from the missions, there are several mini games to lay that add to the enjoyment. You as have the choice to customize your hero's stats, a very nice add, and gives players a bit of freedom.
    Balance: 4
    This does in fact deserve a five, but there were a few flaws that could end one hero's life in an instant. Which makes it so teamwork is heavily relied upon to even think of surviving. Now the ice gaint does have a big factor that lads this to only have a 4, but as well, but there were at times when it was just 1 person, crushing through enemy forces to the boss, and others, were we had to all heal, then run back, heal, then run back. Took some time to get through some missions. Also when(if you do) you were to make another badland game, just keep in the back of your head to "evenly" spread out the enemies in the map. In the desert, I was quite said there were really only 2 "mini bosses", and a few anubites.

    Creativity: 4.99999 ;;>.>
    Me, and my friends were awe struck in the intro cincematic, and idea for the first mission. You start off as a killing machine wolf. Pretty dang creative right there. But it gets better, all the several boss battles have their own twists, and turns, and magic to help them make your life hell. It's not just go from point a to point b, hack at boss for 5 minutes, continue your journey. Congratulation's, there is so much thought, and ideas put into this map. However, most level up bonous' and god powers were somewhat redundant. But you always find a way to make them fresh, and helpful. As well, the hospital center saved many lives, and we almost never became 100% reliant on a priest, or other healing unit/god power.

    Map Design: 5
    So much eye candy, so distracting, almost got me killed... From marshes, to desert, to mountain peaks, to dark cave. Even each boss battle's scenery makes you just want to stare at in, instead of possibly destroy it. However I was debating on the transitions into each new area/mission, but figured that would be really just picky, becuase almost every designer has that problem. Again maybe another area to work on.

    Story/Instructions: 4.99999999 ;;>.>
    B-E-A-U-tiful story. The first cincematic hooked me in right away, and the last made me aching for more. Most instructions were on the spot, and was easier for you to remember that way. You even gave a few "extra's" to us(like character, and land descriptions).

    Additional Comments:
    Congratulation's Yeebaagooon this map hits home, and then some, and even then some again. You created a wondrous land, and mesmerizing story. This is the kind of game you would have to PAY for to buy, and play it. May the third one be great, or even better than this one.
    Map Design2.0
    Playability: 4
    It was a good RPG. It had a lot of unique elements to it, like starting as a wolf, the mini-games, and the numerous small things (like Baske to the side in the swamp, etc.) to keep my attention to the game while my guy killed everything. I was only displeased as how repetitive it was. Most of the killing didn't have that extraordinary taste to it. The last boss was quite amazing, I have to say.

    Balance: 5
    The exp was fair and easy to get it. I didn't take hours to level, nor did it take 3 seconds to level. The bosses were slightly challenging. I didn't really have to order around my unit to much, it could defend itself. Also the random events were a bit stupid, but they were easy to deal with. I'm giving you a 5 because your ups made up for your downs.

    Creativity: 4
    I was a bit disappointed. It was a lot like any other RPG, just walking around, killing all the bad guys. The shops definitely boosted your points. It was fun to find them, and wonder to save up or spend now. The mini-games also slightly boosted your points, although they where just based off your Minigames X. Also the last thing for credits was interesting and quite pretty, although I know you just used the waterfall glitch trick.

    Map Design: 2
    This is where I was very disappointed in. The eyecandy was terrible. There was no terrain mixing, the swamp was just raised land in deep water. The camp after the swamp was mediocre. The small desert was mostly just a few rocks, nothing really special. The snow place was pretty much just some raised elevation with cliff snow terrain. The Hades place was quite bad as well. The roughed edges of the Hades cliff was about the only interesting thing there. It seemed you put more effort into the shops then the whole scenario. The 'extreme elevation' was also much more annoying than interesting. Overall, I give you a 2 for effort.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    The instructions were clear, and not hard to follow. The story was very well complete, and I was somewhat interested in it. I don't remember seeing any spelling/grammar mistakes. Nothing else to say here.

    Additional Comments:
    The map met my expectations. A thought out map with some extra elements to it, with an attempt to eyecandy. Defiantly a good download, but not as well done as your other maps. That's all I have to say for additional comments.

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    Map Design3.5
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    Size:3.63 MB
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