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The Tower of Babylon

Author File Description
The Vandhaal
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans

Created by:The_Vandhaal
RELEASE DATE Age of Mythology the Titans version: 13-11-2007
RELEASE DATE Age of Mythology Extended Edition version version: 30-01-2015
(read more below about the AoM EE version)
TYPE: Age of Mythology the Titans, Interactive eyecandy map with explore/puzzle rpg game



Welcome mortal

Lies only lies have been spread around the destruction of the Tower of Babylon.....this tale is the truth...this tale will tell you what really happend.

The Tower of Babylon one of the biggest wonders the world has ever seen
Its construction was started by the great Persian God King Hystaspes and continued during the reigns of his son and grandson: Darius I and Xerxes.

Finally after 3 generations the work ( and deaths) of millions of slaves resulted into a mighty tower....a tower which reached into the realm of the true gods !

You will follow the tale of the Persian boy Mehrak and together you will find his destiny and that of the Persians !


Interactive map & game features

  • SIZE DOES MATTER ! One of the Biggest constructions ever build in the Age of Mythology world

  • YOUR AGE OF MYTHOLOGY SCREEN JUST GOT BIGGER Yes indeed it got bigger...the map features FULL screen cinematics

    AND ALSO...
  • The intro and ending cinematic are voice acted
  • Detailed map design
  • Nice custom sound and music score
  • Explore/puzzle rpg game ( medium difficulty level)
  • you can unlock all kinds of stuff and also Chat commands
  • Custom lighting files
  • Check the included read me file before installing this map
  • Gameplay Entertainment value should be between 45 min to 90 minutes
  • I recommend to consume some nice white whine while exploring this Interactive eyecandy map and playing the game


Age of Mythology Extended Edition version

Looking for the new Age of Mythology Extended Edition version of this map??...Look no further...in Januari 2015 this AoM EE version has been released on Steam

Grab it here through the Steam workshop:


More info:

Find more info about screenhsot , Artworks & other goodies related to the Tower of Babylon in the forum showcases or on The Vandhaal website

Other contact info:
New website:


Vandhaal's Steam AoM EE collection:

Best regards,
The Vandhaal
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The playability was absolutely fantastic! There was lots do do and figure out even though it took me over 2 hours to finish.

Nice originality within the puzzles with no puzzles being the same. I especially liked the music puzzle because I found it very tricky because I struggled to remember the instruments.

I think a decent story was developed in with small scenes of plots in there.

Great sounds and music which helped enhance the gameplay and really made it a lot more lively.

I also liked the idea tat you could repeat the conversations encase you missed something though sometimes you wanted to relook at some of the cineamtics again which you unfortunately couldn't

A few glitches that need fixing.

After sneaking in, the door leading to top area for some reason refused to activate again trapping me. I had to go into editor mode and move my guy. However after that it seemed to work fine so I expect it was just a misfire.

Also the inclination of the sun when going into day a couple of times went wrong and messed up making the map extremely dark. Thankfully it was easy to fix.

Last thing, please loop fade out the music because when you load a saved game it starts playing the main AOM music. This is not your fault and thankfully it is an easy fix.

Balance: 5
I saw absolutely no problem with the balance appart from the fact I could not figure out the anagram at all! (I am awful at anagrams so that might be my fault) I unfortunately had to cheat and look at the triggers. :( However the other puzzles I more or less figured them out after a while so I think on the whole the puzzles were fine.

Creativity: 5
Extremely creative and tons of originality put into it. I loved the use of animations in the scenario - e.g. the pharoah wipping the slaves, the slaves cleaning the streets and of course all the great animations used in the cinematics. I also liked the use of the change all terrain to lava at the end and of the lightings also. A strage area to put with on but I also found your camera tracks creative in their own way. I have never seen a scenario in my life use the tilt function in camera tacks as well as you did so I congratulate you there.

Map Design: 5
This has most definately got to be a 5! What a fantastic use of extreme elevation! A superb use - one which I never thought of myself. The eyecandy was spectacular. It was so amazing it was easy to mistake this game for one of those really modern high graphic games! The detail of the eyecandy was of a standard I have extremely rarely seen. Fantastic work gone into it and you must have spend days on it. Eyecandy lovers can't dash past this downlaod without getting a look at this marvel!

Story/Instructions: 4.5 (Rounds to 5)
A fantastic story with great cinematics. Superb use of the full screen cinematic trick allowing easier viewing of the map but still allowing the instructions to be scene. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. There was sound dialog accompanying the text which I also found quite good. Few people bother to have sound dialog with the text itself.

A few small slips - first was in the spotlight where some of the text was cut off. The same was for a couple of the messages and a few minor spelling errors all of which can easily be fixed. Please also mention that you must have sound on because one of the puzzles requires it or somethoing of thesort because I know that not everyone plays with the sound on.

Also I do advise having some of the non repeating messages like the athena one repeatable because if you were to come back to it later you might forget.

Additional Comments:
An amazing scenario! I have not scene scenarios of this quality for a very long time. Great use of new tricks and triggers and stunning scneary. I can definately see that a lot of effort has gone into this projects and I hope that this review accurately reflects the work you have done.

I can't say enough how wonderful with scenario is. I hope you make more of these. I think this definately deserves to be a downlaod spotlight for AOMH.

I hope you will enjoy reading this review and find it fair.


[Edited on 11/14/07 @ 06:02 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Lots of interactions, real RPG style, many things to do etc. One can't really stuff much more into a map like this.

Balance: 5
Very good balance which allows for a wide range of players from expert puzzle solvers to novices like me :-) . Just when I thought I was stuck I found something new which renewed my interest.

