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Ping Pong Original by Yeebaagooon

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# of Players: 2 (1 Comp)
Version: AoM: The Titans
Ping Pong By Yeebaagooon

This map has been created in less than half a day using Arch's Anti Gravity triggers and a cool idea by me!

Teams do not matter, just make sure there is one computer!

Its a ping pong game, what more can I say :p. Enjoy playing this and feel free to comment and host like crazy. This was originally going to be for my Minigames X map, but I liked the idea so much I made this!

Special thanks:

  1. Elvarg for his ingenious solution to the suicide AI!
  2. Arch for the Anti Gravity Triggers.

Ideas I have that cant be stiolen!:

  1. 4 Players
  2. More deathballs!
  3. Stickyballs that when you use rain fire really fast at the enemy.

Feel free to comment and make suggestions
NOT for singleplayer use
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OzE_PyRoLeGion *Spams Ooh Taunts*
Looks Good
Sounds good
Probably is good :P
Well your having fun doing mini-games at the moment aren't you?
nottud Interesting idea - what happens if the unit fails to make it to the other side?

Also I agree - make it for 4 players because it won't spread well on ESO - anyway the more players there are the funner it is.
File Author
The unit always makes it to the other side. Having a few problems with 4 players at the moment, but Ill get round them.
Sponge of Honor
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The overall playability is good. I didn't see any bugs, glitches or other problems during the time I played. Which is good. However, it is sometimes quite hard to see which gate our beloved Ping-Pong ball (Kastor) is going to go (due to the fact that the gates are minimized). Yet, this is not as disturbing as the text might incline - after a couple of seconds I was able to comprehend better with our beloved Ping-Pong ball.

Balance: 5
The balance is, most notably, perfect. Since there are no really "hidden tactics" or real difference between the two sides of the map, I'd like to say that the balance is perfect at least. Even though I was quite 'owned' when I tried it (at first I tried to use my opponent's horse and had to rematch, after that, I deleted my horse and rematched, and after that I lost the normal way), I felt that only by training a bit and possibly reacting slightly quicker, I should be able to play on a good level. Therefore: No balance issue.

Creativity: 5
The creativity is at its top. No need to explain why: The overall concept of using AoM as a ping-pong-game is quite mindbobbling itself. Therefore I give the creativity a nice and clean "5".

Map Design: 3
The map design is good. Yet somehow, maybe a little bit too overembellished. Out beloved Ping-Pong ball seem to dissapear within the bushes and lushes of the map, which feels a little bit disturbing. If the field would've been clean from all the bushes and lushes, it would've been much easier to acctually see where the guy is moving. But, while this may be disturbing, just take a look at the wonderfull design around the map's edges and corners. It doesn't feel empty and edgy, and therefore I may as well say that the Map design is really good with eyecandying, but the central field should've been kept clean.

Story/Instructions: 5
Since there is no real 'story' behind it all, I may as well only rate the instructions. It all begin with a short intro cinematic in which the whole system of moving horse, repelling Kastor is described in a very nice and uncomplicated way. After that, most of it is self-explanatory. So this is therefore another "5".

Additional Comments:
Well, we're down to the very last part of this review. What may I say? Another addition to our scenario community AT LEAST worth playing three times (because that was what I did). It may not be Epic, but it is really, really good. And if you ever think that you need some humor in AoM scenarios - well, play this after a couple of minutes and see if you can hold your mouth from breaking out in a hearty warm laugh. It's hilarious to see those three Kastors running around in eternity, bouncing off the horses.

- SoH
geodude This is very good! Try having two players on each side and have to Kastor's and then it will go up 2 every how ever many seconds.
File Author
Thankyou very much for the review :).

I should be able to do lives if there are army AG triggers, and I was thinking of doing what geodude suggested.

Some other improvements will be:
Spy on your unit transformed to shockwave to give the impression of repulsion

Some god powers like increased range or something :).
elvarg_Flame Hey Yeebaagooon, I won't be playing Age of Mythology until December 1, 2007. My parents grounded me, lol, I will download this though, but I won't be able to play it, therefore I won't be able to rate it.

Note: It's Elvarg, not Ekvarg (you put Ekvarg on the top)

[Edited on 11/16/07 @ 09:02 PM]

File Author
Thanks Ekvarg :p.

Sorry to hear that, sound painful and I dont believe in it.
Xinthose I'm surprissed that people like you are still finding new and interesting ways to advance the compendium of material already thought of for this game....

[Edited on 11/22/07 @ 12:11 AM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
The playability in this was great. It never got boring because you always had to be moving and ready to hit the kastor back. I liked how more and more kastors come and its one of my favorite games to play (went 4-0 on eso the other day :P)

Balance: 5
The balance is perfect.. the players are even and both have an equal chance of winning. The kastors move at random. Not much more I can say, perfect balanced.

Creativity: 5
I have never seen a map like this before and have never seen an idea like this which is why you get a 5 for creativity :P. Great use of trigs too.

Map Design: 4
As said before, a little overembellished :P but still nice. Perfect size for ping pong. Not a ton more to say, cuz its a small map :)

Story/Instructions: 5
You explained how to play, how to hit the kastor back, and showed where he had to go for you to win/lose. Great instructions. A story would have been nice though, like why are they there.

Additional Comments: One of my favorite maps/minigames to play. I really loved the gameplay in this. It never gets boring to me :D

Great job on this map :D
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Map Design4.3
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