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user.con file

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Update: Recently I changed my keyboard layout to QWERTY, so I consequently had to reconfigure my hotkey file. So here it is, what you've all been waiting for, the QWERTY version world's greatest hotkey file! :P


- Place the file "user.con" in the program files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology\startup folder.

- To exclude any interference from files in the gamesettings.bar it might be a good idea to rename the file to:

  • "game.con" for AoM Vanilla

  • "gamex.con" for AoM Chocolate (TT)

- If multiple windows accounts play AoM, and only you wish to use this, place it in My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\startup as "user.con".

- Optionally, place the "defaultkeymap.xml" file in the data folder to (clear) reset the default hotkey configuration.

- Note that this has not been thoroughly tested for Vanilla, so I can't guarantee it to be fully operational.

- WARNING: back-up any files before overwriting.

What is it anyway?

A user.con file is in most cases used to create an alternative hotkey configuration, as if you don't wish to use the game interface to assign hotkeys to actions. One of the reasons for that might be that the in-game hotkey editor is only capable of combining hotkeys to very basic operations, e.g. train a unit. in fact the AoM engine can handle far more complex actions. To enjoy these you must create this user.con file. It can be 1 line long, it can be 100 lines, depending on your preferences. This user.con file is a very complete hotkey file. It contains all the units and buildings you can possibly build in-game. But next to that it also offers a wide variation of custom effects which can sometimes be activated only using hotkeys. A few examples:

  • Toggle autoqueue (automatic unit training repeat) - I can't live without this!

  • Rotate buildings and godpowers in-game.

  • Easy-advance hotkey.

  • Lots of hotkeys added to the main menu and the editor - particularly the F-keys.

  • Well-known windows hotkeys control-n (-o,-l,-z,-y,...) available in editor

  • More as 1 myth unit can be assigned to 1 hotkey, so you'll only have to remember 4 for all myths!

  • Same goes for the regular units.

  • Hotkeys to convert Atlantean soldiers to heroes.

  • Preset chat messages - send you favorite quote with 1 keypress.

  • Hotkeys for certain events as flare, patrol, guard, set gather point, unload etc.

  • In-game configuration switches.

  • Hotkeys assigned to creation of set animals, dryads etc.

  • Much more...

This file can be opened using a regular text editor (e.g. notepad) so feel free to check out the contents. This way it also offers a very rich template that can be used to make your own personal hotkey file. Search around the Internet for more topics about that issue.

The defaultkeymap file is used to clear the default hotkeys programmed into aom. To activate this, install the file as explained above and next, start the game, go to options > hotkeys > Default All. This will instantly clear all entries if you did it right. This is especially useful to prevent hotkey overwriting bewteen the user.con file and the game's configuration.

How to use

Once the user.con file is in the startup folder and the game is (re)started (hence the folder name), you can start to experiment with all new key combinations you have at your command. A good first try is to press F1 on the main menu, this will instantly take you to the ESO login tool. I cannot list all hotkeys here, because that would be to much, but if you open the file, you will see it's very easy to understand. A quick glance at the function map():

Default usage: map("<key>","<context>","<action>"); The key can be about any key combination: control-a or alt-shift-F1 etc. The context is slightly more difficult to explain, so i won't go into this, but this shouldn't be changed if you keep the action. At last the action is a console command, like tis("unit") [trainInSelected].
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nottud The context is simply when it can be used mainly.

Editor = editor only
Root = anywhere

What does the + mean infront of some hotkey combinations because I can't figure it out!
File Author
How did you find this so quick, I didn't yet post a topic in the SD&D. Anyway, I can tell alot more about the context but thats beyond the scope of this. I think puting the + in front of some keys enables them to repeat the command when pressed and not released. E.g. when changing the pitch with a/z, you should use "+a" and "+z" in order not to press "a" multiple times to change the pitch.
nottud I know what it is now - no it isn't what you said.

I think that the + means that the command is switched to toggle mode - on when pressed down and off when released. Those commands normally has a parameter of being on or off. (0 is on while 1 is off I think)

What is: map ("alt-b", "editor", "fogToBlack") ?

The console does not seem to recognise the command!

[Edited on 11/10/07 @ 06:59 AM]

File Author
Thats sort of what I wanted to say... I think.

Anyway, those commands you're looking at there are in the developer section. I tested them all and none of them work anymore, although they were once functional when creating the game. You should try to see if they work in the beta. I don't know.
invent00r Nice work Mythic. =)
This is very helpfull for those that still have the default AoT hotkeys.

nottud One thing I find interesting is that there is a game speed multiplier command that no longer works but there is a cheat that uses a command to do it and recorded games use it.

Simularly, there is a cheat to change the colour of water to red but no command.

There are loads of these hidden commands which every designer probably wishes to get their hands on.

Possible ways to get hands on them: They are not hidden BUT they have no help text for them so the console does not bring them up, they are another set of commands which nobody knows how to acess, or any other reason...

There are gadgets though in the game that run commands without there being any commands listed on them like in the editor menu. Pahaps there might be some way of bringing up these gadgets and using them with triggers! Think of what we could achieve! Change map size during game, change player colour, change player civ and more!

The only problem I would have would be to opperate the gadgets with triggers. Maybe that is something we could look into. I though that maybe there could be a way of moving the cursor to a certain and clicking - or at least the gadget itself. think this is mebga advanced and would be extremely difficult to develop!

Maybe there could be a way of doing it using the uiMessageBox command since that is a sort of gadget.

I think me, invent00r and Mythic_Freak should team up to make some pretty cool triggers and stuff since we all have a good understanding of that area.

[Edited on 11/10/07 @ 08:12 AM]

invent00r I don't really believe that we are capable of making gadgets work through the console...
They are just over-hardcoded so there is almost nothing we could do.
It would be really something if we could tho.

File Author
It would be awesome if we could achieve that, but I have no clue where to start looking to enable hidden commands. If you have a clue I'd sure like to help experimenting.
momcrac2010 Hey man this is really good!
But, I was wondering if I could throw in my rotate mod into the file, then send it to you...
Contact me by my profile, my E-Mail is there.

Thank You!

PentaHydra I changed the hotkeys in the file using notepad by myself, but im having a problem with the advance button wich. I by default is "y" try to change it but it doesnt seem to work in game. Any ideas why this happens? the only commands about it i see is in Instante Finder and Builder Acelerators as // "y" = advance. i change both but it doesnt work. Also i would like to know if its possible to configurate a command for example that one // "y" = advance , to mouse 4 or mouse 5 button as my mouse has 2 more buttons in the left side but i dont know if it is possible or if it is how does the file detect it, for example // "mouse4" = advance , but that way it doesnt seem to work. Do you have any idea about this things? I would appreaciate some help. Thanks

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