Creativity: 5
Very creative! Excellent plot development. The mood is portrayed well with amazing custom music and lighting.

Map Design: 5
What can I say....largest AoM construct ever! Detailed eyecandy all over! The only "downside" to this is that during some of the missions one has to find small objects through all the detailed buildings, columns, palm trees, bushes, statues, towers, gardens etc.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good story development. The missions and the related plot were very interesting (runaway slaves and pleasure slaves Haha). Again the mood reflected all this well so all in all it was well presented.

Additional Comments:
Take that false christian and hebrew gods!
I Love Bananas
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This scenario was simply amazing, both in terms of map design and gameplay. It had top playability from start to finish, by which I mean that it was fun, challenging, but still possible to overcome. Now, I must admit that I did cheat once - in order to get back the Ney, I looked at the map through the Editor. This was something I later found that I could have figured out without cheating, but by the time I reached that destination I was already an hour past bedtime. (Again, a testament to the fun your scenario provides. ;) ) So all challenges were possible to overcome, if not easily, then in ways providing great gameplay (which, of course, is better).
The music you had provided for this scenario did also heighten the quality. In fact, I liked the sound of those Persian instruments - they have a soothing and exotic tone. Combined with the custom lighting, they helped bring life to everything. And that is, of course, a bonus. :)

Your cinematics helped display and amplify the spectacularity of the Tower, and I was several times on the verge of switch from day to night or opposite just to see the Tower in its full glory. I was only stopped by the fear that I might mess up the game. I later found that these concerns were unfounded, so I took the time to look a little more at the Tower before stopping to play. I personally think that adding such a cinematic effect sprites up the gameplay a lot, and adds the little extra needed, especially when the camera tracks are that thorough. The full screen cinematic was also a very nice touch. :)

Balance: 5
The balance didn't count in as much in this RPG, because all of the situations where I was endangered I couldn't do anything to defend myself - it was more a question of thinking, and also having done the proper work beforehand. So the balance would count much more in the difficulty of the tasks, and I must say that though some of them were hard, none of them were impossible or too time-craving. (Maybe with the exception of combining the clues correctly, but that was not impossible, and that kind of tasks are supposed to be a little harder.)

Creativity: 5
Great. The quests and ways of fulfilling these were fun, and of course the instrumental quiz gains you some extra points here. Really, finding letters through looking at gold coins, flying across a city or selecting obelisks are all brilliant ideas. The persons you added to the melting pot were also creative - the general, the cursed couple, the three brothers and the Roc trainer - but my favourite has got to be KevinShaH. He really made me laugh with his silly upper-class talk about hard work and lesser worth slaves ^_^
You had also renamed most of the units running around, and nearly everyone had something to say that in one way or another would point me in the direction of the final answer. I simply loved it, so kudos to you for that. :)

Map Design: 5
Of course you'll get a five! :) This map is the most spectacular, the most astounding, the most beautifully designed map I have ever seen. The fountains, the towers, the lesser buildings, and last but not least, the Tower itself. It was huge, and full of innovative twists and creative solutions. I could never even have thought about making such great and beautiful constructions, let alone finish them. The small map size also helped to effectively decrease lag at the times where it would've been most annoying, so this of course counts up. And on a related note, I've never seen a playable SP map at such a small size before. Great work indeed.
The flower beds and fountains were my favourites, though. I enjoyed your buildings a lot, but to me nothing compares to the beauty of a well designed natural area - and yours were great as such. You used the perfect unit combinations everywhere (This also counts for the buildings; Guard Towers inside Iron Walls, for instance), and I enjoyed every single part of it.
Your creation is not perfect design - nothing can be - but you have come about as close to perfection as is mortally possible. And with that, I salute you.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story you created for this map was very nice, and it was also implemented into the scenario in a great way - I never lost track of what was happening anywhere, anytime. The opening movie provided a basic understanding of what had happened and what would happen, and even so, the ending was still entirely unpredictable. I also found it interesting that you had added different historical elements and mixed them into one single story. You also added your own elements, as seeing the Tower and its majestic approach through the eyes of a little boy, and mixing your own characters into the story at all times. So the story was great, although I don't understand why it had to end that way.
Your instructions were perfect for the scenario setting - I couldn't just look at the objectives and see what to do next, but I had to figure it out for myself by remembering and deciphering the clues and hints I got. The little you actually did put into the objectives was information which would have little or no direct effect on the progressing of the story. Nothing was revealed at the wrong time, either.

I have a few complaints here, though. The first is that this scenario seems to have been aimed at the more grown people, above 21 years of age and such - rape isn't what you find in your regular Disney movie :p - and so, I think the occasional sexual focus should have been removed. I do admit that I smiled when I first saw the pleasure slaves, but since this download will be available to underage people, I don't think it's too great an idea to add sexual focus. Personally, I was shocked by the guards... *ahem*ing Mehrak, and the "fantasies of flesh". And this is mainly what takes the map down a point. :)
The second complaint I have is not really a complaint, but more like an attempt at constructive criticism. You don't have the best grammar (again, don't take this as a complaint, I don't say mine is perfect either :) ), and in a few of your dialogues I lost track of what was going on for a moment or two because a word was a bit too similar to another. This is not something that will affect your score, but still good grammar and use of proper punctiation does a lot to enhance the quality of a scenario. (Let me just point out before I stop writing that you do have quite good grammar, and that my intention is not to insult you in any way. ;) )

Additional Comments:
As I've already said, your map kept me up way over bedtime. Vandhaal, you're a dangerously great designer :p

Regards, ILB

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Map Design5.0
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