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XVX (Valor) vs. Squeoo

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Unknown
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Unknown
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: ¿30:00?
Player 1's Name: Ramazing (Squeoo)
Player 2's Name: Axis_Krigsmarine (XvX)
XvX told me he wanted to learn Ra, I just played a quick game vs. him.

You don't need to comment/review this one if you don't want, just figured I'd post it.

You see good usage of certain techniques here, I.E. Myth unit + Eclipse Microing myth to buildings, camels to priests... I could have played much more offensively, just tbh, was too lazy to attack that early.

Decent micro all-around, he caught me with an offguard siege attack (unfortunately for him right where my SoO was, but luckily for me since I didn't notice it until TC was at 1600 life left)...

Both Went Bast,

I went Sehkmet, he went Hathor...

gg, have fun?
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Sam_Ham Here are the things you did bad/can improve on.

1. Monument at game start > HD in this matchup even on tundra. You can go early gold and pickup HD pretty soon, the additional favour is far more valuable to you.

2. Bad gold camp placement. It should have been on the other side of the tree of the other side of the mine.

3. You need a couple on wood much earlier for a faster pickaxe/shaft mine/plow/husbandry. In eggy wars fast advance to classic isnt your priority.

4. Pickaxe before husbandry.

5. Second monument in archaic.

6. Priest --> empower wood

7. You had 36 food and 1046 gold when you entered classical. This is not good. You are Ra, pull vills off gold and onto farms gradually during transition from archaic to classic.

8. 2.2k gold at 9 minutes. . . this is horrendous eco management. You should be making heroic units by now! Spend spend spend, make priests and especially make farms. You must make use of rain far far earlier, even on high hunt.

9. Kind of a waste building the 2 sphinx, scarabs would have been preferable.

10. When you got your migdol up finally, you had a surplus of food but no gold this time! Elephants >>>>>> camels when you have that amount of food.

11. Spend res on ups more if you're being so passive. . .

Your main problem is you are too slow. You would have been owned before you hit heroic by a decent Ra player coming in with 3-4 eclipsed scarabs. You need a better build order.

File Author
Lol, I appreciate that very much Sam_Ham and I did take the time to read it...

I wasn't really trying my hardest in this game, in fact... far from it...

however, some of your advice I can definitely take into account, as I never knew to get earlier woodies and pickaxe before husbandry... but for the most part, I was hardly trying this game.

I have tons of recs of monument up start of game, but since they don't all follow the same BO, do you happen to know one that I could use as a standard for my attempting on it.
Ferral Just dled it, seems like a gg.
Xx_Valor_xX I now know Ra camels are good...

Lol ,Squeoo:
"watch the game?"
File Author
wasn't going to tell them the ending is why I said that..

I'm hoping Sam_Ham will reply again with a little more help for me.
Sam_Ham vill + pharaoh monument, then food
vill + priest granary hunt
Pharaoh on scouting loop around base

5 vill food
2 vill wood
1 vill mining camp, get pickaxe as soon as it is built
1 vill build house, 2nd monument, 2nd house, temple, 3rd house, wood.
4 vill to gold
8 vill to herdables
research asap husbandry after paying 100g for temple
make a priest to empower wood, have pharaoh empower gold
advance bast

As soon as you click advance, make as many farms as you have the gold for. Send the rest of your food vills to gold. Have your food priest empower the TC.

Send vills from gold to make farms as you get the res. Stop at 11 farms.

As soon as you advance research shaft mine (you may need to manually drop off some food). aq vills to gold.

Research plow + sacred cats asap (you should make sure you have 2 granaries for this). Build armoury with wood vills + priest once you have paid for shaft mine + plow.

Cast rain once plow is researched, break off one gold vill to build the rest of your houses.

Advance Hathor/Sekhmet (either work). Research hand axe. aq vills to wood.

If you went hathor, aq petsuchos, research quarry, build migdol at forward gold if possible. aq elephants.

If you went sekhmet, aq scarabs, build migdol at forward gold if possible. aq ca. Get quarry a little later.

Get bow saw/irrigation pretty quickly. Use eclipse to win key battle/break down his FB.

This only works vs non-rush civs (eggy, greeks, gaia) and thor/odin with good gold placement. Use classical fight vs kronos/oranos/loki
File Author
very thorough, thank you very much sam_ham I copied that down and won't lose it.

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